lördag 28 november 2009

Intervju med Holly

Äntligen kommer den hemliga intervjun! Vi har intervjuat Holly Faulkner. Hon var med på Master class, McFlys musik lektion. Hon är verkligen en trevlig tjej och förtjänade att få träffa killarna ;)

Here it is:
first question, basic, how old are you?
16 ... but im 17 in 15 days!!!!!
oo happybirthday.. sort of..
haha thanks

Tell us, how did you win the competition?
well i got an email from my bank, telling me i should enter the competition, and then i filled out my details and sent them off. About 3 weeks later when i was at college, i got a phone call saying I'd been short listed to meet mcfly.....and then a week after that they phoned me to tell me i had won it was amazing haha

what was your first reaction? Did you scream?
well, i said to the man "Are you serious?!" and he was like "yes holly congratultions!" and i went "OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH" *SCREEEAAAAM*

Was that the first time you saw McFly or have you gone to their conserts before?
it was the first time id ever seen them. They've been to my home town (Southend) and played concerts before, but tickets were sold out! so when i saw them, i was amazed!

What was the first thing you did? Did you meet the boys right away or...?
Well all of the competition winners, there was about 19 of us, we met up in london and got a coach to the recording studio, then we were taken into the studio where we sat down. I was in the very front. then they brought the boys in, and they sat down...... i had tom and danny about 2 feet away from me!!! and harry and dougie were next to them. they spoke to us about how the band was formed, how they write their lyrics my legs turned to jelly when they walked in!!

How were the boys? Did they make funny jokes or serious talk?
ohh they were fooling around so much. teasing each other. at one point, dougie got up and went to the toilet and harry goes "hes been dying for a wee for ages!" but they were serious as well when they talked about all their hard work and stuff.

hahaa, We have seen your videos on youtube, did you write any lyrics to lies?
yeah, me and danny wrote a verse i was so stuck with what to write about. so we wrote about me breaking up with my boyfriend lol
then he autographed the song after

ok, we are now gasping for air!

Do you want to share the lyrics or a pic to the Swedish fans?
i can type out the lyrics if you like.

that would be wicked!
I better stop believing, your not seeing her behind my back, but the truth is baby you got me caught in your trap. was i your dirty secret? you were playing me for a fool, all the grief and lying you sure aint mr cool!!
thats all we managed to write....cos we ran out of time
but its still amazing! lol

Naaaw! We love it!
So you didn't get that much time with them?
well we were with them all day. but we did a range of different activities.....

we spent some time listenin to them talk about how the band formed, how they write lyrics. then they went through the song "lies" and explained where they got those lyrics from. then we spent about 30mins writing our lyrics. then we had lunch. after that, we split into groups and did different things. first of all, my group went into the recording studio with danny and harry and learned how they put a song together. that was amazing and then we went to another room and spoke to their tour manager about his job. and then after that we were with tom and dougie tlking about their music video and merchandise

that sounds amazing!
it was

Did you get to take any pictures with them?
as a memory

well. there was a man taking photographs all day, and he took photos throughout the day. but as the day came to an end, the boys had to rush off to do an interview with Heat Magazine. so we didnt get to take loads of photos. but danny gave me a cuddle at the end, and the photographer took the photo so i hope they put it on their website soooooon

We have some photos on our blog mcflucrew.blogspot.com are you on any of
i'll have a look
can i just ask....why are you called mcflu, and not mcfly :
yeah im in some of those photos....im in the 3rd and 4th.... long brown hair with a black jumper with green stripes and with fluffy boots

You know the swineflu, well we thought it would be funny to call the blog mcflu 'cus McFly is spreading like the McFly flu..
oh i get you
thats clever

haha, thank you!

Is it ok if we put up some of youre photos on the blog?
thats fine

Thank you!
no worriessss
babaaa babaa baaaa!
ok, we have a little weird question...
haha... How did they smell?

as i said earlier, he got up and went to the toilet
and he wafted past!
omg he was amazing.
smelled amazing. they all did!
dougie had the nicest checkered hoodie from topman
haha, gonna buy one?

