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MeatLoaf: Met Danny....

MeatLoaf (dommare i P2O) har lagt upp ännu en video på sin Youtubechannel tsm med Danny:

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Vi fick några önskemål om att lägga upp utröstningen från igår på youtube, det har vi självklart gjort:

Glöm inte att kolla in vår Youtube kanal!

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Dailymail: P2O

Dailymail har skrivit ett inlägg om gårdagens popstar to operastar, nedan kan du läsa delarna som Danny är med i:

McFly singer Danny Jones gets boot after coming in bottom two with Marcella Detroit

It came on a night that saw McFly star Danny Jones sent home after coming in the bottom two with Shakespears Sister singer Marcella Detroit.
After the judging panel were split on who to save, the decision was taken back to the public vote and Danny had the least so was sent packing. McFly singer Danny Jones gets boot after coming in bottom two with Marcella DetroitBut it was Danny who was sent packing after the decision went back to the public vote when the judging panel were split on who to save
Danny performed a lively rendition of Funiculi Funicula

McFly star Danny Jones brought the house down with his confident performance of Funiculi Funicula.

The piece is a famous song written by Italian journalist Peppino Turco and set to music by Italian composer Luigi Denza in 1880.

After he had finished, he received a standing ovation from the audience as his fellow bandmates clapped him on.

Jenkins told him: 'It was a really good performance. Last week was not good and I kept you in because I could see the potential in you and I'm so pleased I did, because you are back.'


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MCFLY are ditching their guitar sound for a “Prince meets Jacko” style re-invention.

The boyband are working on their fifth opus and singer/ guitarist Danny Jones is planning to team his purple shoes with a diamanté-encrusted glove for a pop-funk direction.

He told me: “We’ve got the material and are building up the McFly massacre.

“The album’s an absolute killer. It’s got a Prince and Michael Jackson influence.”

Danny and bandmates, singer Tom Fletcher, drummer Harry Judd, both 24, and bassist Dougie Poynter, 22, are creating the album with BRIT-nominated Taio Cruz, 26, and US super producer Dallas Austin, 39.

Danny added: “Taio’s a really cool guy. We’ve written tracks with him and we’re now trying to get him to produce one. It was awesome working with Dallas as he’s a bit of a party boy – he thinks he’s our fifth member."

“He’s coming over to the UK to produce four or five of the songs.”

Meanwhile, Danny’s been rehearsing for ITV1’s Popstar To Operastar. The 23-year-old said: “It’s taken over my life. It’s out of my comfort zone and more nerve-racking than performing arena dates with the band.

“If I win I could maybe do a duets album with Susan Boyle – or get McFly to support me at the Royal Albert Hall.”

That I would like to see.

Källa, dailystar

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Digital spy: Danny Jones voted off 'Operastar'

Det är svårt att tro att det är sant... Danny utröstad från Popstar to operastar?? Igår var TT på Twitter fyllt med Danny relaterade ord.

Den här artikeln är från Digital spy:

Danny Jones voted off 'Operastar'

Danny Jones has become the fourth contestant to be voted off Popstar To Operastar.

The McFly singer found himself in the bottom two alongside Shakespeare's Sister frontwoman Marcella Detroit following the public vote.

The four judges were asked to decide which star was to remain in the competition. Meat Loaf chose Detroit, while Rolando Villazón opted for Jones "based on this performance". Third up was Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, who went for Jones after some deliberation. However, final judge Katherine Jenkins chose Detroit, which levelled the scores.

With the judges' decision tied, the final result was referred back to the public vote. Host Myleene Klass then revealed that Detroit had received more votes earlier in the night.

Jones seemed upbeat about his exit, saying: "I've learnt a lot and now I'm off on holiday!"

Popstar To Operastar continues next Friday at 9pm on ITV1
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fredag 5 februari 2010


Det omöjliga har hänt! Danny åkte ut från P2O!!!!
Hur är detta möjligt här kan ni se hans grymma framträdande !

