lördag 23 januari 2010

Star Girl Acapella

Det här är ett klipp där någon har "tagit bort" instumenten i Star Girl och kvar blir bara McFly som sjunger.. Det blir alltså som Acapella och det låter WICKED!

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Vanessas framträdande

Här är när Vanessa White sjunger på popstar to operastar. Tyvärr åkte hon ut igår :( Men Danny är ju fortfarande kvar :P

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Female fans of British boy band MCFLY better not be dreaming of a starry romance with their idols - while the group are prepared to bed their followers, they're not so keen on dating them. The SORRY'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH hitmakers - one of who famously claims to have romped with LINDSAY LOHAN - are thrilled with the legions of admirers fame has landed them. However, while they admit fan sex often happens on tour, they can't envisage a second date with groupies. Frontman DANNY JONES says, "Yes (I sleep with fans). But I don't think it's possible to have a relationship with a fan, particularly if she wakes up every morning and asks you for your autograph."
Kanske borde skriva att denna artikel är från 2007 :P

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fredag 22 januari 2010

P2O: Danny Jones episode 2

Här är Dannys framförande från kvällens show:

Och för er som missade allt, han gick vidare! :D

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P2O: Countdown 2

Snart börjar andra avsnittet av popstar to operastar som ni kan kolla på live här!

Ikväll är även Harry på plats i publiken!

och här är en bild på Danny bakom scenen... Tror ni han är nervös?

And here's Danny... on Twitpic

#VoteDannyMcFly! xxx McFluCrew


Ojoj Vanessa ligger illa till!

Vanessa White is apparently in bother with ITV bosses after skipping a Popstar to Opera Star rehearsal.

Apparently Vanessa threw a strop after being in the bottom two last week, and didn't turn up to practice with mentor and judge Rolando Villazon.

A source told The Sun: "Rolando was extremely angry, especially as he chose to save Vanessa last week.

"The bosses warned her to pull her socks up.

"Since then she's been back in rehearsals but she'll have to put on a great show tonight to prove she's taking the show seriously."

Xx McFluCrew

Danny set to rap?

ITV har lagt upp en artikel om Danny:

Danny set to rap?
Singing in the shower, missing the McFly boys and a future in rap - get the gossip from Mr Jones' live chat

When we wrenched rising operatic star Danny Jones from rehearsals and sat him down at a laptop for a chat with you all, he was quick to quash queries regarding a potential solo career.

"It would suck to be a solo artist," he wrote. "I miss the boys being beside me."

Awww. And that's not the only thing Danny finds hard when he's warbling in front of the nation.

"The hardest thing is learning the Italian," he added. "It's sooooo hard, especially when your from Bolton!"

Quick as a flash, sparks flew across keyboards everywhere, as you all delved into ways that Danny could practice behind closed doors.

And he wasn't afraid to admit his top secret tactics.

"I have sung opera in the shower," he revealed. "I recommend it because not only do you think you sound amazing because of all the echo, but the steam is good for your voice."

You heard it here first people.

And the crowd went wild for the steam-enhanced high notes when Danny belted out his first operatic number.

And now that he's mastered the art of vibrato, could we tempt the star to branch out into yet another challenging genre?

"I would like to try... er, rapping!" he replied, with a glint in his eye.

And that, Danny Jones fans, is a whole other show.

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The Saturdays Pics

Här kommer några bilder på The Saturdays (mest Frankie) frå G.A.Y och Sponge Bob Square Pants Artwork Charity Auction! :) Jag orkade inte lägga upp alla bilder så det fick bli ett litet collage istället ;)

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Vad händer med Super Records?

Only 18 months after ditching Island Records to go it alone, McFly are about to sign a deal with Universal - the parent company of Island Records.

The McFly boys started their own label Super Records, investing hundreds of thousands of pounds of their own money, and gave away their first album Radio:ACTIVE for free with a national newspaper, but now they're going back to the big boys in an attempt to promote and distribute their music all over the world according to The Sun.

They have roped in a shock producer to work on their new music - R&B producer Dallas Austin, who has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, TLC and Pink.

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Nämen har man sett...

Danny är på Trending Topics!