Haahaa! we would!
What songs did they play? apart from Falling in love..?
they only played falling in love. they played little bits of lies. but they didnt do a whole set of songs
they sung the lyrics that each group made
That's so cool!
which you've seen on my youtube im sure

hahaa, but what about that guy, we don't know his name.... He wrote "Cry"...
Jamie Gilder
he was lovely
so funny

well, we read on the McFly forum about lots of people not liking him so much... So they are wrong?

which forum is this
we all love jamie

haha we do to!

Oh! Did you get to bring a friend or anything?
noooo but a friend of mine won the compeition too!!

Really, that's so lucky!
oh that forum, some people are so horrible

We know!
We feel so sorry for Glider!
hes lovely

Do you have any contact with some of the other winners?
yeahhhhhh we all keep in touch on facebook

haha cool!
Wait, did you like McFly before you won the competition?
i wasnt a huge fan. i enjoyed their music and stuff.....but i wasnt like OMG I LOVE MCFLY!!! but now im totallyyyyyyy in love <3>

haha welcome to the crew!
hehehe thank you
You just got the Mcflu!
But didn't you have to pay to enter the competition?
nooo not at all. you just had to have a Premier 21 bank account with Santander

ok, we've run outt of questions... Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
ermmmm let me thinkkkkkk
just that......... the boys work so hard for everything they do. and i am so honoured that they took the time out to talk to all of us it was the best day of my life <3
aaaaaw! :')

i just rememebred another thing
i met mcflys managers MUM on the bus yesterday!!!
really? did she recognize you?
well she wasnt at the day, but i was telling my mate about saturday, and this woman interupted me and told me that her son is their manager! and she showed me all her photos and stuff! it was crazyyy
wow! haha

We would like to thank Holly for sharing her day in WONDERLAND! <3

x McFluCrew

Harry? Leo?

Dannymcfly Can't tell the difference can you?

All I want for christmas!

Finns det något sötare än Gio och Toms katt Marwin? I don't think so ;)


tommcfly My job is so stressful, long days like this are real hard work. How do we put up with it?

Xx McFluCrew

Mcflys mammor

Här kommer ett klipp när McFlys mammor lurar dem. Värt att se om du inte sett det :)

28 November

Det är dagens uppdrag lycka till! och kom ihåg att skicka iväg allt också :)

November 28-Make a Video/Take a Picture of Yourself Saying Merry Christmas McFly: For this event you have two options. You can record yourself saying Merry Christmas McFly and adding in any other messages you want them to hear. Then upload it to YouTube with the Title: 25DOM-@twitterusername - (put your twitter username in the place where it says @twitterusername). Then add it as a video response to our video on http://youtube.com/25daysofmcfly. Your other option is to take a picture with a poster or writing on it that says Merry Christmas McFly. Upload it to twitter and send it to our account : http://twitter.com/25daysofmcfly. Picture messages will be used in the Scrapbook.

Xx McFluCrew

fredag 27 november 2009


Här kommer lite bilder från lektionen som McFly höll i. Enjoy !


Nu är killarna påväg till Spanien för ett gig så här skrev Tom på sin twitter nyss.

@Tommcfly Christmas shopping at the airport and Unsaid Things came on. Boarding now.

@Tommcfly Fasten you seatbelts

McFly on Star doll

Killarna är nu kända på Star Doll. För alla som inte vet vad det är så är det en hemsida där man får designa kändisars kläder och köpa egna. Bilden är inte så stor men gå in här så får ni se den live ;)
Här är direkt länkar till killarna:
För att få "designa" Harry så måste man vara medlem! Men det är bara att skaffa ett konto! Även Dougies flickvän Frankies grupp är med The saturdays, sök bara på dom!

x McFluCrew

25 days of McFly!

Idag börjar 25days of McFly!! Här är dagens uppgift!