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Här är lite bilder på Harry, Dougie, Frankie och Danny efter förra veckans P2O:

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The Sun

Tidigare idag skrev vi om en artikel som The Sun lagt upp på sin hesida, här.
Artikeln dök även upp i Tidningen:

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Opera for all boys!

Som vi redan har skrivit så finns McFly nu på facebook! För er som inte har så tänkte jag lägga upp ett inlägg som Tom skrev, soooo here you go:
"Morning facebookers. You all ready for tonight? Will be Danny's best opera performance so far! We'll all be there, front row. Oh, we're all on his intro video tonight...he tried to teach me, Dougie and Harry how to sing opera...not good!
It's Tom btw...for those of you wondering who was writing!"
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McFly Promotion i Sverige!

Tycker att vi borde ta tag i att försöka få McFly att spelas på radio och tv här i Sverige och har nu ett förslag på hur vi kan få MTV att spela våra favoriter...

MTV sänder ibland ett pogram som heter Mtv.se most viewed där de visar de videor som har flest tittare på MTV.se..

McFly har faktiskt en egen sida där som ni kan gå in på här.

Om vi alla McFly fans här i Sverige registrerar oss på Mtv.se, börjar kommentera på McFlys videor och ger dem tummen upp kanske vi kan visa för den svenska musik branchen att vi svenska McFans existerar!

Det var bara en tanke.. :)
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McFly dokumentär

Hemsidan los 40 har lagt upp en dokumentär ifrån när McFly var i Spanien 09. Det här är vad som står:

Exclusiva: McFly en su visita a España

Aquí tenéis en exclusiva las increíbles imágenes de McFly en nuestro país. En el video podréis ver la que se armó en el conciertazo que dieron en Canarias y que presento Tony. También la recibida tan cariñosa que dieron al grupo inglés a su llegada al Aeropuerto de Barajas de Madrid, con canción de cumpleaños incluida. ¡No os perdáis ningún detalle ya que tiene sorpresa al final! DALE DOS VECES AL PLAY PARA VER EL VÍDEO!!

Och för er som inte kan spanska så står det ungefär:

Exklusivt: McFly på besök i Spanien

Här har vi några exklusiva, otroliga bilder på McFly från när de var i vårt land. I videon som vi har har lagt upp kan du se kaoset som bröt på Kanarieöarna där Tony och jag var. Också vilket välkomnande den brittiska gruppen fick när de landade på flygplatsen Barajas i Madrid, inkluderat en födelsedags sång. Missa inte alla detaljer då videon har ett överaskande slut! TRYCK SPELA TVÅ GÅNGER FÖR ATT SE VIDEON!

För vissa går det inte att se dokumentären på hemsidan därför har vi lagt upp den på vår YouTubeChannel:

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Like McFly out of hell

Hemsidan The sun har publicerat en artikel:

POPSTAR To Operastar contestant Danny Jones says he wants to work with MEAT LOAF.

The McFly guitarist has become close to the show judge in a series of backstage chats.

Danny said: "Meat Loaf's a lovely guy. He always comes and talks to me.

"It'd be amazing to work with him - how cool would that be? Meat, can I be on your new album please?"

And he said he wants to hear the 62-year-old Bat Out Of Hell rocker sing an aria.

Danny said: "I'd like to see him do some kind of opera single. I believe he is opera-trained. It would be awesome."

The 23-year-old will get moral support from the rest of McFly on tonight's show - after he landed in the bottom two with Donny Osmond last week.

The band got together this week to help him hone his opera skills - and he's thinking of using his new-found talent on their next album.

He reckons bandmate Harry Judd could do opera - but isn't so sure about Dougie Poynter or Tom Fletcher.

He said of this week's workout: "Harry was the best, I truly believe he could be an opera singer.

"He properly got into it. Dougie struggled and Tom couldn't roll his Rs so he's got no chance."

Despite striking out on his own for the show, he insists he'd never want to be without the boys.

