lördag 17 april 2010


Är ni med i den här gruppen på facebook?

Den heter iallafall Hug a McFly fan day!! Och den dagen är idag! Så krama alla McFly fans, man behöver inte ens skämmas! x)

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Här är 3 bilder som Tom har lagt upp på sin Twitter.

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fredag 16 april 2010


Har ni hört om vulkanutbrottet på Island som har gjort att ett stort askmoln har spridit sig i Europa? Ifall ni inte har en aning om vad jag snackar om kan jag ju säga att inga plan inte kommer att starta i varken England, södra Sverige och i andra Europeiska länder...(Askan är farlig för motorerna i planen typ och kan göra att planet störtar, det vill vi ju inte!!!!). Iallafall McFly skulle ha åkt till Spanien men har inte gjort det p.g.a. molnet... Här är några tweets från McFly-gänget:

Sry för den lilla nyhetsrapporten.... :P

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Frankie Sandford and Dougie Poynter Have 'Teary' Reunion

Här är en till artikel om Frankie och Dougie, den kommer från AngryApe.

"Frankie Sandford and former boyfriend Dougie Poynter (of McFly) met up at the beginning of the week, which ended with The Saturdays singer getting weepy.
The musical couple - who ended their relationship last month - were photographed chatting at London's Mayfair Hotel on Monday and Frankie was seen looking teary during their emotional conversation, "Feelings don't disappear overnight" a source said of the couple. "Dougie would love for them to give things another try. They were perfect together after all."
"Both of them thought their romance was for keeps," the insider added to the Mirror. "They set up home together and Frankie really did believe Dougie was 'the one'.
"Frankie has been beside herself lately. Her fans abused her on Twitter for moving on from Dougie so fast when, in actual fact, she is still getting over their split. "It was all getting too much, so Dougie rushed to her side to comfort her."
Sandford has been linked to three guys since her split from Dougie - Aston Merrygold of JLS, Ashley Cole and Calum Best - but the 21-year-old has denied being romantically involved with any of them."

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torsdag 15 april 2010



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McFly Comics!

För er som har Twitter så tycker jag att ni ska följa @McFlyComics. Där lägger de upp bilder eller serier som McFans har skickat in, så ifall du ritar så kan du ju skicka in bilderna dit ;) Här är några som jag gillar mest:

Om ni klickar på bilderna så kommer ni till...ja vad det nu heter men klicka om ni inte ser texten..

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onsdag 14 april 2010

Frankie Sandford's Emotional Dougie Meeting

Här är en till artikel om Frankie och Dougies möte...:

"Frankie Sandford and Dougie Poynter had an emotional chat while enjoying drinks together at the Mayfair Hotel in London last night (12.04.10).

Frankie Sandford had an emotional reunion with ex-boyfriend Dougie Poynter last night (12.04.10).

The Saturdays singer met up with her former lover at London's Mayfair hotel and appeared upset as the pair chatted quietly in a corner of the bar.

Keen to comfort the brunette beauty, the McFly bassist placed a caring hand on her leg as they continued their discussion.

After their reunion, Frankie, 21, left to fetch room keys from reception while 22-year-old Dougie departed the hotel.

Following their meeting, Frankie sought comfort in her pet dog.

She took to twitter to post a picture of her pooch with the caption: "He gives the best cuddles."

Frankie and Dougie - who had been living together - vowed to stay friends after they ended their year-long romance in March.

Speaking at the time of the split, a source said: "Frankie is so upset. She had moved in with Dougie and thought their romance was for keeps. She is heartbroken after their split because of work commitments. They are both still friends."

Since they separated, Frankie has been romantically linked to a number of famous men, including JLS' Aston Merrygold and Calum Best, although she has denied she is more than friends with either of them."
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tisdag 13 april 2010

Back together?

Här är två artikel som handlar om Frankie och Dougie. De träffades på the May Fair Hotel för att prata....
(Lägg märke till det som jag har gjort med fet stil i båda texterna...)

----Mr. Paparazzi----

"In recent weeks Frankie Sandford has been romantically linked to Calum Best (gross), Ashley Cole (grim) and Aston Merrygold (fingers crossed!).
In fact since splitting from her long-term boyfriend Dougie Poynter, there are not many famous men the Saturdays babe hasn't been linked to.

But last night when we caught up with Frankie heading to the May Fair Hotel for a cocktail she wasn't meeting up with Calum (phew), Ashley (thank god) or Aston (shame, that would have been a lot more interesting).

Instead she met up with her ex, possibly to assure him she hasn't already moved on and the pair sat and chatted for a while before they both headed home alone. How boring."


