lördag 26 juni 2010

The Saturdays - Missing You

Idag kom the Saturdays nya video Missing You ut! Che, che, check it out!!

xxx McFluCrew

fredag 25 juni 2010

Mission:McFLY Road Trip - Brussels

McFLY åkte iväg till Bryssel för att jobba på skivan och tjejerna från Mission:McFLY åkte för att träffa dem utanför deras ICP studios...

It wasn't until 4 in the afternoon that the gates opened and instead of some
random guys leaving or entering, it were Dougie and Harry, followed by cameraman
David. They were incredibly nice and besides taking pictures with everyone and signing everyone's gear, they actually stood around chatting with us for a while. - Läs mer om vad som hände här

De har även gjort två youtube videos där de dokumenterade vad som hände, check 'em out!

tisdag 22 juni 2010

Harrys tumblr

Woho nu har även Harry skaffat Tumblr!!!

Xxxxx McFluCrew

I'm still hoping for a McFly episode.

Justin Timberlake is rumoured to be considering a part on the show Glee as Mr Schuester’s younger brother.

They look a little alike, so it’s a good choice. Glee star Lea Michele (Rachel) is a massive Justin Timberlake fan, and has apparently been doing her best to get him on board.

A source says, “They are just trying to work it all out at the moment. The idea is that he will be a substitute teacher and join the Glee club for one week.”

While things seem to working out for Lea Michele, co-star Kevin McHale is trying to get an episode based on McFly’s music. The actor, who plays Artie, explained that he is looking forward to seeing if any themed episodes will be made next season, and being a huge McFly fan, would love to get them involved.

He said, “There’s so many artists that have these massive collections. I mean, I’m still hoping for a McFly episode, but that will never happen. I love McFly.”

Tonight you can catch Mr Schue (Matthew Morrison) himself along with Glee stars Amber Riley (Mercedes) and Chris Colfer (Kurt) on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross tonight, on BBC1 at 10.35pm.

Xxxxx McFluCrew

"I'd love to do Busted again"

Former Busted bassist Matt Willis would love to reunite his old band.

It was during an appearance on FIVE’s The Wright Stuff that Matt opened up about Busted.

When asked by Matthew Wright if Busted would be getting back together, Matt replied: ‘I don’t know when it comes to that.’

‘I’d love to do Busted again.’

Matt had felt that a Busted reunion wouldn’t feel right, however his feelings have changed.

‘Last year I went “Do you know what? That could be kind of fun”‘.

‘Maybe. Hopefully. I’ve talked about it to a few people and maybe if we get our act together we could sort something out.’

James Bourne told us during a recent interview that former bandmate Charlie Simpson did not want to reunite Busted – however, he didn’t want Busted to reunite without him either, putting a stop to any gigs under the Busted name.

‘Matt actually asked Charlie if he would mind us using the name Busted without him.’ James told us.

‘He said no. We invited him back, knowing he wouldn’t be into it. He doesn’t want to come back, but he doesn’t want me and Matt to do it without him either.’

He also dismissed any previous reunion rumours as ‘bullshit’.
Xxxxx McFluCrew

måndag 21 juni 2010

Danny interview

"Gordon and Stuart bring you all the usual banter from the Bizarre show, with a host of fantastic guests today

Danny from McFly chats to Gordon; he gives his opinion on the Vuvuzelas, and tells us that the band have got some exciting stuff coming up. "

Läs hela artikeln här! Där kan man också lyssna på intervjun! :) Danny kommer vid 1:40.
Intervjun finns på youtube, så jag lägger upp klippet här!
Xoxo McFluCrew

söndag 20 juni 2010

The Saturdays Fans!

Om ni inte redan vet så kommer The Saturdays att släppa en till singel i början av Augusti men video kommer att släppas den 26 Juni klockan tio på deras hemsida TheSaturdays.co.uk .
Här är ett litet klipp från videon :)

Xx McFluCrew