He added: "I could never be a solo artist, it's more like work when you're on your own."

And he reassured fans another album will be along soon, saying: "We've got materials and we're ready to build."

Danny battles it out with Kym Marsh, Bernie Nolan, Marcella Detroit and Darius Campbell at 9pm tonight on ITV1.

Fruna! ;)

På hemsidan FMH så kan man rösta på "100 sexiest women in the world 2010". Frankie och Una kan man rösta på från The Saturdays!
För att rösta måste man vara medlem på Twitter, Facebook eller FMH.

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Nu har HeatWorld lagt upp intervjun som de gjorde med Danny!

"Danny Jones is used to being on a stage surrounded by his three McFly bandmates and clutching a guitar, so it must be an odd transition for him to step out onto the stage on his lonesome every Friday night and sing opera. Still, being Danny, he's taken it all in his stride and is actually doing an amazing job. When we met him yesterday for a chat at the London Studios he looked exhausted, yes, but full of enthusiasm for the challenge ahead. "I'm dreaming opera," he admitted. "It's taken over my life!" We also found out a tiny bit of info about those secret projects, but Danny wasn't giving much away. "The album will be summer time," he said. "There's a couple of secret projects. Tom's got one, Dougie's got one. I need to get one! Harry's just learning his drums every day, that's his secret project." Danny's the only one of the Popstar To Operastar contestants to have screaming girls in the audience every week, and he can't thank his fans enough. As promised, we asked him as many of your questions as we could, even though most of them were about him getting naked! Read the full interview below and make sure you tune in to watch Danny in action tonight. You might even spot an excited heatworlder or two in the audience...

Popstar To Operastar, tonight, ITV1, 9pm

NickyLovesMcFly asks: What's the hardest thing about singing opera?

The language, definitely. It's getting the placement and the Italian that are my weaknesses.

skyfullofstars asks: What's it like backstage on PSTOS? Does everyone get along well or is there a bit of rivalry?

At first, we used to all get a bit of lunch and have dinner together, but as it's got more serious we stay in our dressing rooms and practice. It's getting more intense now. Everyone's really nice, it's fine.

McFrankie asks: What's your definition of swoon?

Jude Law is swoon. He walks past girls and they're like...phwoar. I didn't know what swoon meant at first.

PascaleDeBom asks: Do you think you're achieving your goal to make opera music cool?

YES! If you go and see a good opera it's like watching an amazing musical. Opera seems really intimidating. I really wanna go, I'm going to start going. Maybe they'll ask me to be in one...?

McFloor asks: If you could have a super-power for one day, what would it be?

This week...to be the best opera singer ever! [Laughs.] I'd like to be the strongest man in the world, but to go and break up fights. I'd go into riots and go...'NO'. I'd love to have the power to just stop a thousand men.

PascaleDeBom asks: Does having the other McFly boys in the audience every week distract you?

When I'm singing I don't really look because I'm in the moment, but around the show I always look at them and give them high-fives and stuff. It's quite funny.

skyfullofstars asks: What's the one thing that makes you smile?

The boys trying to sing opera! They are funny - and they're all rubbish. I didn't have enough time to teach them, really. I just put them through the paces and what I've been through, like, fish impressions and stuff [stops and opens and closes his mouth like a fish]. You have to do a lot of that in opera.

paulaamorimf asks: How is your throat doing with all the singing?

I am feeling a bit under the weather today. I'm getting aches, I've got a sore throat and my ears are blocked. I dunno what's wrong with me. I think I'm just getting a bit run down.

Loreeen asks: What are the 5 things you can't live without?

Something I can do without is my dog s****ing on my kitchen floor! He just doesn't get it. Wee outside, dude! Anyway, what are the five things I can't live without? Music! Family...erm...my toaster. Sex, because that's natural for a man. And...Vanilla lattes.
heatworld: Not McFly?!
Oh...s**t! Can I have six? Or McFly and sex on the same line.

