lördag 9 oktober 2010

Idol Sassa

Tack till Jenny för denna information! :)

Igår var det Idol och tyvärr så åkte Sassa ut.. I TV400 eftersnack berättade Sassa att om hon skulle få sjunga en låt till så skulle det vara McFLYs The Last Song!

spola fram till 22:49 för att höra henne säga det..

Attans att hon åkte ut innan hon fick chansen att sjunga lite McFLY och sprida the McFlu till Svenska idol tittare... ajaa, vi vill önska Sassa lycka till och kanske kan vi få höra en cover på McFLY på Youtube?? ;)
xxx McFluCrew

McFly will be around forever!

Här är en artikel om McFly från Lancashire Telegraph:

"POP stars come and go but McFly, it seems, will be around forever.

Seven years ago the fresh-faced foursome burst on to the scene with their debut single, 5 Colours In Her Hair. Floppy of fringe and low-slung of trouser, they were every teenage girl’s dream.

Then, earlier this year, the boys returned with their latest single, Party Girl, taken from the soon-to-be-released fifth studio album.

Something had changed. The clothes were tighter. The bodies were fitter. Grown women swooned. Otherwise sane and responsible journalists in this very office spent hours staring wistfully at pictures of Harry, Tom, Dougie and, of course, our very own Danny.

“We had a pretty hardcore six weeks in LA during the recording process,” says Danny of the boys’ transformation.

“Then Harry was training for a marathon, so we trained with him. It was pretty tough.”

So is the former Thornleigh Salesian College student still keeping up with the regime?

“I’ve sort of given up now,” he admits sheepishly. “I’m back on the booze.”

You wonder when he would find the time. Not only are the boys incredibly hands-on when it comes to communicating with their fans — “We’re pretty keen on Twitter; our online following is so big it stretches around the world, so it’s the only way to keep up with everyone,” says Danny — but he is also working on a dance side project, Dirtiratz.

“It’s not really a solo project, it’s just something I wanted to play around with on the side,” he says. “It started as a hobby making dance music, but I decided to see how far it could go.”

He describes the material as sounding like Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia or David Guetta, “but with me singing”.

He says: “What I want to do that would be quite cool would be to do the album launch through Supercity and then do some aftershow boutique parties after our gigs so people can come and have a dance.”

Ah yes, Supercity. McFly’s long-heralded, multi-layered new website that caused such hysteria among fans when it was launched that the server promptly crashed.

Danny says: “At the moment we’re switching over to bigger servers. I suppose it’s a good thing and a bad thing that it crashed.

“We were on such a high when we got 10,000 members in two hours, but then when it crashed we were all bummed out because we felt like we’d let everyone down — we felt awful.”

At one point there were 62,000 people trying to join at the same time, which Danny describes as “unbelievable”.

And his annoyance that the launch didn’t run smoothly seems personal, and genuine.

“It was totally underestimated,” he says, before trailing off.

“Well, we knew. It was a risk, but someone didn’t put a big enough bloody server up.”

He promises Supercity should be functioning again within the next week or two.

Meanwhile, the boys are preparing for five intimate gigs, including one at the Manchester Apollo, which they will use as a warm-up for their arena tour next year.

Danny says: “I love the Apollo — I’ve seen a lot of my idols there. We’ve done a lot of our small, sweaty, rocky shows there.”

There is also the release of the new single, Shine A Light, which Danny describes as “one of the best singles we’ve had”, and the album, Above The Noise.

Busy times for McFly, but they never lose sight of what, or rather who, is really important.

“We love our fans,” says Danny. “They’re so loyal. We write and perform so it’s real, it’s not like we’re just here for the money.

“But they’ve been with us for seven years and that’s fantastic.” "

Xx McFluCrew

onsdag 6 oktober 2010

YouTube Update

Nu är det dax för att lägga upp lite nya YouTube klipp på killarna..

Det här klippet är från när McFLY uppträdde på Britain's next Top Model:

Suck My Pop var med på inspelningen av Shine A Light. Ljudet till videon är lite före bilden men det är bättre än ingenting! ;)

Part 2

Shine A Light videon har premiär den 14 Oktober! :D

Här är är ett klipp där McFlyPortugal har klippt ihop alla små videor på McFLY från the Digital Music Awards:

Här är även en video där killarna spelar Party Girl från samma kväll..

xx McFluCrew


Igår åkte McFLY till en skola i Leeds för att spela en mini show för eleverna där. Här är en artikel från yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk:

As a chart-topping band, they're more used to performing in front of crowds at Wembley Arena and Party in the Park.
But now McFly can add a primary school in suburban Leeds to their list of gigs after playing at a packed-out school assembly

The foursome – Harry Judd, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher – performed three songs to pupils at Cottingley Primary School after pupil Ami Thorpe, 11, won a competition with 96.3 Radio Aire

More than 100 youngsters screamed as the group walked onto the tiny stage in the school hall, where they opened with latest single Party Girl.