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Two VERY good reasons not to go out tonight

Här är en artikel som HeatWorld la upp på sin hemsida. Den handlar om Popstar to Opera star och Celebrity Big Brother, ser ni vilka det är på bilden?? Danny Jones, ofc, och Basshunter!!
For two of the remaining housemates over at Elstree, these hours could turn out to be their last in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Sisqo, Ivana and Stephen are all facing eviction tonight and two of them will be given their marching orders by Davina live on air. We're still undecided about who to vote for. They've all been really entertaining this past week and as much as we think Stephen is a little bit scental (that's scary and mental, btw), we do love watching his crazy ways in the house. As well as all this excitement, we also have Danny Jones, Vanessa White, Dariurs Danesh and co hitting all the high notes over on ITV1 as they compete to be the champion of Popstar To Operastar. We're going to do what we did last week and channel flick like crazy between the two - but which show will YOU be watching? Oh, and if you're wondering why we chose pictures of Danny Jones and Basshunter to illustrate this story, it's because we have a crush on both of them. We're willing to bet you already knew that, though...

Popstar To Operastar, tonight, ITV1, 9pm
Celebrity Big Brother, tonight, Channel 4, 9pm & 10.35pm

Xx McFluCrew

The Sun: McFlying back to big boys

Den här artikeln är från The Sun:

McFlying back to big boys

POP-ROCK pups McFLY made much of leaving their major label home 18 months ago to set up their own record company.
The quartet sunk hundreds of thousands of pounds of their own money into Super Records and their album Radio:ACTIVE saw them find success in Australia and South America.

Now they're in the final stages of signing a deal with Universal, the parent company of their former Island records stable, which will see the global giant help them distribute and promote their product overseas.

Meanwhile TOM, DANNY, DOUGIE and HARRY have roped in a shock producer for their latest disc. Instead of the rock folk they've collaborated with in the past, they've been working with R&B producer DALLAS AUSTIN.

Austin has previously worked with MICHAEL JACKSON, PINK and TLC.

What a weird hook-up.


xoxo McFluCrew


Can I get a hallelujaaaaaah!!!!!?
På hemsidan Springfair pågår just nu en tävling där du kan vinna en date med Harry!

Så här står det på deras hemsida:

Win a date with Harry from McFly!

22 Jan 2010by Charlotte Cowell

Greetings card publisher Global Humour has launched a competition for one lucky lady to win a date with drummer Harry Judd from pop group McFly.

The date will include supper at a restaurant of Harry’s choice at a time convenient for both parties, courtesy of Global Humour. Anybody is eligible to enter and the prize can also be passed onto a sister, daughter, niece, friend, or even mother!

The winner will be announced and contacted on the last day of Spring Fair International, where Global Hum
our is exhibiting in Hall 3 Stand K52. Rumour has it that Harry himself is planning to turn up in order to sweep the prize-winner of her feet if she’s around to enjoy that! Click here for more information and to enter.

As well as stirring up the female population of the NEC during the show, Global Humour will be launching a number of new card ranges and also taking orders on a brand new book range.
Gå in här för att läsa mer!


xxx McFluCrew


Här är ett klipp från The Saturdays hemsida. Det är backstage på P2O, Danny är med och pratar lite i mitten av filmen och sen får man höra honom sjunga lite senare :)

Klippet funkar tydligen inte för alla så gå in här istället!

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Frankies birthday

Här är lite bilder från Frankies födelsedag:

Måste bara säga det här: men tycker inte ni att Toms hår är skit snyggt här?

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torsdag 21 januari 2010


För er som missade chatten med Danny, lägger vi upp de frågor som blev besvarade ;)

[Comment From Maandy_Poynter Maandy_Poynter: ]
Does you troat hurt when you sing opera or it's the same as sing McFLY songs?It looks like you use too much "power" to sing opera
Danny Jones: it hurts in a different way... when i do gigs it gets a little dry, but when im singing opera my muscles and neck hurt

Danny Jones: thanks guys

[Comment From kel kel: ]
Danny you've master pop and rock, attempting opera, whats next?
Danny Jones: pop star to porn star next

[Comment From Amanda Amanda: ]
dannyyy , if you could turn any mcfly song into opera , what would it be ??
Danny Jones: i would turn pov into an opera song

[Comment From Jayy Jayy: ]
Do you think the opera voice training will improve your voice on and new albums? :)
Danny Jones: i think it will help me to maintain my voice for the later yrs of my life.... and im sure it will help me now too

[Comment From Taylor Taylor: ]
Danny how does it feel to be singing alone and without a guitar?
Danny Jones: it would suck to be a solo artist... i miss the boys being beside me

[Comment From Alex Alex: ]
Do you teach opera to Bruce and Ralphie ?
Danny Jones: errrrrrr can dogs sing???