RebeccaMasters asks: You're pretty busy at the moment, rehearsing for PSTOS and keeping up with McFly and arranging future plans. How do you manage to cope with it all?

It's quite tough, actually. I try to fit in McFly because we've just started to record. You're up at 9, you're here till 5, then you go home and have dinner and by that time it's like 6/7 and you just sort of wanna chill. I've not even been going to the gym or anything, which I wanna do. I did fit in football in the other night.

NikiNoo asks: How do you get your teeth so perfect?

Teeth?! They're not perfect. I've got a little invisible brace, can you see it? [Opens his mouth wide so we can peer in.]
heatworld: Um, no...

StarGirlALA asks: What's the thing you're most proud of?

The new McFly album. We've got the materials and now we're just building it. The McFly massacre!

ShaunaLee asks: Describe your PSTOS experience in one word.


carolineeilovemcfly asks: Will McFly get naked on the next tour? PLEASE!!

We'll only get naked if I get time to go to the gym before the tour. The boys have been working out without me while I've been doing the opera. I need to catch up - I've lost my six-pack!

LetitSnow asks: Would you turn a McFly song into an opera-McFly song?

It would be quite cool, that. With this new secret project, there's going to be opportunities for stuff like that. For stuff like that it's going to be great.

keetkeets asks: How much would you charge if I were to hire you to sing opera?

I dunno. Because I'm out of my comfort zone I'd have to double my price. Depends how many songs, too. Hiring the whole band would cost 90 grand...in cash!"

Xxx McFluCrew

Chatt med Darius

Igår kunde man chatta med Darius (från p2o) och två av frågorna rörde Danny:

[Comment From EllaElla: ]
Are you gonna wear a pink suit like Danny in the first show? :)

Pink?! There's an idea... don't think so but if you like purple then check out tomorrow night's show, I've got an awesome suit made by Tom Baker - pukka!

[Comment From Anneliese+SusannaAnneliese+Susanna: ]
Who do you get on best with out of the other contestants?

Danny and I are good mates and have been since McFly hit the scene, Kym's a darling, Bernie is an angel with wings of good humour, and Marcella is a gem...

Danny i första avsnittet av P2O, kommer Darius låna hans kostym i ett framtida avsnitt? ;)

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Danny kommer sjunga Funiculi Funicula

Katherine Jenkins (dommare och röstcoach) har igen avslöjat på sin Twitter vilken låt danny ska sjunga...

Danny singing Funiculi Finicula.

Danny ska alltså sjunga den här låten:

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torsdag 4 februari 2010

Danny i Mizz magazine

@VoteDanny har scanat in en artikel från Mizz magazine:

Imorgon är det Popstar to Operastar igen, missa inte det! men om ni av någon anledning skulle missa det... No worries vi kommer lägga upp det på våran YouTubechannel!

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Danny har idag varit på HeatWorld och svarat på fansens frågor, men frågorna och svaren kommer upp imorron så vi måste vänta ett tag till! ;) Här är iallafall en bild som HeatWorld la upp på Twitter:
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Danny i tidningen MORE

@SupportDanny har varit vänlig nog att scana in den här artikeln som är från tidningen MORE:

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onsdag 3 februari 2010


Danny: Haha Plastic bass.... Do it suite him?
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Danny time!

Det här har HeatWorld lagt upp:

"When we first heard that McFly's Danny Jones was going to be taking part in Popstar To Operastar, we didn't know what to expect. However, over the past few weeks Danny has proved he has some serious operatic talent, and, if the screams are anything to go by, a lot of devoted female fans, too. Tomorrow morning, just because we're nice (and because we can), we're going to grab Danny for half an hour to ask him YOUR questions. How does he prepare his voice for all those long notes? What's happened to that pink jacket? Is Meat Loaf really as crazy as he looks? Get your McFly-addled caps on and post some questions below. We'll bring you all the answers and a brand new photo of Danny tomorrow."
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McFly @ Facebook

Som vi tidigare har skrivit så finns McFly på facebook, så här står det:

"We are Mcfly, a kick ass band from the UK.