They went on to perform old favourite All About You, closing with their debut hit Five Colours in Her Hair.

In a chat with the YEP, Danny said: "It's good playing for the younger fans because they're not as judgmental as older audiences.

"They're a bit more understanding. If they're really young, they just stand up and dance around."

Tom added: "Adults are quite hard to impress but the young fans are always very sweet."

The guys also answered questions on stage from the youngsters, put to them by Radio Aire's breakfast show hosts JK and Joel.

It emerged that Tom's favourite food is pizza, Danny's favourite karaoke song is My Heart Will Go On, Harry was "mischievous" in school and Dougie thinks dating Frankie Sandford, a member of girl band The Saturdays, is "awesome".

The boys, who have a new album called Above the Noise out next month, said performing at schools like Cottingley was a "lot of fun".
Dougie told the YEP: "It's just nice to come and entertain people for the day. When this sort of thing happens in school, it's always really exciting for the kids. It's something a bit different."

Tom added: "Although we never had anything like this at our school. But firemen came in to do assemblies and that was exciting."

They also said they were enjoying the latest series of X Factor and tipped either Cher Lloyd, Matt Cardle or Nicolo Festa to win.

Harry said: "Cher is getting a lot of stick and I don't know why, it's really annoying me. People are having a go at her for mucking up her audition but she had a reason to sing badly – she was ill. Katie didn't have a reason."

Danny added: "Cher is just like Cheryl though. They have the same dress sense, the same tattoo and even half of the same name."

Ami, who presented the boys with a teddy bear and a thank you cookie after the gig, said: "It was everything I hoped it would be. They were lovely and it's been a brilliant day."

xxx McFluCrew

Galaxy defenders stay forever!

Vi har lite dålig uppdatering , det är mycket i skolan just nu...så jag hittade den här på facebook och tänkte att ni kanske ville pröva ;)
Fuska inte nu! :P

Om ni undrar så fick jag: I love Harry because I am his world and he loves me! :P

Om ni vill så kan ni skriva ert resultat som en kommentar här!

Xxx McFluCrew

"McWelcome Back!"

Här är scans från Sugar Lad Mag:

Credit: Karen

Xxx McFluCrew

tisdag 5 oktober 2010

Super City Updates

Så har alla sett att en ny video har lagts upp på McFly.com?

Killarna är fortfarande upprörda av att portarna till Super City måste hållas stängda ett tag till och SuperCityHQ skrev på Twitter:
I hope I don't get in trouble for telling you this but I'm telling you anyway!
After the webchat on Friday when Mcfly had to announce Super City was temporarily closing its borders, one or two of them cried afterwards. The band
were absolutely devastated and I've never known them to be so upset :( Mcfly are the most amazing band in the world to manage and they care SO much about you...
you're gonna LOVE living in Super City with them!

Ord kan inte beskriva hur underbara de fyra killarna är.. Tom skrev även ett inlägg på sin Tumblr där han berättar lite om vad som har hänt och vad som komma skall.
Hey everyone,

So I just wanted to let you know the latest news on the Super City. There were big meetings today with all the key people that have built and run the Super City to isolate the problem so we can get rid of it! And you’ll all be pleased to know that we have found the weakest link in our team and given them the boot! So we now know exactly what needs to be done to get the Super City back up to speed (I wont bore you with the technical stuff) and the whole team is working double time this week to have it sorted.

Having said that, Danny, Dougie, Harry and myself are not going to open the gates to
the Super City until we are 100% sure that it is ready and more than capable of
coping with all you incredible Pioneers! We don’t think it’s fair to you guys. So we wont rush to get it open this week and instead will aim to have the gates open as early as we can next week.

I hope that’s ok with you and we feel it’s better to wait a few more days until we know it’s definitely ready for you all rather than rush and have the same thing happen as last Friday! This Super Site has taken 2 years to build and we have invested so much time and passion (not to mention money) into it so we feel extremely let down and disappointed in the people responsible for Fridays issues. But this site is ultimately our (McFLY’s) responsibility and we will never, EVER give you something we are not satisfied with. If anyone wants a refund then we’ll put the details on mcfly.com tomorrow. Don’t forget that we’ll give everyone this month for free and also an extra gift from us to say sorry!

Until the gates are open again we will be putting up some new, exclusive content on mcfly.com so look out for it. We’ll keep you updated this week on the progress of the Super City.