[Comment From Jenny from Sweden Jenny from Sweden: ]
What's the hardest thing about learning to sing in another langage than English?
Danny Jones: the hardest thing is learning the italian.... its sooooo hard.. especially when your from bolton

[Comment From itsgabi itsgabi: ]
how do you felt when the first juror criticized you?
Danny Jones: i wasnt too bothered cause i knew i did a good enough job just for me anyway

[Comment From Jemima Jemima: ]
will you be doing an opera song for all of us at your next mcfly gig?
Danny Jones: mmmm youll have to wait and seeeeee

[Comment From Cahh Nascimento Cahh Nascimento: ]
How do you feel when you are in the stage? happy? nervous?
Danny Jones: well when im singing opera im pooing myself.. but with mcfly it a lorra lorra fun

[Comment From Rachele Rachele: ]
Do you think you can win?
Danny Jones: do you think i can win?

[Comment From laislies laislies: ]
how do you feel about your new nickname: danirotti!? haha
Danny Jones: i like the nickname, ive just been told what about pavoranny??

[Comment From liri :) liri :): ]
isn't it hard to learn a song only in a week ?
Danny Jones: yessssss very hard and very stressful... im still learning the one for tomoro arghhhhh

[Comment From ingrid ingrid: ]
Danny Jones: no i didnt choose the pink suite haha, i like it cause it was a bit different from the rest of the guys

[Comment From Marcela Marcela: ]
which was the first thing you thought when you received the invitation to sing opera? something totally different than you're used. @maridodanny and @marcelafletche
Danny Jones: well i first said noooooo i dont want to do it, then all the boys were like, yeh do it. it will be classic.... so i sort of did for the fun factor

[Comment From marina stephan marina stephan: ]
Danny, do you think you have chance become a opera star after de reallity show? Xxx
Danny Jones: no way, could i be an opera star ahhaha, i think it takes yrs to perfect it..... cant wait to go back singin normal ha

[Comment From Amanda H Amanda H: ]
Is there any other style of music you would want to try out?
Danny Jones: i would like to try........erm.............. rapping

[Comment From Hill Hill: ]
how you will celebrate if you win?
Danny Jones: erm ..... i would just see the family and friends and have a mini party to celebrate woo hoo

[Comment From Mila Mila: ]
Arent you afraid of hurting your voice?
Danny Jones: naa, not really, i dont think its that strenuous, on tour is worse

[Comment From Sofie Sofie: ]
who do you think has the most potential for winning the show?
Danny Jones: i think, marcella has a great opera voice......

[Comment From Jess Jess: ]
What do you think its harder: singing opera or playing football at wembley? Love you, hero! Xx
Danny Jones: definatly singing blooming opera

[Comment From Skittles Skittles: ]
If you could nominate another McFly member to sing opera who would you pick? why?
Danny Jones: haha, ok....... i would pick either dougie or harry i cant decide. harry could be like ildivo and doug could be......mmmmm. well i dunno what he could be hahah classic

[Comment From @likealover @likealover: ]
Have you ever sang opera in the shower at least once in your life?
Danny Jones: yes i have sang opera in the shower.... its recommend cause not only do you think you sound amazing because of all the echo, but the steam is good for your vioce
Danny Jones: i meant voice

[Comment From bia bia: ]
what about the new CD ? we're sick of waiting !!
Danny Jones: be patient.... its worth waiting for. i cant wait either. we star to record it in the next couple of week... so hopefully summer tiiiiiiiiiiiime

[Comment From NathalieNL NathalieNL: ]
Is it hard to switch from 'pop-Danny' to 'opera-Danny'? :)
Danny Jones: yes, very hard beacause when i get excited i go to auto pilot and pop danny comes out as if we are in an arena