We've been a band for over 6 years and have released 4 studio albums, a greatest hits and are currently working on our next studio album (which will most definitely be our best so far) and a few secret projects to make the McFLY experience pretty special!

Anway, we've come a long way over the past 6 years but we wont bore you with it here...that's what wikipedia is for!"

Det finns även massa videos både som McFly har laddat upp och fans!
För er som har missat det, här är länken!

Xxx McFluCrew

Star Magazine: 60 seconds with Danny Jones

Den här intervjun är från det nyaste nr. av Star Magazine:

Klicka på bilden för större

Tack till @supportDanny för Scanen

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OK Magazine: Inside Frankie's birthday

LottieLoue86 har varit snäll nog att lägga upp scans från tidningen ok magazine på The saturdays music forum. Bilderna och artikeln är från Frankie's födelsedag:

EDIT: The saturdays.co.uk har lagt upp bättre kvalité på bilderna....


When you’re a member of a top British girl band, it’s a case of decisions, decisions when it comes to choosing a venue to mark your 21st Birthday. So when the Saturdays Frankie Sandford celebrated her big day, OK! Was on hand to ensure she had a night to remember.

The singer hosted a lavish bash at the Sanctum Hotel in London, where her band mates Mollie King, Vanessa White, Rochelle Wiseman and Una Healy helped her party the night away - before collapsing into her suite to finish off the celebrations. “The papers the next day made it sound like I was having some mass orgy but it really wasn’t! It was really laid back,” laughs Frankie.

After the birthday girl had finished pampering and make-up necessities, she joined her band mates downstairs as the DJ belted out their favourite tunes and guests sipped bubbles. Looking a knockout in a black ruched minidress, its no wonder her boyfriend, McFly’s Dougie Poynter, can’t stop showering his girl with compliments!

Here the songstress talks about her life, living with Dougie and her naked derriere!

Did you enjoy your big night, Frankie?

It was really good! Although I was the most sober ! By the time I got there everyone was in the drunk stage which I’d missed because I was getting ready.

Who was the most tipsy then?

Dougie and Rochelle - She told me she hit her head on a lampost on the way home!

Did you ever imagine you’d be spending your 21st as a member of a hit girl band?

I did think, Oh my God, this is weird - OK! Are at my party and there are like 50 paps outside! It felt like my wedding, I had to make my way around everyone and make sure they were having a good time.

Who gave you the best present?

The girls gave me a mulberry passport holder and perfume. My parents and sister bought me a trip to the Moulin Rouge in Paris, which they’d wrapped up in clues. There was a tin of beans for a can can, a Euro and a star and something with the Eiffel tower on. it’s a great present.

Did Dougie spoil you too?

He had lilies, roses and champagne in my room and he got me this big picture which has loads of squares with pictures with them and they’re like holograms - when you look at them you see different pictures from each angle. Its amazing. There are pictures of me when I was younger and with friends and family.

Does he pay you compliments?

He always tells me I look nice but he likes me with no make-up on, leggings and ugg boots. He’s good at giving a compliment though. If you make the effort you hope somebody notices!

Can we expect wedding bells soon?

God no! Are you kidding me? Things are going really well but I’m far too young and have a lot of living to do before I get married.

Is it tough making time for each other with your hectic schedules?

Not really - we live together and Dougie’s not really working lots at the moment. But McFly have been working on their album so this year will be busy for them again which will be strange. Their stuff is going to shock everyone - what I’ve heard is amazing.

Can you see yourself doing solo projects further down the line?

It still feels like we’re only just starting. Every band has a shelf life so you always hope there are opportunities afterwards.

Were they any surprises on the night?