November 27-Write McFly a Christmas Letter: Write McFly a Christmas Letter telling them...well...anything you want! You can tell them what gifts you want for Christmas, how much you hope they have a great Christmas, what you expect to see from them this year, or anything else you can think of. It's all up to you on this project. It might even be fun to put a little Christmas drawing on the letter too. Then it is up to you to decide what to do with this letter. You can keep it for memories or send it over Twitter as a picture to McFly. Don't forget to take your picture for the Scrapbook!

Ta fram penna och papper för här ska det skrivas!

Xx McFluCrew


Killarna har börjat packa för Spanien!

TomMcFly Just finished packing. Hated every second of it. Looking forward to getting on stage with the guys this weekend. I miss touring!

DougieMcFly Its taken me six hours to pack for Spain ..WTF

Dannys packed then...

x McFluCrew

torsdag 26 november 2009


Hemsidan HeatWorld som ger oss kändis Gossip och fina intervjuer med McFly har gjort om sin layout.

De har bl.a lagt till en ny funktion med videor på sidan och där har de lagt ganska många McFly klipp så check it out!

twitter skrev de och frågade vad vi läsare vill ha mer av så självklart ska vi bombardera dem med McWishes! ;D

McFluCrew firar 1 månad!
Tack till alla som läser våran blogg, ni anar inte hur mycket det betyder för oss! <3

xoxo McFluCrew


Imorgon börjar 25 Days of McFly! Är ni beredda på 25 dagar med uppdrag jag är ialla fall ;)
Onödigt inlägg :P
Den här intervjun är från den Spanska tidningen Ragazza som vi har förskt att översätta till Svenska. OBSERVERA att den är ifrån när killarna senast var i Spanien.

Den 24:e November släpps Radio:Active i Spanien, hur är DVDn?

Den är så bra! Haha Nej men seriöst, den har så mycket energi och vi är så stolta över den.

Vi gissar att ni håller på med erat 5:e album, right?

Ja, vi har några idéer men vi har så mycket kvar att jobba med.

Hur kommer de nya grejerna att bli?

Det är väldigt annorlunda mot vad vi tidigare har gjort. Vårt mål är att det ska bli en överraskning och något nytt till fansen.

Vad tyckte ni om de Spanska tjejerna?

De var väldigt vänliga och vi är så glada att veta att de gillar oss.

Lyssnar ni på någon spansk musik?

Ehmm... Vi gillar Enrique Iglesias, the ping-pong song är jättebra. Vi gillar även Gipsy Kings. Hahahaa

Ok! Berätta, vad kan vi förvänta oss om vi går på eran konsert?

Vi försöker att få hela publiken att känna sig delaktiga och ha super kul.

Ni skulle inte ångra er, för ni skulle få spendera tid med roliga killar.

Hur skulle ett perfekt party se ut enligt McFly?

Bra musik är ett måste. Det är bra när du själv har kontroll över musiken, alltså ingen DJ och det ska vara på högsta volym! Du kan inte heller festa utan dina vänner, så med dem kan vi göra vad som helst.

Vad är det bästa med att vara med i ett band?

Att vara berömnd och att vara på scenen är det bästa som finns i hela världen. Att få spela våra låtar till fansen och att kunna ha kul med dem är underbart.

Och vad är det värsta?

Att gå upp tidigt på morgonen.

Till sist, vad vill ni säga till våra läsare?

Tacka dem för att de stöttar oss och säg att vi inom en väldigt kort tid kommer att komma tillbaka till Spanien för att se dem igen.

Keep spreading the flu!

x McFluCrew

onsdag 25 november 2009

McFly feat. Taio Cruz?

Idag har det inte kommit upp så mycket nyheter på bloggen, det är för att McFluCrew ,precis som McFly, håller på med flera små secret projects...

Här har vi iallafall några nyheter:

Tydligen så träffade killarna Taio Cruz som är en singer/songwriter och producer idag för att skriva lite låtar.

Det här har de att säga om mötet:

Been writing all afternoon with Dougie, Danny and Taio Cruz. New song sounding killer! Already discussing the stage lighting cues.

