lördag 31 juli 2010

Falling in Love

Vet inte hur många som läser Giovannas Tumblr, men för er som inte gör det måste vi bara dela med oss av det här.

Igår var Tom och Giovanna på klassåterträff och den här bilden lade Giovanna upp på sin Tumblr med texten.

Me and Tom sitting where we first met- on my first day at Sylvia Young Theatre school- 7/9/98. We sat alphabetically in year groups, so were next to each other. He was a very cheeky little boy back then!

Hon rebloggade även den här bilden på Dougie:

xx McFluCrew

Myspace: McFLY Radio Tour

Det här är från McFLY's Myspace blogg.

McFLY Radio Tour

McFly are on a radio tour next week. On Monday you will find them at teh following statsion and moving north each day of teh week. Check back for more details:

10am Eagle FM Guilford
12pm Juice, Brighton
2.45pm Wave 105FM Fareham
4pm Fire FM Bournemouth

Come down and shout your support for the boys.

xxx McFluCrew

Do Ya want McFLY on Glee?

De flesta vet förhoppningsvis vad serien Glee är? Nu har vi fans en möjlighet att önska artister som vi vill se mer av i den nya säsongen! För att önska en artist ska man lämna en kommentar på den här sidan och de flesta kommentarer handlar om McFLY!

Det skulle vara enormt kul om killarna fick ha med en låt/fick vara med i serien, då Tom är ett stort fan av serien och Kevin McHale (spelar Artie, killen i rullstol) är nästan lika stort McFLY fan som vi är!

Här är ett Tweet från Kevin McHale

Gå in och skriv en kommentar!

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torsdag 29 juli 2010

Toms favourite Pret!

Kolla vad jag såg! ;D

Xx McFluCrew

"Dougie Poynter Moving In With Frankie"

Artikeln är från Contact Music.

"McFly bassist Dougie Poynter has revealed he and girlfriend Frankie Sandford are buying a house together.

Dougie Poynter and Frankie Sandford are buying a house together.

The McFly bassist and The Saturdays beauty - who recently reconciled their year-long romance following a brief split - spend so much time together they hope to secure their romance further by purchasing a property as a couple.

Dougie said: "She pretty much lives with me now, in my flat. But we're looking at buying a house, so hopefully that'll go through, and then we'll be properly living together."

The 22-year-old musician - who is joined in the group by Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd - also revealed he managed to woo Frankie,21, after inviting her to join him in the McFly hot tub following a gig at London's Astoria venue.

He explained: "We were sharing a dressing room, and me and Danny had just had a hot tub installed at home, so we were like, 'Just come over and check out our hot tub.' "

Although that was the first time Dougie had been able to charm the singer, singer Tom revealed his bandmate had had a crush of Frankie for years.

Tom told Attitude magazine: "Dougie has fancied Frankie since when she was in her old band, S Club Juniors, when we'd first come out."

Dougie replied: "I was 15. I was a Junior myself, I was a McFly Junior!" "

Xxx McFluCrew

Dougie and Danny about Elton Johns candle room

Här är en artikel från contact music om Elton Johns ljusrum, Dougie och Danny är med i artikeln också:

"Sir Elton John has a room to store his candles in and has so many vases, they cover almost every available surface in his home.

Sir Elton John has a candle room.

The 'Candle in the Wind' singer - who lives in a lavish mansion in the US with his husband David Furnish - adores the mood lightings so much, he has an entire cupboard filled with them for him to use whenever he wants.

McFly singer Danny Jones, who recently visited the music legend's house with his bandmates, revealed: "My favourite part was his candle room - it was like a big cupboard thing - and he had candles in every room, and it smelled amazing. So clean!"

While he clearly loves candles, Elton also collects vases, and has so many there is hardly a clear surface in his entire home.

Danny explained: "His place is full of art, it's like a museum. Vases! He collects vases and there's not enough room on the table to put your drink down."

Danny's bandmate Dougie Poynter - who also appears in the band alongside Harry Judd and Tom Fletcher - had a great time looking around the lavish home, but was terrified he'd end up breaking something.

He told Attitude magazine: "He had a statue that was from 200 BC or something, you know, the really old Greek-style things? The people from 'The Lion King' bought one to say thank you for all the songs. I could quite easily just have knocked it over." "

Xoxo McFluCrew

måndag 26 juli 2010

Party Girl Video THIS SATURDAY!

Credit: McFLY world

Det har blivit bekräftat att musikvideon till Party Girl ska visas nu på Lördag (31 Juli) kl 11:00 på 4 music Channel!

xx McFluCrew

söndag 25 juli 2010

Nya Youtube-klipp

Hejjsan, tänkte bara säga att vi nu har lagt upp Party Girl igen på vår Youtube kanal, eftersom videon inte funkade för alla. Så vi får hoppas att det funkar den här gången!

Sen har vi också lagt upp The Saturdays album preview, så den kan ni också kolla på ;)

Xoxo McFluCrew