[Comment From kayleberry kayleberry: ]
have you seen the facebook group created by your fans about your pink suit from friday?
Danny Jones: all i have to say is that i feel the lurrrrrrrrv for the pink jaket

[Comment From Emmar Emmar: ]
How many times a day do you practise?!
Danny Jones: im doing about 5 hrs a day

[Comment From Ester Ester: ]
Any tour plans for a recent future?
Danny Jones: yeh we always have tour plans..... in all penciled in the dairy but we will let you know dont worry.... its very exciting this yr for mcfly

[Comment From gisele e bia gisele e bia: ]
what's like to be in a reality show?
Danny Jones: mmmmmmmm its a strange one really...... ive not thought about it to much... to be honest i dont mind it, at least you have to have talent in this one eh?? haha

Danny Jones: well thank you sooo much everyone... i send my love thru the computer, and hope to see you all soon.... im off to sing more opera but with the ochestra now, then off home to wipe dougie's bottom and put him to bed awwwwwwwww

Xxx McFluCrew

The Saturdays

If you have already picked up your brand new issue of heat the hard copy version today (and if you haven't, get yourself to a shop now), then you'll already have seen what happened when we let The Saturdays loose on our very own web geek last week. Rochelle, Mollie, Frankie and Una were without their fifth band member Vanessa when they came to visit heatworld, as she was busy practising her arias for Popstar To Operastar. We thought it was only fair in this instance to offer our very own web geek to them as an honorary Saturday, but first he had to look the part - and that's where the girls came in. Watch the Sats as they transform our lovely web worker from geek to goddess in just a few minutes. It's pretty impressive, although we think he really should have shaved off that beard...
Xxx McFluCrew

onsdag 20 januari 2010


Här är några artiklar om Danny och Popstar to Opera star:
15 Januari

19 Januari
"Five things you should know about McFly’s Danny Jones

1. The 23 year old is ’sh*tting himself’ about taking part in Popstar to Operastar.‘I know nothing about Opera,’ he revelas.‘At first i said “No way am I doing that”.But i’m doing it for the challange.’

2. He doesn’t get angry very often, but when he does it’s normally over his housemate ‘not leaving the kitchen tidy’.

3. McFly are busy writing: ‘ We’ve been working with R&B producer Dallas Austin, who’s done Katy Perry.We want to blow you away.’

4. He’s mates with Elton John! ‘ We went for dinner round Elton’s house,’ he tells us.‘We got on with him well and he even sent me a Christmas card.’

5. He’s still dating Miss England 2007 Georgia Horsley.‘She’s so cute,’ he tells us. ‘The other day she put the TV on mute, so she could listen to me practising my singing.’ "

19 Januari
"Opera hit a sour not with Elton

Oh dear! It seems rock legend Sir Elton John has given Popstar to Operastar the thumbs down. The Rocket Man was stunned into silence after Mcfly guitarist Danny Jones told Elt he was appearing on the show. Danny told Closer. “We all went to Elton’s for dinner and i told him I was going to be in the show, but he just sat in silence! I don’t think he liked it.” Never mind, we love it.
Xxx McFluCrew

Chat with Danny Jones!

Imorgon kommer Danny ha en live chatt på popstar to opera stars hemsida. Det verkar som man ska kunna chatta med honom vilket land man än är i! :D Han kommer att chatta i 15 minuter, så ni måste ha frågorna klara innan chatten börjar ;)
Chatten börjar 4pm, men det blir klockan 5 (på eftermiddagen) för oss.

Så imorgon, torsdag, klockan 5!

Xxx McFluCrew

Snuggle time!

Tom verkar vara lite avundsjuk på Dougie och Harry...

dougiemcfly Day 1 of Harry and Dougie practice and snuggle time
Xxx McFluCrew

Satsa pengar på att Danny vinner!

Hemsidan online-betting-guide har gjort det möjligt att satsa pengar på danny och de andra detagarna i P2O. Du satsar alltså en summa pengar på personen du tror kommer vinna precis som man gör på travhästar på solvalla.. ;)

Popstar To Operastar Betting Odds Have Danny Jones And Darius Campbell As Favourites With Vanessa White Favourite To Go

Popstar To Operastar 2010 Betting Odds make Danny Jones and Darius Campbell the favourites to win after week one whilst Vanessa White from The Saturdays seems most likely to follow Blur’s Alex James out the door by being the second popstar eliminated from the competition.

