lördag 10 juli 2010

Are McFly fans growing tired? Hell no!

At first all the secret projects were intriguing, but are fans growing tired of the secrecy surrounding McFly?

Based on what we’ve seen, the fans seem divided. Some may be just as excited as they have always been, but some are sick and tired of what they consider to be ‘teasing’.

‘I’m not saying I want to hear the new music right now,’ one fan explained, ‘but I’m losing interest in the “secret projects”.’

‘We only know the name of the single because someone else told us.’

Another fan said to us: ‘It wouldn’t be so bad if Tom didn’t keep teasing us!’ referring to the cryptic tweets Tom Fletcher often posts.

It was only tonight Tom tweeted: ‘…if you’re lucky there might be something else tomorrow…’after uploading a poster of, well, something exciting looking.

This comes after days worth of tweets about a video shoot – thought to be a new music video, however this hasn’t been confirmed, and Dougie Poynter’s pictures of his secret project – thought to be a clothing line, although this hasn’t been confirmed either.

Of course not all fans feel this way, with one telling us: ‘I will wait as long as it takes, and I find the Twitter posts exciting!’.

We don’t think the boys are intentionally trying to tease the fans, they’re probably just trying to get them excited to hear the new music that they have worked so hard on. There are people out there who don’t like surprises though…
Källa: Flecking Records

Jag vet inte om ni tycker det är jobbigt med alla hemligheter men jag tycker att det är roligt att man får gissa sig till vad de håller på med :) Man kan ju slå vad med sina vänner haha ;) Men det kanske bara är jag som tycker :)

Xxxx McFluCrew

fredag 9 juli 2010

New Single: Party Girl!

McFly’s new single will reportedly be called Party Girl.

According to @alexandlucy of IN:DEMAND radio, the boy’s new single will be called Party Girl, and released 6th September – as previously stated.

They describe the single as having an Enrique Iglesias – I Like It vibe, saying: ‘It has an electro feel to it but is still a good rocking McFly tune.’

McFly are believed to be finishing the shooting of their music video today, with Tom tweeting this morning: ‘Last day filming for the thingy.’

McFly’s new album is expected to be released the following week, 13th September.

Xxxx McFluCrew

torsdag 8 juli 2010

Wigan Review

Här är en recention av en tjej som heter Samantha som var på Wigan när McFly spelade där hon berättar om det var att köa och att se dem live.

Källa: Fleckingrecords

“I have to admit, sitting in a field for hours on end is not my idea of fun, but I’ve seen what these McFly fans are like first hand and and I wanted a good view of the boys then sitting in that field was my only option.

When I arrived at 2.30 pm (it wasn’t due to start until 8pm!) there was already a fairly long queue. At the very front were the dedicated (or crazy – your choice) French fans who had camped out overnight. Not only were there French fans, there were Americans, Brazilians and several other dedicated fans who had travelled from far and wide just to catch a glimpe of their favourite guys in a field in the North West of no-where (otherwise known as Wigan). I can’t help but think these people are slightly crackers as well as dedicated.

Before the gig started there was drama drama drama (as is expected with girls all fighting for a place in the young lad’s hearts) when one girl got a nice shiner from another who accused her of queue jumping!

Support band TwentyTwenty were very McFly-esque. Three quite hot guys who were actually quite good – the best support act of McFly’s that I have seen so far, and some of the superfans already knew them and their songs.

After three and a half hours of waiting in a field and a further three hours crammed in a crowd of overly-excited girls and boys, McFly finally made it to the stage. Danny Jones, Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher strutted on stage to a chorus of screams from their fans and burst straight into song, singing One For The Radio. Sounding the best I have heard them in ages, I couldn’t help but jump around with the people surrounding me – trying to avoid serious injury in the process.

They played the Radio:Active set list (for the last time) which I, as well as others I expect, was feeling pretty let down by as I’d seen it twice before, but they played it really well, throwing in a few extra songs like The Heart Never Lies which pleased the fans very much. Tom and Danny also played Too Close For Comfort together, which is one of my personal favourites, along with Dougie performing You Gotta Fight For Your Right which seemed to please everyone.

The boys teased us by asking if we wanted to hear their very long awaited new music. The crowd started chanting “we want more” as Dougie played a snippet of bass, giving next to nothing away. Danny distracted fans by playing some jazzy music, singing “chocolate” and doing a funny little dance which the crowd loved and could almost be called sexy.

As always, the foursome finished up with everyone’s favourite, Five Colours, which always leaves the fans happy and excited – myself included.

Overall, the four of them looked hot, sang the best I have ever heard them sing, added a few brilliantly chosen songs to the set list for a nice little surprise and kept their fans (even the ones that were doubting them for making them wait so long for new material) very happy. I think the band, and even the support band, should be proud of themselves for putting on such a brilliant show, a show that was well worth the long wait.

McFly’s fans are happy for now and hopefully the band will bring out the new stuff very soon, before the magic of ‘Gigan’ wears off and the fans start getting agitated again. Bring it on!”

Review by Samantha Bates.

Xxx McFluCrew

onsdag 7 juli 2010


Idag så kollade jag runt lite efter McFly och The Saturdays nyheter, då råkade jag komma in på en svensk sida som heter posh24 och vad ser jag då om inte Mollie King på "veckans bäst klädda" lista och Frankie Sandford på "stiltips"! Mollie har varit med tre gånger på Bäst klädda listan och vunnit 2 av dem! Eftersom jag är en lite Saturday geek så var jag tvungen att lägga upp det här :) Nedan ser ni röstnings resultatet och vad Posh24 tyckte om dem :)

" Sångfågeln från The Saturdays Frankie Sandford kör på en tunn, blå skjorta! Mycket snyggt! "

"Mollie King har alla rätt just nu och återigen har hon prickat alla rätt! Coola byxor med en enkel topp matchat med vackra smycken och en stor väska. Vilken fashionista hon är! "

"Vi älskar den här sommarfräscha outfiten som brittiska fashionistan Mollie King bar på Sunglass Hut-festen i London i helgen!"

"Mollie King fixar det här med att vara ledigt chic på ett perfekt sätt! Vi älskar hatten, väskan och jeansdetaljerna! "

Xxxxx McFluCrew

tisdag 6 juli 2010


Som nu säkert vet så spelade McFly på Wigan igår, nu har flera lagt upp videos från kvällen :)
Här är ett klipp där Danny sjunger deras "nya singel" Chocolate ;P

och här är ett när de sjunger Falling in love.

Hur gulligt är det inte när Tom håller upp händerna som ett hjärta <3
Om ni vill se mera så finns det mera klipp på youtube det är bara att söka på mcfly wigan :)

Xx McFluCrew

New Logo

At their Gigan (read: gig in Wigan… don’t ask, Tom’s joke) McFly gave the fans a sneaky peek of what’s to come later this year.

The four-piece band played their old Radio:ACTIVE set list (for the last time) which left many fans disappointed. They were all hoping to hear new songs, but instead McFly gave them something else new.

Ages ago, Dougie Poynter tweeted about changing the old logo, saying the current band logo looked too much like Aladin’s one.

Fans who were there have told us that it looks a lot like the logo the band held in their ‘Wonderland’ days.

Så vad tycker ni om deras nya logga???

Xx McFluCrew