lördag 30 oktober 2010

BBC Live Lounge

Vi har nu lagt upp fler klipp på vår andra Youtube kanal, McFluCrewSaturdays:

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fredag 29 oktober 2010

Super City Rooms!

Här är två bilder som Tom har lagt upp från Super City.

Harrys rum:

Dougies rum:

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torsdag 28 oktober 2010

The Saturdays on Lorraine!

Imorse så var The Saturdays med på Lorraine där de gjorde en intervju och sjöng Higher, Enjoy!

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Var bara tvungen att lägga upp det här :P

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McFlys gig in Edinburgh

Här är en till ariktel:

"McFly, Playhouse

In an age where pop bands disappear as quickly as they arrive, you have to give McFly credit for their longevity.

Bursting onto the scene alongside pals, Busted, in 2004, while some of their peers have been discarded like old sweetie wrappers, as the bubble-gum quartet proved at a packed out Playhouse last night, they haven't lost all their flavour quite yet.

Substituting 'pop' for 'rock', McFly have more of a guitar-driven edge to their music these days; yet despite the shift in dynamic, the group's audience is still made up of 10-year-old girls rather than the 15-year-old boys they're trying to appeal to.

Indeed, when McFly finally took to the stage at 9pm - twenty minutes later than scheduled - the Playhouse had taken on the look of a children's soft-play area, the high-pitched skirl of pre-teens drowning out anything the band's guitars could throw at them. Girls at the lip of the stage pawed at their heroes' legs, some waved banners that said "Pants Off Boys", meanwhile the balcony was literally bouncing under the weight of several hundred pairs of stamping feet. And so it went for the next hour or so.

Thrashing about the stage as though tanked up on too much caffeine, watching McFly is not unlike gazing upon the anti-version of The Monkees. Drummer, Harry Judd, seems more intent on showing off his muscles than his drumming abilities; frontman, Danny Jones, equally keen to demonstrate his best rock-God poses. Bassist, Dougie Poynter, was in his element - spitting water at the audience, knocking people over, and generally making a nuisance of himself. Guitarist, Tom Fletcher, though, simply smiled and looked pretty. A lot.

New tunes? Well, from what you could hear Above The Noise (the name of the band's new album), McFly would appear to have been listening to Prince and prog-rock a fair bit. And by the time they wrapped things up at five past ten - it was a school night and almost bed-time after all - you got the feeling that, unlike other pop bands, McFly might, just might, still be with us another ten years from now. "

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Tom Fletcher = married man!

"TOM FLETCHER from McFLY has talked marriage with his long-term girlfriend.

The singer said: "She's the one. I'm going to get this album done first, we're busy. I can't see myself spending the rest of my life with anyone else." There'll be heartbroken teen girls everywhere today..."

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Children in need!

Här är en artikel från bbc.co.uk:

"McFly rock Scotland for BBC Children in Need

Singing sensation Alexandra Burke and chart-topping band McFly are the latest acts confirmed to perform at this year's Children in Need Rocks Scotland.

They will both be taking part in this year's extravaganza from the SECC, which will be shown on BBC One Scotland on Friday 19 November.

Last year, thanks to the creativity, support and commitment of the great British public, BBC Children in Need raised over 39 million pounds with hundreds of projects in Scotland benefitting from the record-breaking total. This year's theme is "show your spots, let's raise lots!" for Children in Need and this could be as simple as baking spotty cupcakes or getting the boss to wear spots for the day, with every penny raised going to disadvantaged children right here in the UK.

Executive producer Graham Mitchell says: "It's great news for Children in Need Rocks Scotland that Alexandra Burke and McFly are coming to perform at the massive party we've got planned for 19 November. They are such great performers I'm sure the crowd at the SECC and viewers watching at home will really love the show. It also helps us raise as much money as we can on the night."

John Barrowman will be performing and presenting live link-ups from the event to the whole of the UK, with Jackie Bird presenting regional opt-outs and a highlights programme.

Other acts confirmed for the evening are the cast of hit musical We Will Rock You, dance acts Punjabi No 1 and The Box, music acts Pearl and the Puppets, Clanadonia and The Gospel Truth Choir plus comedians Fred MacAulay, Daniel Sloss, Mark Nelson, Craig Hill, Des Clarke, Janey Godley and Nina Conti. Anyone who would like to be in the audience at the SECC can register now for free tickets at bbc.co.uk/tickets.

You can watch Children in Need on BBC One Scotland on Friday 19 November where you will see highlights of Children in Need Rocks Scotland throughout the evening.

It can also be viewed on Sky channel 971 and is available on BBC iPlayer and on BBC HD.

You can also listen to a full day of entertainment on BBC Radio Scotland on 92-95 FM, 810 MW, online and on digital."

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Här är en artikel från 3am.co.uk:

"OK, OK, we will have sex with you all - just don't jump!

It's a good job Tom Fletcher is wielding that little stick he'll need it to beat us away with the next time we bump into McFly - they're just so damn edible. We're not quite sure what those protective eye goggles are for though - perhaps McFly are expecting a fairly explosive reaction from the gay fans.

Promoting their new record ABOVE THE NOISE (we're not just very excited about this - it's supposed to be in capitals) in this new shoot, McFly stood precariously close to the edge of a building while wearing copious amounts of guy liner.

While the others look relatively normal in a black jacket and jeans, Tom appeared to be the only one who turned up in fancy dress. A bit like when a toddler insists on wearing his Spiderman costume to Asda, with his mum saying: 'oh, just let him do what he wants - it's not worth the tantrum.' "

Peace and Love

Alla känner nog till festivalen Peace and Love. Nu kan man rösta på vilka artister man tycker ska komma, och McFly är en av dem! Eftersom McFly fick mycket röster när man kunde önska till Pier Pressure så måste det gå lika bra på Peace and Love :) Så det är bara att gå in på den här sidan och rösta :)

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onsdag 27 oktober 2010



Om den inte funkar klicka här


Tänkte bara tipsa alla de som inte vill köpa saker från England att på megastore.se säljer de alla Party Girl singlarna, man kan också förbeställa alla Shine a Light singlar och även Above The Noise ;) De säljer även deras andra skivor och DVDer :)

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tisdag 26 oktober 2010

Above the Noise!

Townsend records har sagt vilka låtar som ska vara med på Above the Noise och vilken ordning ;) Här är de:

1. End of the World
2. Party Girl
3. If U C Kate
4. Shine A Light ft. Taio Cruz
5. I’ll Be Your Man
6. Nowhere Left to Run
7. I need a Woman
8. Take’s the Truth
9. Take Me There
10. This Song
11. Foolish
Om du inte är medlem på Super City så kan du fortfarande bli det! Det finns fortfarande pioneer platser kvar!! Om du ska beställa Above the Noise själv (Du får Above the Noise GRATIS om du bli medlem 2 veckor innan de andra fansen får skivan!!) så kan du göra det här!
Xxx McFluCrew