Danny Jones And Darius Campbell Most Likely Winners

The early favourite to win is McFly front man Danny Jones. Despite his tender years he has become the most likely winner of Pop Star To Opera Star and he can currently be backed at 5/2 with Stan James. Coral and Paddy Power both seem pretty confident Jones will win, they both offer just 7/4. Darius Campbell, a former contender on both Popstars and Pop Idol, now tries Popstar To Operastar and he could make it third time lucky as far as talent shows are concerned, he is the second favourite at 7/2 with SkyBet, Boylesports and Coral.

Kym Marsh And Marcella Detroit Both Have Chances Of Winning

It looks as though just four hopefuls have a chance of winning, the third favourite is Kym Marsh, the former Hear Say singer is 5/1 with Coral whilst next best is Marcella Detroit, the former member of Shakespears Sister is 11/2 with Bet365 and Paddy Power. The three most likely to go this weekend are Vanessa White, who is 15/8 with Bet365 to be eliminated, whilst both Jimmy Osmond and Bernie Nolan are 10/3 with Bet365. For more Popstar To Operastar 2010 Betting Odds click on any of the bookie links above.

Klicka här för att läsa mer!

xoxo McFluCrew

tisdag 19 januari 2010

News of the world

I söndags la vi upp en artikel som News of the world publicreade på deras hemsida. (läs den här)
Artikeln skapade lite problem för vår Danny och vi hoppas för hans skull att allt har löst sig nu. Det vi inte visste när vi publicerade den på bloggen var att intervjun även publicerades i News of the World tidningen.

Det här är det som står i Tidningen:

THESE two beauties are proof that boy band heart throb Danny Jones really does love his country. And today the McFly singer talks for the first time about how he became the envy of his bandmates by bedding BOTH Miss Englands - in reverse order.

In an exclusive interview with the News of the World, the Popstar To Operastar hopeful said: "I guess it's obvious what my type is - big, blonde girls. My mates thought it was cool."

Sash The 23-year-old developed his sash pash on current girlfriend Georgia Horsley (Miss England 2007) when he was STILL in an on/off casual relationship with Laura Coleman (Miss England 2008).

And for the first time, Danny admits he started his fling with 23-year-old Laura BEFORE finishing his long-term relationship with girlfriend of three years Olivia Shaw, 25.

But heartbreaker Danny insists he was NOT a love rat, just a young lad "having fun" - and now he's found his Star Girl in the form of gorgeous Georgia, 22.

"I felt s*** for hurting the others but I'm not a cheat," insists the shaggy-haired star. "But Georgia is the one - she's epic." Danny - whose hits with McFly include Star Girl, I'll Be OK and Five Colours In Her Hair - was in a troubled relationship with Olivia when he headed to the Miss World finals in South Africa with his bandmates early last year. He was desperate to get out of the relationship but claims he hadn't the guts to end it officially. "I left it badly with her," he admits. "You write songs about these things. When you're scared of breaking up with someone, you ask for some space instead. So that's what I did and we were having space when I went to South Africa."

But while he was performing at the pageant he fell for pretty Miss England Laura, who he SNOGGED during a night out. He adds: "That happened and I was like, 'I need to get out of this with Olivia'. It was an awkward situation because I had wanted to break up anyway but I didn't have the balls. So I'd asked for space, then I went and had a f****** great time in South Africa. I know I probably broke her heart. I haven't had mine broken before but I can imagine how it feels."

Then Danny began a three-month passionate relationship with reigning Miss England Laura, however, he insists she never officially became his girlfriend. He recalls: "I did kiss her and got with her for a bit, but it wasn't as a girlfriend. I was just like, 'Wow, it's Miss England.' It was pretty cool.

"Maybe Laura thought there was something more to it." Danny met Georgia for the first time at 2009's Miss London competition - an event that was co-hosted by her AND Laura.

