lördag 5 mars 2011

Dougie TT

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Detta skrev Tom på twitter:

"Obviously you’re all reading rumors about Dougie. Please don’t worry. We don’t know what the tabloids will say tomorrow but he is in rehab.

He’s just been having a tough time lately and needed a few weeks rest so he’s fighting fit and ready to slap that bass for you on tour. X"

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Tom + Giovanna = Getting married?

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McFly Magazines

Här är några scanningar från Heat Magazine och Bliss:

Heat Magazine


Tack till McFly Fanss

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torsdag 3 mars 2011

The Flecking Awards

McFly är nominerade i flera kategorier i Fleckingrecords.co.uk, The Flecking Awards!
De är nominerade i:
Best Band
Best Single: Shine a Light
Best Album: Above The Noise
Best Video: Party girl
Most Stylish Male: Danny Jones
Best Hair Do: Dougie Poynter
Sexiest Male: Harry Judd
Sexiest Vampire: Harry Judd
Most Shocking Story: Dougie Poynter and Frankie Sandford break up

Så det är bara att börja rösta här :)

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Mcfly Postpone Tour Debut Due To Illness

Här är en artikel från contact music:

"British band Mcfly have been forced to reschedule the opening dates on their upcoming tour due to illness.

The Obviously hitmakers are due to hit the road in the U.K. later this month (Mar11), but rehearsals have been disrupted by bandmembers falling ill - and, as a result, they've had to rearrange three gigs.

A statement from the band reads, "We're really sorry if this means many of you will have to change your plans but we hope you can still make these new dates."

Irish gigs in Belfast and Dublin and one in Nottingham, England will now take place in early April (11). The tour will begin in Sheffield, England on 18 March (11)."

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McFly: 3am Video

Det här är en artikel som 3am har lagt upp på sin hemsida:

"Interviewing McFly is always a pleasant experience – they’re nice to look at, they’re unpretentious and they quite like talking about sex. Hence why we’ve interviewed them 48 times over the past year.

Although Dougie was missing due to man flu (McFlu! BAD JOKE), we ambled along to interview the boys earlier this week. Meeting them in north London, where they’re currently rehearsing for their UK tour which kicks off this month, we decided to play a game of ‘true or false’ with McFly. Not just because we’re journalists and always striving to find the truth (what a load of old bollocks), but because their new single is called That’s The Truth.

It was during this entirely original game that we discovered Danny has four nipples, Tom only likes to talk about cats and Harry crashed his car on Sunday.

Now bugger off and watch the video."

För att se videon klicka här!

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McFly: Youtube

Behind The Scenes at HeatWorld Photoshoot

Danny on Celebrity Juice

McFly - Thats the Truth on Lets Dance for Comic Relief

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McFly: New Dates

Vi har skrivit tidigare att de tre första datumen från McFly turné har blivit flyttade. Här är de nya datumen:

Odyssey, Belfast on 3rd April

O2 Arena, Dublin on 4th April

Arena, Nottingham on 6th April

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måndag 28 februari 2011

HeatWorld: McFly performance on Comic Relief

HeatWorld har lagt upp en artikel om Lets Dance for Comic Relief. Det här skrev dom om McFly:
"The show was broken up with performances from the likes of Cee Lo Green and Mcfly who sang their latest single That’s The Truth looking very mature, muscular, tattooed ...muscular…. sorry,where were we? Oh yes..charity..
We’re very excited to see what next week brings..but what did you think?"

För att läsa hela artikeln klicka här!

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