lördag 13 november 2010

McFly @ Harry Potter Premier

Här är två klipp från Harry Potter premiären med Harry och Tom:

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Above the Noise

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fredag 12 november 2010


Här kommer lite uppdateringar från mcflyofficial.com

1. "Above The Noise - where to pre-order your copy of McFly's new album
McFly's amazing new album 'Above The Noise' is in the shops on Monday. Here's how and where you can pre-order your copy now:

Amazon -
click here

Play.com -
click here

HMV - click here

iTunes (includes Party Girl and Shine A Light videos) - click here

Townsend Records (includes exclusive A4 artwork print) -
click here"

2. "Above The Noise CD & Behind The Noise DVD available at ASDA for £12 next week
Next week you can buy both McFly’s new album and their exclusive ‘Behind The Noise’ DVD for £12 if you buy in one transaction.

‘Behind The Noise’ follows McFly on their exciting musical journey as they write and record the new album and travel to Atlanta to work with uber super producer Dallas Austin who’s worked with Madonna, Michael Jackson, TLC and more. The DVD is an amazing all access pass to McFly, their new music and what the boys really get up to behind the scenes plus includes the 'Party Girl' and 'Shine A Light' videos.

Album and Exclusive DVD - £12 Subject to availability in store. £12 when purchased in same transaction."

3. "Vote for Party Girl video in 4Music Video Honours
What should be the Best Video of 2010? McFly's Party Girl! You can make this happen. 4music are looking for the best music video of the year in their Video Honours Poll and 'Party Girl' is on the list. There are a lot of videos to choose from but we reckon Party Girl shou;d be number one! Come on M...cFly Army cast your votes and let's make it happen.

Click here"

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torsdag 11 november 2010

McFly on Habbo!

Idag klockan 4 engelsk tid (5 svensk) så kommer McFly att komma till Habbo Hotel Uk. De kommer svara på frågor från fansen. Om man ställer en fråga så har man chansen att vinna fritt medlemskap på Super City, 10 stycken kan vinna! Killarna kommer vara i Star Lounge.

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McFly pose outside ITV

Här är en artikel från 3am:

"We’re going to bet that everyone reading this has said at some point today “oh my gawwwd, it is soooo cold! I swear it wasn’t this freezing yesterday! Imagine what it’s going to be like in a few weeks!” Or something along those lines, anyway.

So when we saw this picture of McFly outside ITV this morning, the first thing we were drawn to was Harry’s jumper. Mostly because it’s really quite loud, but also because it looks so snug and cosy. Perhaps he’ll let us sneak inside for a quick feel of his pecks cuddle – you know, just until we warm up?

And check out Dougie in his special jacket and Karen Millen scarf. He looks all grown up and nice, good for him.

Yeah, Tom and Danny look the same"

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tisdag 9 november 2010

If anybody sees her... eh eh eh

Vi fick en kommentar om att Kevin McHale (känd från Glee) hade skrivit en rad från Shine a Light på sin twitter.

Tack så jätte mycket Becka för bilden!

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Harry dancing for charity

Här är en artikel från Digital Spy:

"Saturdays star Rochelle Wiseman and McFly’s Harry Judd have signed up for a Children In Need Strictly Come Dancing special.

The pop rivals will go head-to-head on the dancefloor for a special episode of the hit BBC One reality show, which will air on Friday, November 19 on BBC One.
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