"If it wasn't for Laura I would never have met Georgia," he says. Danny admits he was instantly attracted to Georgia but kept his distance because she was in a relationship with someone else at the time. He adds: "Meeting Georgia was an accident really. I bumped into her at that event but I backed off. Then months later she asked me out for a drink. She was such a laugh - a really amazing girl." But Laura's friends have made it clear she was unhappy that Danny swapped her tiara for Georgia's.

He sighs: "I know that's what she's been getting people to say, but that's not the type of thing I do. I'm not a cheat. I wouldn't have the guts to do that. I was obviously a single lad at the time and having fun. I saw a girl and I fancied her. I just like good-looking girls, to be honest!" Now Danny has vowed to concentrate on a different type of talent show - Popstar To Operastar.

He admits he's working extremely hard to turn his gritty pop voice into a more operatic tenor for the ITV1 programme, hosted by Myleene Klass and Alan Titchmarsh. He says: "When I'm in McFly, I've got a guitar and my mates. It seems easy looking back at it now. With opera, you've got to sing from your eyes and your nose - it's like learning to sing again."

But Danny reckons his mentor, Welsh opera star Katherine Jenkins, is not to be crossed. "She's gorgeous." he smiles. "She's such a nice girl. But Katherine's a perfectionist and a task master. You wouldn't mess about with her." And Danny - who has no plans to leave bandmates Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter - knows Georgia is another woman he won't mess around with. "I'm not taking any risks," he says. "Back in the day it was amazing. Some girls worried they'd just be another notch on the bedpost - I did go a bit mad. But now I've got a girlfriend who I would actually call my girlfriend."

How he rates rivals


"I know Kym through my tour manager. I think she'll do fine, especially after her time on Popstars. She's a bit scared, like the rest of us."


"She's a lovely girl with an ace voice. I've got to know her through my bandmate Dougie, who's with her bandmate Frankie."


"I really think she could be a dark horse, man. Don't write her off. I like a lot of Bernie's old voice - it's really quite impressive."


"No one is to be underestimated in this competition - he does have a great voice."


"I don't know much of her work apart from Shakespeare's Sisters but she's a really nice girl and she's got a great voice."


"He's classic, so lovely and down to earth. Bernie was in a rush the other day and skipped the queue so Jimmy just waited for his lesson. No fuss."

xxx McFluCrew

digitalspy: Jones promises 'adventurous' McFly LP

Eftersom att Danny är med i P2O så har det blivit mycket nyheter om bara det men här är faktiskt en artikel INTE handlar om P2O utan McFlys nya skiva....

Danny Jones has confirmed the release of a new McFly album later this year.

The singer-guitarist told BBC Newsbeat that the group have been working with a number of collaborators on the record.

Jones said: "A McFly album will be coming soon, I don't know when. We think late summer-ish. It's all in talk at the minute, it's very exciting for us.

"We've been writing with the likes of Dallas Austin, who did TLC, Pink, Monica, worked with Anastasia, Katy Perry."

He added: "So it's really interesting for us to work with that sort of partnership because we've never done it before.

"We could be the safe McFly and write the songs we do and keep being safe but then we want to take it to that next step and be more adventurous. So that's what we're doing this year."

McFly's frontman Tom Fletcher has promised that the follow-up to 2008's Radio:ACTIVE will "blow you away".


xoxo McFluCrew

@VoteDanny har laddat upp detta klipp på YouTube, det är Danny som sjunger på repetitionen dagen innan P2O. De som var där säger att Danny var mycket mindre nervös då än vad han var på Fredagen och det kan man även höra då han låter mycket avslappnare här...

Det går inte att lägga upp klippet på bloggen så här är länken!

xoxo McFluCrew



mcflyharry Just hooves my whole place in my boxers....if mcfly ever ends (it won't) then I'm auditioning for mr muscle.
Hoovered. Predictive text.
Xxx McFluCrew


Här är en artikel om Frankies liv:

The Saturdays singer Frankie Sandford is envious of her friends because they have more free time than she does.
Frankie Sandford misses having spare time.
The Saturdays singer, who is dating McFly bassist Dougie Poynter, is envious of her friends because they are able to have more fun than she can.
She said: "I miss being able to plan ahead and be spontaneous."
"I've got friends at uni and two of my friends have just moved to Berlin. I'd like to be able to go and have a mad weekend in Germany or go and party at university. The chances of having a full weekend off are pretty slim."
Despite her lack of free time, Frankie manages to get occasional nights out with friends, and throws herself into partying when she is able to.
She admitted to FHM magazine: "Choosing the outfit takes the longest and I might have a tantrum if I can't find anything. When I go out I always have my lipstick and lipgloss.
"I don't get hangovers. If I'm going to be ill, I'll throw up in the evening. I'll have a muddy head in the Morning but I don't get sick."
Xxx McFluCrew

Dougie och Frankie i Heat

Det här är med i nyaste nummret av HeatMagazine.