What a bunch of mixed reactions. Put your trust in me, this album is going to be our best. Have I ever let you down? (don't answer that)

Awesome writing day! A good song has morphed into a killer song with a little sprinkle of magic from Taio Cruz

Your all going to need new underwear when you hear it

Av Toms andra Tweet att dömma så var det några följare inte gillade Taio Cruz...

här är låten so cold

Om ni vill kolla in mer av hans musik och hans videor så kan ni gå in på hans YouTubekanal TaioCruzTv.

Vi tror att det är killen som Tom skrev om för någon dag sedan:
Got a writing session tomorrow with someone I've not met before. Looking forward to seeing what we come up with.

Taio har skivkontrakt med islandrecords, samma som Mcfly hade tidigare, så vi kan ju gissa hur de fått kontakt?

Så vad tycker ni om sammarbetet?

x McFluCrew


Inget att göra??
Gå då in på den här sidan och kolla dina kunskaper om McFly :D

Dougie och Frankie

Här kommer ett klipp när Dougie ska svara på frågor till Frankie. Check it out och se om han har rätt :)

Justin Lee Collins Show

tisdag 24 november 2009

Best Boybands ever

Like N-Sync to Busted´s Backstreet Boys, the sam management team formed McFly after Busted split, based around lead singer/sogwriter Tom Fletcher who had briefly appeared in the original Busted lineup Alongide Danny, Harry and Dougie, McFly were the youngest band ever to have a number one album - Dougie was just 16 years old at the time. Film appearances followed, liaisons with Hollywood film stars - Lindsay Lohan and Harry - and Comic Relief singles, and the band released two number one albums, before leaving their record label to form their own, Super Records.

Denna artikel hade music.uk.msn.com lagt upp och rubriken var Best Boybands Ever - McFly.

Xx McFluCrew

Visste du att...

.... Agnes Carlsson (hon som vann idol förrut) är riktigt stor i England och (kanske) har träffat McFly hon är i alla fall på samma program som de är :) Så om någon skulle råka träffa henne har ni ju nått att prata om ;)

Har HeatWorld blivit McFlusmittade?

Är det bara vi eller har HeatWorld börjat skriva väldigt mycket om McFly och till killarna på Twitter på senaste tiden.. But who can blame them?

I en artikel om ett armband och Rochelle från the Saturdays stod det här...

"When we're not thinking about Danny McFly's beefed-up body, Robert Pattinson's dreamy eyes or Danny Dyer's sexy voice, then we're thinking a lot about what we'd like for Christmas this year."
- Läs hela artikel här.

Sen är det många som har noterat att på den här bilden som Tom tog och la upp på Twitter...
... Så är det bara 'xx' på Danny och Harrys rosa post-it lappar.... inte Dougies..?

Keep spreading the flu!
xoxo McFluCrew

CELEBRITY! The heat Portrait Collection

HeatWorld ska ha en utställning i London med bilder av kändisar och gissa vilka som ska vara med..?
That's right McFly!

Utställningen kommer att pågå mellan 27 november till den 10 december och kommer att innehålla 75 porträtt av kändisar med en liten twist...

Läs mer här

Vi hoppas på att bilderna sedan kommer läggas ut på internet för oss som inte bor i London och om de gör det kommer ni självklart få reda på det!

x McFluCrew

Bilden är tagen från HeatWorlds hemsida


Här kommer en TwitVid med James från Busted. Det finns en anledning varför jag lägger upp detta för att han säger Hej till Sverige och frågar hur vi mår :P Han säger det vid 4.10 ungefär Enjoy!

Märkte att klippet inte funka så jag länkar istället så får vi se hur det går :)


Xx McFluCrew

25 days of McFly

25 of days of McFly är några McFly fans någonstans i världen som vill att alla mcfly fans runt om i landet ska delta i. Så här står det på deras hemsida.

'Introducing 25 days of McFly. Im sure many of you have heard of 25 days of Christmas but for those who havent its something ABC family does where they show a Christmas movie every day from December 1st to December 25th. But 25 Days of McFly is different as we arent showing movie everyday. Instead each day will have a different avtivity for us as McFly fans and maybe even McFly to participate in.

