fredag 17 september 2010

McFLY The sun Biz session

Här är en artikel från The Suns hemsida. För att kolla på videor där McFLy spelar en akustisk version av Party Girl, Room on the 3rd floor och när Danny gör en amazing cover av Bittersweet symphony klicka här.

McFly in The Sun Sessions

Just messing ... Tom, Danny and Dougie enjoy a bit of banter

McFLY-ing in a new direction

MCFLY have undergone a dramatic synth-pop makeover in a bid to "compete on an international level".

Love or hate their new direction, the lads - minus poorly drummer HARRY JUDD - went back to basics for their Biz Session.

Clutching acoustic guitars, the three healthy McFlyers blitzed their way through latest single Party Girl, oldie Room On The 3rd Floor and DANNY JONES' powerful cover of THE VERVE'S Bittersweet Symphony.

Chest look at that top ... Danny Jones
Chest look at that top ... Danny Jones

Dougie sparked hilarity with frequent requests fired at their keyboard player Isaac, such as: "Play something that represents the moment you realise you're in love with your dad."

Danny then took up vocal duties for an impromptu and improvised new 'song' Angry Pirate as his bandmates - and everyone else - rolled around giggling.

I spoke to the boys once they'd finished their set/tomfoolery, and they were equally playful sat down on a sofa.

"Do you share clothes?" I asked Dougie of his relationship with THE SATURDAYS singer FRANKIE SANDFORD.

Amusingly, the boys misheard my question as: "Do you sh*g loads?"

Say it fast and you'll understand how they got the wrong end of the stick.

Hat's how to do it ... Tom Fletcher
Hat's how to do it ... Tom Fletcher

Danny cheekily quipped: "What's it like Dougie, what's it like? We ask him that all the time."

Back to business and Tom explained why they took the risky decision to internationalise their sound and tone down the six-string strumming - with help from heavyweight US producer DALLAS AUSTIN.

He said: "We realised in the past that we had so much going on in the UK, we never had time to go out.

"Literally, our first trip to Europe was only last year and we've been around for seven years now.

"I think people now realise that we have an amazing fanbase around the world that has built up over the last seven years, through the internet and things.

"So, in our minds, we knew this album was one that we would definitely release all over the world - and go and tour it there."

That said, it seems they've already made quite an impact abroad - especially with randy Brazilian mums.

Danny said: "I got a box full of condoms. There was a letter and it said: 'My daughter's a big fan - and so am I.'

"She wrote her address and described what she wanted me to do to her. It was filthy.

Giving it some welly ... Dougie Poynter
Giving it some welly ... Dougie Poynter

"I didn't go because there wasn't a picture."

Meanwhile, the boys have clearly upped the ante in the boozing stakes.

Putting drummer Harry's case forward for my Caner Of The Year crown, Tom revealed: "Harry was carrying a round of drinks up the stairs of a club.

"He tripped over and he didn't want to drop the drinks - so he didn't put his hands down.

"He headbutted the stairs and he split his lip. It was literally hanging off. He spent the whole night with blood soaked into his shirt.

"We ended up sitting in hospital for six hours getting his lip stitched."

Next time Harry, let me get the drinks.

Watch all three Biz Session songs - including Danny's superb, unrehearsed version of Bittersweet Symphony - by clicking on the video links, above right.

McFly play the 02 Shepherds Bush Empire on October 19 and the 02 Apollo Manchester on October 23.

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torsdag 16 september 2010

Super City Trailer

onsdag 15 september 2010

Michael Ball Show inteview + Party Girl

Här är klippet från när McFLY var med på Michael Ball show tidigare idag..

xx McFluCrew

Super City info

Här är en artikel från DigitalSpy där vi får veta lite mer om Super City:

McFly 'give album away for free'
McFly have revealed that they will give their new album away for free.

The group, who recently announced the LP's title as Above The Noise, will send fans a copy of the LP when they subscribe to their new website 'Super City' next month.

"We've always wanted to be a bit more innovative and do things differently," Tom Fletcher told X.

The singer also revealed that members will have to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to use the site, which will give them access to demo recordings and priority passes to their live shows.

He continued: "We haven't ironed out the details yet, but it'll be about £6 a month or £40 - 50 a year. There's the music, plus new content every week - live shows, song demos, priority tickets to gigs... and will have a chance to hang out during soundchecks.

"It's about rewarding the fans. People worry about things leaking on the internet but we thought, why not just leak it ourselves?"

The band gave their last album, 2008's Radio:ACTIVE, away for free in the Daily Mail.

McFly launch their 'Super City' website in early October.

Nu är det inte långtid kvar tills vi alla kan bli medborgare i Super City, planerar du att betala för att få allt det extra? Svara på vår poll i sidebaren
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Freedom festival

Här är en till intervju från när McFLY var med på Freedom festival

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tisdag 14 september 2010


Nu känner jag att det behövs en liten update om vad som har hänt i McFLY världen. So here we go:

Party Girl är McFLY's mest sålda singel någonsin. Det hade sålts 40 021 skivor när veckans försäljning räknades ihop. Med det hamnade McFLY på sjätte plats i the UK single charts, let's get them to number 1! ;)

Det har äntligen dykt upp en bra version av Party Girl på Suck my Pop!

Här är klippen från när killarna överaskade Chris Moyle på Radio 1.



I intervjun avslöjade de namnet på den nya skivan som ska heta Above the Noice!
Här kan ni läsa två artiklar om det:

De som är i London nästa Tisdag kommer att ha chansen att få vara med i McFLYs musikvideo! Mer information om det ska komma upp på Twitter snart...

Här är en liten intevju med Harry och Danny där de pratar lite om allt möjligt och Danny visar upp sin nya tatuering!

Har alla sett och hört den nya designen på Om inte kolla in den det är wicked!

Den officiella kalendern går att beställa på men är för tillfället slut..

Här är en intervju med killarna där de pratar om Super City, Fans, Super krafter och annat skoj!
- Entertainmentwise

På tal om Entertainment så har Entertainment-focus haft "McFLY fokus" där de har postat videos, intervjuer och annat skoj på deras hemsida. Här hittar ni den första delen..

Killarna var även med i the 5:19 show (ni vet det programmet som de och idol-Agnes var med i samma avsnitt i..)

Här är en liten intervju från när McFLY spelade på Freedom festival.

Imorgon ska killarna vara med på The michael ball show förhoppningsvis dyker det upp på youtube snart.

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