"They were shopping in Topshop at Westfield, looking very loved-up"
Clara Betts, Surrey

(Credit to VoteDanny)

xoxo McFluCrew

Stackars Frankie...

Poor Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays was certainly feeling the nip in the air when she was papped leaving London's Heaven nightclub.

21-year-old Frankie, who is dating McFly bassist Dougie Poynter, was the latest in a long line of celebs to suffer a 'wardrobe malfunction'.

Frankie was outside meeting fans when she had the slip-up with her vest top.

It is winter you know Frankie!

If we were you, we'd wear a jacket next time - it's for the breast.


Xx McFluCrew

Best Musician on Twitter

måndag 18 januari 2010

Dancing on Ice

Igår uppträdde The Saturdays med EgoDancing on Ice. Jag, personligen, tyckte det var deras bästa framträdande hittills. Jag har lagt upp klippet på våran youtube men den brukar krångla men här är länken till vår youtube, så får vi hoppas att det funkar :)

Xx McFluCrew

HeatWorld: P2O

Den här artikeln är från HeatWorld:

Now watch the Popstar To Operastar performances everyone's talking about

When we first heard that lots of celebs were going to be rounded up and taught to sing opera for a new reality show, we admit, we didn't have very high hopes. However, with perhaps the exception of poor old Alex James (see video below), all the contestants did a really good job. Who knew Darius had such an impressive voice? And how beautiful did Vanessa from The Saturdays look in her princess dress? The biggest surprise of the night had to be McFly's Danny Jones, however, whose normal, growly rock voice was barely recognisable as he belted out this impressive performance. The girls in the audience were screaming, members of McFly (also in the audience) were almost crying tears of pride and lots of you were going absolutely crazy on Twitter - especially when Danny ended with a nice grab of his crotch. Lovely stuff. Alex James did his best, bless him, but it ended up being more comedy than classical - and he was the first to be voted off. Have a watch of the two clips now and tell us YOUR views.


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3am: This week's most entertaining Twitter twaddle

Det här är taget från hemsidan 3ams Twitter twaddle:

Danny, McFly: "Mmmmm, shall I poo poo before I sing opera or after?"
Danny is treating his slot on reality show The Opera with as much respect as it deserves. Even his own bandmates are ripping him apart for being a complete sell-out...

Dougie, McFly: “@Dannymcfly I've been asked to do popstar turned porn star.”

Tom, McFly: “@Dannymcfly we've all discussed it and us three think its best you leave the band and concentrate on your true passion for Opera. Good luck!”

Lite längre ner i artikeln står det om Mollie ifrån The Saturdays

Mollie, The Saturdays: “Today I wore my socks with poodles on them! Hehehe! Santa bought them.”

Oh please. The cute girlie act doesn’t exactly work when you’re posing with your tits out and ‘sex me’ face in the Twitter background.

Det här är Mollies bakgrundsbild!


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söndag 17 januari 2010


Den här artikeln dök upp på Dailystar.co.uk:


MCFLY’S Danny Jones has started a dirty tricks campaign to get rival Vanessa White kicked off new reality show Popstar To Opera Star.

The cheeky chap admitted bribing the rest of The Saturdays to vote for him and not their bandmate.

Danny, who moaned he looks like a baboon when he sings classically, joked: “I’ve already got Frankie on my side. It’s turning into a boy band v girl band opera war.”

His plan almost worked as the brilliant Vanessa narrowly missed the chop after being in Friday’s bottom two. The poor lass told us: “This is the scariest thing I have done."

“I felt like I was missing each limb without the other girls on stage.”

För er som inte vet så finns det ett singstar spel som heter boyband vs girlband där McFly har två låtar med..