Christmas is always the greatest time of year so trust me each activity will be fun and nothing hard in any way. Please spread the word (and the cheer) to McFly ns EVERYWHERE. It doesnt matter which country you are from, this project is something for all McFly fans to do as a whole.'

Så vad tycker ni? Detta kommer hålla på varje day mellan den 27 november och den 21 december. Här kommer den första veckans grejer som ska göras. Varje dag kommer vi också lägga upp mera information om allt.

November 27: Write McFly a Christmas Letter
November 28: Make a Video/Take a Picture of Yourself Saying Merry Christmas McFly
November 29: Write you own McFly Chritmas Story
November 30: Recreate McFly Mansions
December 1: What Chrismas Jingle Would You Like McFly to Sing?
December 2: Make a McFly License Plate
December 3: McOrnaments

Xx McFluCrew

LÄS! :)

Ni som har följt SMST vet att när Tom fyllde år skulle alla svenska fans spela in sig själva när de grattade Tom som sen skulle klippas ihop till en video som sen skulle skickas till Tom. Detta blev aldrig av på grund av tidsbrist. Men om cirka en vecka fyller ju Dougie år, så nu är det planer igen på att skicka en likadan till honom. Bra Idé eller hur :) Så här står det SMST:
Nu gör vi en åt Dougie!
Vi har ju ett youtube account (två till och med, om jag minns rätt!), sen behöver vi någon som kan sätta ihop det. Var Carro frivillig?
Sen måste ju ALLA säga sin bit, och vrf inte göra ngt mer roligt om man tkr kan vara med? typ samlar ihop massa folk som skriker HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOUG? och fina grattisbilder! Vi har ju awesome photoshop people här!

EN VECKA PÅ OSS! göra göra göra!
Vi kommer att lägga upp mera information när vi vet vart vi ska skicka allt och så. Men ni kan ju börja tänka på vart ni ska vara och sprida detta vidare! GOODLUCK!
Xx McFluCrew


Här kommer Dougies och Frankies julgran enligt mig är den skitsnygg!

@FrankieTheSats Treeeeeee!!!!!!!

Xx McFluCrew


Igår hjälpte ju Giovanna och Tom att dekorera Frankies och Dougies gran! Sen blev de ju lite avundsjuka så de gjorde om sin ;)

TomMcFly We got jealous of how good Dougie and Frankies tree looked and redid ours from the other nights merry mess!

måndag 23 november 2009

Interview with McFly!

Tell us about today. What have you been up to?
Tom: We’ve been doing a Celebrity Masterclass, where we’ve been trying to pass on some knowledge to a group of 26 people...
Danny: [Interrupting] 26 youths.
Tom: We’ve been talking about our career over the last six years. It’s been good talking about the bits of our job most people don’t get to see, like the behind-the-scenes stuff. Like, coming up with ideas for videos, or the album artwork, or recording...
Harry: Yeah, it was good. We first of all talked about how we got into it, how it all started for us, our journey, how we all met, and our record deal. All that kind of thing, and then we split them into three groups, and first we talked about song-writing and lyrics...
Tom: We did a breakdown of our song Lies, explained all the lyrics and how we came up with it. Normally we don’t get to say, really.
Harry: Then we set them a challenge to rewrite the lyrics to Lies, the verse and the chorus, in pairs, and then in each group they chose the best lyrics to perform.
Tom: They did good, didn’t they? It was only, like, an hour.
Danny: It was really, really good.
Harry: That was our thing, Tom was saying about their song-writing and lyrics and coming up with ideas, you have to dare to suck, just get out there and do it. Don’t be afraid. They did really well with it, and to just get up there and sing...it was awesome. Me and Danny talked to the groups about production and recording an album, and Tom and Dougie talked about the creative side of things, while Tommy our tour manager talked to them about touring and stuff, so they got an insight into everything. In the end, the guys [Tom and Danny] played them a little tune (Falling In Love – it was amazing), and it was a good day.