There were pictures up of me when I was little which was cool, apart from my mum putting one up of me when I was really small and had no underwear on! Why do mums insist on doing stuff like that?! Its great, everyone has now seen my bum!

xxxx McFluCrew

"A McFly, please" "McFly?" "Erm...I meant McFlurry" xD

Haha Hittade en jätterolig grupp på facebook fast det kanske bara jag som tycker det. Här är den i alla fall :)

Xx McFluCrew

tisdag 2 februari 2010

McFly på Facebook

Är du medlem på facebook? ;)

Hey, so i've now worked out how to use our official facebook! http://www.facebook.com/mcfly come be our fan for facebook fun.

Behöver vi skriva mer?
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Danny's Diary: Popstar to Opera Star Week 3

På itvs hemsida har de lagt upp Danny's Diary. Tyvärr kan bara de som bor i Uk se det klippet men @supportDanny har lagt upp klippet på YouTube. Kvalitén är inte den bästa då den är filmad med med en kamera från datorn men det är bättre än inget... :P

xxx McFluCrew

Danny och Darius

Darius (som är med i P2O) har lagt upp detta klipp på sin YouTubechannel där han är tillsammans med ingen mindre än Danny Jones:

xoxo McFluCrew


Här är lite bilder från efterfesten på P2O!
Danny och Vicky!
Danny och Kathy!
Danny och Kathy!

Xxx McFluCrew

It´s not time to say goodbye!

The Boltons News har lagt upp en artikel Danny och P2O:

"POP star Danny Jones almost jinxed himself when he sang Time To Say Goodbye in a celebrity TV talent contest.

The 23-year-old from Bromley Cross — singer and guitarist with pop band McFly — finished in the bottom two on ITV1’s Popstar to Operastar show on Friday.

But he scraped through to week four after being spared by sympathetic judges, who instead said goodbye to fellow contestant Jimmy Osmond.

Danny chose the song made famous by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli, who took it to number 2 in the UK singles chart in 1997.

Despite failing to lead the pack on Friday, Danny remains favourite of the remaining five artists to win competition.

Betfred is offering odds of 3/1. Bernie Nolan, of the Nolan sisters, is second favourite.

Popstar to Operastar returns to ITV on Friday at 9pm. "

Xx McFluCrew

The Sats

Här kommer en liten artikel om The Saturdays :)

Frankie, 20
At 20, Frankie Sandford has already spent eight years in the music business. She grew up in Essex and went to her local primary school, and attended dance school after hours. She started stage school in Romford, but by the age of 12 she and Rochelle had joined S Club Juniors.

‘When that finished, when I was 15, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I went through an “emo” phase, worked in a bar, then House of Fraser. My friends were starting to go to university and I thought maybe I should go, too. Then I got a call about the Saturdays. I was lucky - not many people get one chance. Roch and I had two.’

Frankie on Frankie
‘We never argue. I know every band says that, but we don’t – we don’t have time and it’s not worth it.

‘I like a good time. But I go through stages where I just want to be at home in trackie bottoms. I love being glamorous but I also like putting on my ripped denim shorts, a pair of flat boots and going to a smelly club to see a band.’

The girls on Frankie
‘She’ll either be quiet, stay in with her dogs, or really go for it.’ (Una)

‘Frankie’s a massive flirt!’ (Rochelle)

Love life
‘Dougie Poynter, the bass player with McFly; we live together.’

Bags and shoes
‘I’ve recently bought a YSL bag and a purple suede Mulberry bag. With shoes I’m a heels girl. But I can’t wear too-high shoes – Dougie’s not that tall!’
Mollie, 22

Unlike Victoria Beckham, Mollie King could accurately be described as posh. She went to an all-girls school in Surbiton, Surrey, and, when she said she wanted to be a pop singer, was told to stop being ridiculous and study to become a lawyer or a banker like her two sisters. She skied for Great Britain until she was 17, has three A-levels and a place at Loughborough University waiting for her. But she has deferred it so she can pursue her singing career.

Before being headhunted for the Saturdays she was a member of Fallen Angelz, who got to boot camp stage on The X Factor two years ago.
Mollie on Mollie
‘I’m a good girl: I’m so fussy – I’ve only ever kissed three boys. I don’t drink. In our early photo shoots I’m smiling and the other girls are pouting. I asked them how I can get that face and they went, “Squint and stop smiling.”