Thanks SO much for your incredible patience and trust me, it will all be well worth the wait when we’re all finally in the city together.


Har du några frågor angående Super City (eller bara rent allmänt om McFLY) så får du jätte gärna maila oss så ska vi försöka svara dem. :)
xxx McFluCrew

måndag 4 oktober 2010

McFly nearly featured a rap on their new album.

Artikeln är från Contact music:

"McFly thought about featuring a rap on their new album, after producer Dallas Austin wrote a rap verse into one of their songs.

Although none of the 'Party Girl' rockers is keen on rapping over their own tracks, they revealed they were considering having a rap breakdown in one of the tracks they recorded for their new album 'Above the Noise', with US hop hip producer Dallas Austin.

Guitarist Tom Fletcher told BANG Showbiz: "A rap? Well, not with us performing it. If we featured a rapper, we could do that. I'd like us to do something with Tinie Tempah, that would be cool.

"Dallas did do a rap on one of our tracks. We did a thing on the album, that was really cool."

The band - who have used hip hop and pop producers on the album to create a different, more synthesiser led sound than their earlier, more rock material for their latest album - also said they enjoyed being in the studio in Atlanta, in the Southern US, because they were anonymous and there were no distractions.

Speaking at the BT Digital Music Awards, where the group performed last week, drummer Harry Judd added: "We went to Atlanta where Dallas is based, it's a great place to go and work, we've never released anything over there and never promoted anything, so nobody knows who we are over there. "It's purely for recording and hanging out with Dallas it was incredible. There's a good feeling out in America."

The band, which also includes Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones, said that didn't, however, stop them partying.

Tom added: "It's great being there with Dallas too, because everybody knows who Dallas is over there, he's a big celebrity - so he knows how to get things together.

"We went out quite a lot because we were all in a hotel, so we didn't have to go too far. And we were all up for it, we had nothing else to do but go out." "
Xoxo McFluCrew

MCFLY were forced to shut down their new official website

Artikeln handlar om Super City och är från Contact Music.

"British pop stars MCFLY were forced to shut down their new official website just hours after it launched on Friday (01Oct10) - because an influx of eager online fans crashed the server.

Loyal followers of the Obviously hitmakers rushed to register on the site, dubbed Super City, on Friday morning after the boy band promised to personally meet the first fans to join.

But the heavy web traffic resulted in thousands being unable to gain access and the group decided to close the website until the problem could be fixed.

And singer/guitarist Tom Fletcher admits it was tough to pull the site just hours after its launch.

In a series of posts on his Twitter.com page, he writes, "It's been a long and hectic day. We've gone from one end of the emotional scale to the other!

"But I know we've done the right thing and our decision is what will be best for you all. Hopefully it won't be too long before the gates open and we're all in the Super City together. I was hoping to be chilling in my Super City room with you all, chatting all night but that'll just have to wait a few days! Next time you fly into Super City you won't believe what awaits you! Thanks for today. Fletcher out." "

Xxx McFluCrew

söndag 3 oktober 2010

BT Digital Music Awards

Tidigare idag lade vi upp en artikel om att Toms gitarr gick sönder under ett live framträdande. Nu har även videon dykt upp på YouTube:

xxx McFluCrew

Dougies haircut!

Artikeln är från The Sun.

"DOUGIE POYNTER is taking drastic measures to change his appearance – to stop comparisons with girlfriend FRANKIE SANDFORD.
The MCFLY star recently joked that the couple were merging into one after his SATURDAYS partner splashed out on a matching floppy-fringed hairdo.

He told me: “We’re a bit like JEDWARD.”

So it came as no surprise he’s gearing up for the chop (not to be mistaken for castration) when I caught up with Dougie and his bandmates at last night’s BT Digital Music Awards 2010.

The bassist said: “I’m going to have something really wild and radical done. The fringe is going. I might just get it all shaved off.

“Whatever I go for, it will be very different to Frankie’s hair.”

Only until her next trip to the salon, I suspect."

Xoxo McFluCrew

Fletcher Fuming Over Awards Show Performance

Arkeln är från contact music.

"MCFLY star TOM FLETCHER was left fuming when his guitar cut out during a performance of the band's latest song at a British awards show on Thursday night (30Sep10).

The four-piece took to the stage at the Digital Music Awards in London to belt out their track Party Girl.

But the performance was thrown into chaos when Fletcher's guitar broke - and he's annoyed the problem wasn't resolved to finish the song.

In a post on his Twitter.com page, he writes, "Well that was a blowout. Guitar cut out halfway through Party Girl. If I look miserable when that goes on TV I apologise!" "
Xxx McFluCrew