Do you think that a lot of kids assume the way to get famous is to do The X Factor or similar?
All: Yeah.
Tom: That’s the thing. I think a lot of them were kind of surprised by how much work goes into it. You know, hearing about how, when we’re writing songs like now, when we’re writing songs for our next album, already we’re coming up with what the next tour stage is going to look like, or what the artwork’s going to be like.

As this point, the boys get distracted by a signed picture of them on the table (the same one you can see above). Danny has noticed that Harry is “popping out” on the end, and finds it very funny...

Danny: Harry’s just popping out of there! That’s the worst picture ever.
All crack up.
Harry: I can’t believe they did that to me! Why did they do that?
Tom: [Laughing] It’s like a panto photo!
Danny: It’s like your picture when you work at GMTV.
All crack up again.
Harry: I could be a GMTV presenter...
Danny: You could with that!
Tom: That should be your Twitter profile picture!
All laugh.
Harry: I look like Ben Shephard!
Dougie: You do, yeah, I think that’s it.
heatworld: There’s nothing wrong with looking like Ben Shephard...
Danny: I’m Tweeting about this interview!

After we’ve all compared who has the most followers on Twitter and talked about how good Harry looks in a cricket jumper, we get back on track...

Do you think you’re good role models for young people?
Danny: I can roll quite a long way...
All fall about laughing.
Danny: A forward-roll model!
Harry: I think we are.
Dougie: I think so, yeah.
Harry: We’re quite well-behaved.
Danny: That’s quite a tough question.
Tom: I think we are, in comparison to other people. I think the fact that we work hard at our job means a lot. Obviously a certain amount of luck is involved, and we have a one-in-a-million type job, but it does take a lot of hard work to do this. We sit somewhere in the middle of a pop boy band and the creativeness of a rock band. We have the best of both worlds.
Danny: The best of both, like the bread.
Tom: Like that middle advert. It’s good to be in the middle. We’re semi-skimmed milk, that’s what we are.

Has there been one bit of advice, throughout your career, that you’ve always remembered?
Harry: When you’re going through hell, just keep going. I love that quote.
Dougie: When you’re going through hell, just keep going?
Harry: Just keep boshing it. Just bosh it! Epic, isn’t it?
Dougie: That is cool. Who’s it by?
Harry: Winston Churchill.
Danny: That is cool!
Harry: That makes it even cooler.
Tom: I think I’ve seen that on Call Of Duty 2.
Harry: I remember Robbie Williams at The Brit Awards after-party, me and Dougie were talking to him and he said something really nice and gave us some advice. He was like, “Enjoy yourselves.”
Dougie: Be the band you want to be, not the band you think you are. Tom Delonge from Blink 182 told us that.
Harry: Dougie loved that!
Dougie: I loved it. I went home and was like, ‘Yessss!’ I got an erection.
All laugh.
heatworld: You got an erection?!
Dougie: [Laughing] Nah...
Danny: We can’t take you anywhere, can we?

Has there been one person who has been the best teacher for you guys?
Harry: We’ve kind of learnt along the way and been there for each other. We’ve always been together.
Dougie: We kind of taught each other as well. If I started being a bit of a knob, then I know one of these [gestures around the room] would tell me.
Tom: Our management have been great, too.
Harry: You know, we enjoy it, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
Danny: Well, we do take it seriously.
Harry: We take it seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We take what we do very seriously.
Dougie: We don’t think we’re the most amazing band in the world...
Danny: Yeah we do!
Harry: [Deadpan] We do.
Dougie: We’re not like, I am legend.
Danny: [Laughing] I am London!
Tom: We are my favourite band, that’s true. [Laughing] We’re amazing. I think I would really like myself, if I wasn’t myself.
Dougie: But every time you see yourself on TV, you always go, ‘Oh no,’ like that.
Tom: I hate myself on TV.
Danny: I think I’d be really jealous of McFly.
Harry: I wouldn’t.
Danny: I’d be like, ‘They’re so scabby.’ I’m so jealous.
Tom: Look at those poor talentless twerps – how did they make it?
Harry: I wouldn’t like you if you said the word ‘twerps’!
Dougie: I love ‘twerp’.
Danny: Makes me think of a Twirl. Mmmm.
Harry: Do you think if you were exactly the same person, but you looked different and you met you, do you think you’d like yourself?
Tom: I’d be jealous of their normal chin.
Harry: No, you’re the guy with the normal chin.
Tom: Oh... Then I’d probably hate him.
Harry: I think I’d think I was quite classic. [Laughs.]