‘We supported Girls Aloud on their 2008 tour. Cheryl and Kimberley came to wish us luck on the first night. Normally I can chat for England, but I was as silent as a mouse. I mean, I couldn’t exactly ask Cheryl, “How’s Ashley? How’s your mum?”, but they’re so nice. And so tiny! Tiny this way [pointing to her stomach].’

The girls on Mollie
‘I call her Disney – she’s just like a character from a Disney movie. But she will always choose the shortest dress.’ (Frankie)

Love life
‘He’s called Andy Brown and he’s a singer. We’ve been together for about a year.’

Bags and shoes
‘It’s got to be Ugg boots!’

Una, 28
Irish Una Healy is the oldest Saturday but the years between her and the others have been wholly dedicated to music. She was born in Thurles, Co Tipperary, went to her local school, then began a teacher-training course, but dropped out to focus on music.

‘I bought a PA system, started gigging with musicians, in restaurants and hotels. Always practising. When I was 25 I decided to leave Ireland, and the first audition I went for was for this band.’

Una on Una
‘Gigging on my own in Ireland was tough, so I’m very appreciative of the position I’m in – I’ve worked hard to get into this band.

‘I’ve been nicknamed Fierce by the fans. I’m not sure why. I think it’s because of how I look in pictures sometimes [she pulls a sultry face].

‘And yeah, I do like the dressing up. I’ve done modelling part time in the past, so our fashion and our image is very important to me.’

The girls on Una
‘She’s the expert at the look-behind-the-shoulder shot. I watch her for tips. She’ll be walking down the street and if there’s a pap there…off she goes.’ (Mollie)

‘Una’s great to have a night out with. The girl knows how to have a good time!’ (Frankie)

Love life
‘My boyfriend is Ben Foden, a rugby player for Northampton Saints. We’ve been going out for a year now.’

Bags and shoes
‘The bag I’ve been going out with lately is an Alexander Wang one with studs. My favourite shoe shop is Kurt Geiger - it’s not too expensive and the designs are edgy.’

Vanessa, 20
Vanessa White is the youngest Saturday girl. Born in Somerset to an English father and a Filipina mother, they moved to Stratford in East London when she was five, after the weekend journeys to dancing lessons had become too much of a commute. ‘We moved to London for me: when I was younger I just wouldn’t stop singing.’
After primary school in Stratford she won a place at the Sylvia Young Theatre School aged 12 and was hoping to go the famous Brit school in South London afterwards, but was rejected. So she set out to do every girl-band audition going. ‘I knew I wanted a record deal and that was it.’ The Saturdays was the first one she got.

Vanessa on Vanessa
‘I’m the odd one of the group. One minute I can be really loud, but the next I’m so chilled out it’s a joke. The car journeys are my “me time”. Off to bed! ‘I like clothes but I don’t know if I’d call myself a girlie girl. I’m just very different. At the moment my room is an absolute tip. I’m so messy. I remember once Roch gave me a sweet; I didn’t like it and put it on the bedside table…two weeks later it was still there! Uck!’

The girls on Vanessa
‘Her voice is absolutely amazing.’ (Rochelle)
‘She’s the “young” one and it’s nice to mother her a bit more. She’s not childish but you just want to put your arms around her – she can be a bit ditsy.’ (Frankie)

Love life
‘He is called Adam Chandler, and he’s a jazz singer. We met a year and a half ago when we were supporting Girls Aloud on tour. I live in Kent, but we’re going to move to London in a few months.’

Bags and shoes
‘I’ve just bought a bag from Prada. That’s my first expensive bag; I had been eyeing it up for a while. I’m not used to getting things like that, but I thought I’d treat myself.’
Rochelle, 20
Rochelle Wiseman was born in Essex and grew up with her mum and sister. ‘My dad was…somewhere. He and my mum split up when I was three. I don’t really talk to him.’ She went to school in Hornchurch, but weekends meant dance classes, where she first met bandmate Frankie. They auditioned together for S Club Juniors when they were both 12.