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Dailymail: P2O

Hemsidan DailyMail har skrivit en artikel om Popstar to Operastar och det här är vad det står om Danny:

Bookies favourite: Danny Jones has come a long way since his days with McFly
Giving it his all: Danny improved throughout his performance

Danny from McFly received loud screams from the audience, with catcalls and yells of 'Danny'.

But he was criticised by Villazon: 'I think you started a little bit weak because you were nervous but then you started to wind up and you started to be confident about what we worked.

'You have to sing from beginning to the end. Not only the end.'

Lite längre ner står det om Vanessa och där har DailyMail skrivit Frankie White! Läs hela artikeln här.

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Danny om P2O

As well as Danny McFly this week talking about his Miss England girlfriend Georgia Horsley, Danny's also been chatting about his stint as an opera singer on ITV 1's prime time reality effort, Popstar to Opera Star.

Danny says he's been working extremely hard for the show and that it's completely different to performing with McFly. "When I'm in McFly, I've got a guitar and my mates. It seems easy looking back at it now. With opera, you've got to sing from your eyes and your nose - it's like learning to sing again."

Danny said vocal coach Katherine Jenkins is a "perfectionist...you wouldn't mess about with her". He also commented on his competition, saying rival Vanessa from The Saturdays "is a lovely girl with an ace voice.", calling Bernie Nolan a "dark horse" and that Jimmy Osmond is "classic, so lovely and down to earth."

On Friday's debut show, Danny was the first singer to be put through. Blur guitarist Alex James and Vanessa received the lowest amount of votes and as a result were in the bottom two. After equal votes from the judges, it went to who collected the highest amount of public votes, and Vanessa was saved. We know all you Fleckster's are supporting Danny, as are we, and we wish him the best of luck in the coming weeks, and hope he hits those high notes!


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Danny om Georiga

McFly boy (and our new favourite Opera Star) Danny Jones has finally broken his silence on the whole Georgia Horsley goings on (if you don't know what's been going on click here).
A word of warning Danny fans, this is going to sting - not only has he confirmed that they are together, he says Georgia is 'the one'.

Speaking to the News Of The World, Danny spoke in detail about his recent love antics.

"I guess it's obvious what my type is - big, blonde girls. My mates thought it was cool."

Danny insists that he is no love rat, just having fun. We're sure long term girlfriend Olivia Shaw had loads of fun when he dumped her for his first Miss England Laura Coleman. Not.

"I felt s*** for hurting the others but I'm not a cheat,"

"But Georgia is the one - she's epic."

"I left it badly with her [Olivia]," he admits. "You write songs about these things. When you're scared of breaking up with someone, you ask for some space instead.

"So that's what I did and we were having space when I went to South Africa."

And that, boys and girls, is when he snogged Laura during a night out.

"That happened and I was like, 'I need to get out of this with Olivia'. It was an awkward situation because I had wanted to break up anyway but I didn't have the balls. So I'd asked for space, then I went and had a f****** great time in South Africa.

"I know I probably broke her heart. I haven't had mine broken before but I can imagine how it feels." - oh we're sure you can Danny.

But Danny isn't a love rat... because he claims he was never actually going out with Laura.

He recalls: "I did kiss her [Laura] and got with her for a bit, but it wasn't as a girlfriend. I was just like, 'Wow, it's Miss England.' It was pretty cool.

"Maybe Laura thought there was something more to it."

Danny did admit that, if it wasn't for Laura, he never would have met his latest Miss England - Georgia Horsley.

"Meeting Georgia was an accident really. I bumped into her at that event but I backed off.
"Then months later she asked me out for a drink. She was such a laugh - a really amazing girl."

"I'm not a cheat. I wouldn't have the guts to do that.
"I was obviously a single lad at the time and having fun. I saw a girl and I fancied her. I just like good-looking girls, to be honest!"

We're glad Danny is finally happy and settling down. Congrats to the pair.

Danny also speaks about Popstar To Opera Star in the article - don't forget to VOTE DANNY!


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Nya klipp!

Nu har vi lagt ut lite nya klipp från The Saturdays special konsert på youtube. Om ni inte hittar klippen på vår sida, så sök på The Saturdays McFluCrew på youtube så borde de komma upp :)

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