Do you think you’d ever do anything like this again? Another masterclass?
Harry: Our manager was like, ‘Harry, you could be a college professor.’ And I was like, ‘Really, what would I teach?’, and he was like, ‘You know...music.’ So I was like, OK...
Tom: It’s quite fun. If the person is genuinely interested, then it’s really great. When Dougie was talking it was a little bit...
Dougie: [Interrupting] Amazing!
Tom: [Laughing] Yes, amazing. I would like to do it again, yeah.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in McFly?
Tom: Professional Tweeter.
Dougie: Burglar.
Harry: Shagging...
heatworld: Shagging? Does that mean you don’t know...?
Harry: [Laughs.] I don’t know why I said that! I don’t know what I’d be doing, being a hobo apparently.
Danny: You’d see him in, like, Rio de Janeiro walking down the street.
Dougie: I’d be, like, hanging out...

Can you tell us anything about the new album?
We went out to Australia in February to do some recording, and then along that way we sort of found a new direction, halfway through the recording process. We came home, then we had the tour earlier in the year, and then we went out to Brazil and Europe, so we were touring for most of the year and now we’ve just started writing again and er...

Danny has started laughing at the photo of Harry “popping out” again...

Tom: [Distracted] And, so, we’ve kind of got a new direction we’re exploring...

Danny is trying not to laugh and it sounds like he’s squeaking...

Tom: And, like, this whole year, because we haven’t released anything, we’ve spent the whole year planning what we’re going be doing next...

Danny, Dougie, Harry and heatworld are all now laughing.

Tom: [Laughing] You can’t have a serious conversation about this...
Danny: [Almost crying with laughter as he holds up the picture] It’s signed!
All crack up.
Danny: It’s signed like he’s proud of it!
Dougie: I’ve got to put that in my wallet.

A lot more laughing as Dougie attempts to fit the picture of Harry into his wallet.

Tom: Anyway, we’re writing up until about February, then we go back into the studio around then I reckon.

Will there be a UK tour next year?
Tom: Definitely! We’ll definitely tour next year.
Harry: [To heatworld] Will you come?
heatworld: Yeah!
Tom: We’ll release something first, because we haven’t released anything this whole year.
Danny: Release a dove.
All laugh.
Tom: We’ve got some quite different plans for next year. Not sort of music related, but something new. Something quite exciting... It’s really boring talking in the creative stages, because we can’t say anything. This whole year has been setting up stuff.
Danny: It’s pretty epic.
Tom: Much more so than we’ve ever done before.
Danny: Lots of exciting things, but they just take a bit of planning.

Harry: Do you want to ask us one more thing? Go on...
heatworld: OK. Harry, why don’t you Tweet more often?
Harry: [Groans.] That’s a bad question!
heatworld: Lots of people were asking that on Twitter today.
Harry: Tell them I’m aloof. [Laughs.] That’s a great word. He’s being rather aloof today! I love it.
x McFluCrew

Intervju m. Harry och Dougie!

Här kommer även en intervju med Dougie och Harry om att lära ut musik stuff till ungdomar.

Xx McFluCrew

Falling in love

Här är en till video när Danny och Tom sjunger Falling in love

Xx McFluCrew


Här är ett till klipp med Danny, Harry och Dougie som spelar Piano Enjoy!

Xx McFluCrew


Här är några videos med Tom och Danny och 3 "elever" som gjort om Lies Enjoy!

Xx McFluCrew


Här ni missat The Saturdays nya video, så kommer den här!

Visste du att...

......Rare Fashion har designat klänningar till The Saturdays! Man kan köpa dem på Rare fashions hemsida, Asos eller Nelly. Mitt förslag är att köpa på Nelly. Då vissa av klänningarna är på rea och de är billigare än asos (Även de som inte är på rea!). Jag har själv köpt Mollie studded dress och jag älskar den!!!