"..Sitting in the luxurious hotel’s lounge area in full view, the pair were clearly embracing in a heart-to-heart as the 20-year-old girl band member wiped floods of tears from her eyes.

The pair had spent the evening together before arriving at the hotel and heading straight to the bar.

They split only last month but already Miss Sandford has been romantically linked with JLS’ Aston Merrygold and footballer Ashley Cole.

Poynter, 22, who rose to fame in McFly, looked as though he was trying to comfort his ex-girlfriend who, at the time of splitting up with each other, said she was still his best friend.

After a long, meaningful chat, the couple headed to reception where Frankie picked up a room key.

Despite this perceived reconciliation however, the Ego singer told The Sun: ‘I’m not interested in men right now. I’d prefer to wait until the right guy comes along rather than start dating someone just for the sake of it. "

I texten från Mr. Paparazzi står de att de gick hem ensamna, men i metros text står det att de gick till receptionen och hämtade en rumsnyckel... vad är då sant??

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Hotel on a hill...

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Sugababes and McFly concert date cancelled?

Det verkar som om McFly och Sugababes konsert inte har sålt så många biljetter eftersom man nu har bestämmt att ställa in konserten.....:

"The second day of a two-day music festival that was set to bring headliners Sugababes and McFly to the Highlands for the first time is believed to have been cancelled with just three weeks to go.

While prices and details of the Sunday line-up were still available on a recorded message on the ticket hotline, staff said the date had been cancelled, but could not give a reason. Details of the 2 May line-up have been removed from the website, and staff at Eden Court, which is selling tickets on behalf of the festival, also said the Sunday date had been cancelled yesterday (9 April).

The Saturday line-up appears to be unaffected with headliners Status Quo and Donnie Munro, Vatersay Boy and Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel still listed for Saturday 1 May.

The festival organisers moved the venue to Whiteness after originally planning to hold the festival next to the A9 at Bogbain, near Inverness.

We have been unable to contact the organisers for clarification, but will add more information as it becomes available.

The link to the source article can now be found under the headline."

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Grattis 5 colors!!

Det var 6 år sen 5 colors hamnade på nummer 1 på topp listan! Och på Twitter försöker man få in #5colors på trending topics. Så vad väntar ni på!!?? ;)

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Here comes the storm!

En låt från McFlys nya album har läckt ut på internet, den här gången är det 'Here comes the storm'. Vi på McFluCrew får inte lyssna (som vi har sagt tidigare) så vi vet inte om det här är McFly så snälla kommentera om det är något konstigt med videon :)

McFly - Here Comes The Storm from PascaleDeBom on Vimeo.

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måndag 12 april 2010


Här är en artikel från FleckingRecords där Frankie pratar om Dougie, Aston och Callum.

"Frankie Sandford speaks about Dougie Poynter break-up
Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays has spoken out about her break-up with McFly's Dougie Poynter, and also set the record straight on THOSE Aston Merrygold rumours.
Of the rumours of her and JLS backflipper, Frankie said "It's inevitable that Aston and me do get pictured because Rochelle is dating Marvin from JLS. It's already happened with all this stuff about us dating. It's false. It's crap. And the stuff about me and Calum Best was crap too. Calum literally sent me a Tweet and that's where that story came from. "He's a nice guy but I'm not going there. I'm not stupid! I'm just friends with Aston, he's a nice guy. It can be really annoying being falsely linked to other people."

She also opened up about her inevitably painful split from Dougie, saying "I didn't think anyone would care about Dougie and I splitting up, I was so surprised by the reaction to it. We are staying good friends. I know that�s what everyone says but I don't bulls**t. We need time apart and that's what were doing now. I needed to get away from everything so that's why I took myself off Twitter and had a holiday." "It's hard enough splitting up with someone but when you're in the public eye it's so much harder. I had no idea and I'm learning about it. If you split up with your boyfriend you wouldn't then see him pictured out with other girls in the paper. He's going to start dating other girls, and I'm fine with it, but I don't want to see it and learn about it in the papers. It's going to be hard when it does."

So she's spoken out about Aston and Dougie but will the rumours die? We'll see..."

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söndag 11 april 2010

Flecking records: Tom Fletcher talks about McFly’s direction change

Flecking records har skrivit om the Ustream som Dallas och McFLY gjorde för några dagar sedan:

Tom Fletcher talks about McFly’s direction change

Check out McFly’s Tom Fletcher talking about McFly’s musical change in direction.
It’s always well worth checking out McFly and Dallas Austin on USTREAM because you always find out something new or hear something interesting.

Skip forward in the video to 3:30 to hear Tom chatting about the change in direction and Universal.

Not huge/new news, but interesting none the less.


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The Door part 2

Här kommer The Door del 2 :)

The Door del 1

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