When that band broke up in 2005, she worked for two years as a television presenter and then in 2007 she got the Saturdays audition call.

Rochelle on Rochelle
‘It’s a shame that a lot of people think that to be famous you have to go on The X Factor. A lot of those bands are put together just to go on the show. But you need to gel and blend – and that’s not something you can do over a ten-week show.
‘Everyone always says I’m into my girlie stuff but to be fair we’re a girl band so if we weren’t into it before, we’ve all picked it up by now. But I love the dressing up – although getting up at 4am for make-up before going on SMTV isn’t much fun. I also like to talk – I could probably chew your ear off all night.’

The girls on Rochelle
‘If any of us take the big sis role it would be Rochelle.’ (Una)

‘Rochelle is obsessed with shoes and shopping. We were in Selfridges for five minutes the other day and she came out with a Burberry mac!’ (Vanessa)

Love life
‘I met my boyfriend Darren Randolph when I was 15 and we were on and off for a while. We’ve been together properly for about two years now. It is what it is – there are no wedding bells, no babies. He’s a footballer for Charlton. And no, I’m not a Wag.’

Bags and shoes
‘I’m a killer heels girl. I’ve got about 50 pairs of Christian Louboutins. My boyfriend hasn’t got that much room in the wardrobe - he gets dressed in the spare room!’
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Dougie is a very lucky guy!

Frankie har vunnit ett pris... Hon har enligt läsarna av tidningen Zoo världens snyggaste kropp.

The Saturdays' Frankie Sandford has got the Hottest Body in the World, according to a new poll. The former S Club Junior has come top in a new survey done by the readers of Zoo magazine, beating the likes of Abbey Clancy, Cheryl Cole and Megan Fox. The mag's editor Tom Etherington told us, "Frankie is quickly becoming our reader’s favourite member of The Saturdays. Partly because she’s the owner of a dangerously hot body, and partly because she’s so proud of it she has been showing it off at every opportunity. All hail Queen Frankie!” Wow, praise indeed. Frankie herself is pretty chuffed, too, saying today, "Wow, to win the Hottest Body In The World award is truly amazing. Thank you, I am truly flattered and would like to thank ZOO, and more importantly all the readers who voted. I really appreciate it!” Other famous faces in the Top Ten included Cheryl Cole (obvs), Emma Watson (erm, OK then) and Katy Perry. We've put the full Top 20 below for you to have a squizz at. Do you think the right lady won, or is there a celeb body missing from the list?

1. Frankie Sandford

2. Madison
3. Megan Fox

4. Sammy Brady

5. Katy Perry

6. Jessica-Jane Clement

7. Emma Watson

8. Helen Flanagan

9. Cheryl Cole

10. Alice Goodwin

11. Tulisa Contostavlos (N-Dubz)
. Abbey Clancy

13. Emily O’ Hara

14. Rihanna

15. Bar Rafaeli

16. Kelly Hall

17. India Reynolds

18. Kelly Andrews

19. Kate Middleton

20. Imogen Thomas


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måndag 1 februari 2010

Break up?

Det här skrev Dougie på Twiter idag:

dougiemcfly You know the beat thing about in a band? Monday mornings don't exist

Dougiemcfly Worst thing being in a band? Nothing so far; I enjoy 99.9% of it all....so far!......

dougiemcfly @dougiemcfly that 0.01% is for Harry moving so far away x
Enligt Dougie ska Harry flytta! Det är ju troligt eftersom de är i samma band och bästa vänner! Det verkar som om Harry och Izzy har gjort slut, eftersom Harry flyttar och Izzy också flyttar fast inte ihop med Harry! Vi vill självklart att detta inte ska hända!! De är så söta tillsammans!
Xx McFluCrew