Här är alla klänningarna Arent they Lovely!Xx McFluCrew

McFly på heatworld!

Äntligen har intervjun kommit up på heatworld! Här har ni den:

When we were at school we often had trouble concentrating in class, but we bet we'd have paid more attention if our teachers looked like this! This weekend the mighty McFly turned teachers for the day and hosted a very special Celebrity Master Class run by Santander’s UK current account brands Abbey and Alliance & Leicester. Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry were joined by 26 teens who all had a interest in the music industry (and McFly, obvs), and they spent the day passing on their words of wisdom. Described by some excited girls at the studio in North-West London as the best day of their lives, the whole event was a massive success. Naturally, heatworld was there to grab the boys for a quick chat at the end of the day, and they were full of enthusiasm about how the day went.

"It’s been good talking about the bits of our job most people don’t get to see, like the behind-the-scenes stuff," Tom told us. Harry then added, "We set them a challenge to rewrite the lyrics to Lies in pairs, then in each group they chose the best lyrics to perform." All four lads were impressed by the talents of their students, with Harry telling us, "To just get up there and sing...it was awesome. Me and Danny talked to the groups about production and recording an album, and Tom and Dougie talked about the creative side of things, while Tommy our tour manager talked to them about touring and stuff, so they got an insight into everything." So, do the boys think they're good role models for young people? "I think we are," Tom told us. "I think the fact that we work hard at our job means a lot. Obviously a certain amount of luck is involved, and we have a one-in-a-million type job, but it does take a lot of hard work to do this."

McFly say they've had to teach each other a lot along the way, with Dougie telling us, "We kind of taught each other as well. If I started being a bit of a knob, then I know one of these would tell me." Harry then assured us, "We take what we do very seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously." The lads wouldn't give away too much about their new album, but they did tell us it will be out next year, and that they will be touring the UK *screeeam*. There's also something else in the McFly pipeline that sounds rather exciting... "We’ve got some quite different plans for next year," Tom confided. "Not sort of music related, but something new. Something quite exciting..." Danny then told us happily, "It’s pretty epic." We can't wait to find out more.

Xx McFluCrew

Sid @ the Shoppingmall

Totally didn't expect to see this guy walking through the shopping centre!

Hahaa, Tom in heaven? Disney irl :P

x McFluCrew

Vi sitter och väntar på att HeatWorld ska lägga upp sin artikel om McFly så att vi kan dela med oss av den!

Sumo time!

Är er största önskan att se McFly som Sumobrottare??

Ja, då har er önskning blivit sann!

Tweet tweet

Klicka här för att se vad andra tweeters har sagt!

"Tom, McFly: “About to do one of my favourite things, sit and eat dinner on my lap whilst watching deal or no deal. Amazing.”
Last week Countdown, this week Deal or No Deal? It sounds to us like Tom needs a good shag."

Xx McFluCrew

söndag 22 november 2009

Julgranen är uppe!

Här har ni en bild som Giovanna la upp på sin Twitter. Det är deras julgran!

Lägg märke till Mimmi i hörnet av bilden!
Tom är ju en Disney älskare!


Här är en TwitVid som @Jamiegilderuk la upp på sin twitter. De "skrev" den igår och kallar den Cry, Enjoy!

Xx McFluCrew

Julen är här!

Bilden är tagen av Tom. Det finns fler bilder här och här!

Julen är påväg! Tom och Giovanna har tagit fram julgranen!

tommcfly Ok, out with the boys and girls and have decided it's time to go home and put
the CHRISTMAS TREE UP!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha yes yes yes!!!

gfalcone601 Going home to put up our Xmas tree... Yes, that's right! Wine, christmas carols and 6 giddy people!! Oh dear!! Xxx

FrankieTheSats Off to put on Christmas songs and put the tree up!! Woo!!! So excited!!! No parents to tell us no! Ha

Xx McFluCrew