lördag 17 juli 2010

Happy Birthday Tom!

Idag fyller Tom 25 år!

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torsdag 15 juli 2010

The Bolton News: McFly gear up for world tour

McFly gear up for world tour

POP band McFly could be embarking on a world tour next year.

The band, whose single Party Girl received its first play on BBC Radio One last night, spoke about their plans at the launch of their new website.

Former Thornleigh Salesian College pupil Danny Jones, plus bandmates Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter said that they intend to play a series of small dates in the UK before a world tour in 2011.
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onsdag 14 juli 2010

entertainmentwise: We Spent The Evening With McFly!

We Spent The Evening With McFly!
And this is what we found out...

Last night we were lucky enough to hang out with those gorgeous McFly boys at a posh London hotel. Oh it was in the penthouse too, did we mention that?!

Tom, Harry, Danny and Dougie invited us to the hotel to share with us some exciting new news and material. After being greeted with a kiss and a hug from each (we kid thee not), it was down to the serious task of listening to the new tunes.

If you're fans of McFly you'll be excited to hear that the boys have gone in search of 'the new sound' and you won't be disappointed! Our favourite song was Party Girl which will be their first single and it's a proper banger and not like the McFly of old.

What else have they got going on? Well a brand new super site, a website like you've never seen before which allows you into each of their 'bedrooms' (we had a poke around all of them with Dougie's help) and also allows you to earn points which equate to amazing real life opportunities with the band.

Like what, we hear you ask? Well, everything from recording a song with the boys to watching them soundcheck. SCREAM!

If you're not excited enough already, we can confirm that the boys were also looking super FIT, with tans and a whole new rockin' wardrobe. Yum.

We'll keep you updated with all new McFly news and will let you know when we catch up with them again soon...

Those McFly boys are cheeky!


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McFLYs Party Girl

McFLY's nya singel Party Girl spelades idag på In Demand och det här var vad vi lyckades spela in. Hela låten är där men vi missade lite av "intervjun" i början..

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McFly Myspace!

Det här är från McFLY's Myspace:

First play of 'Party Girl' on Radio 1 Today!
Tune into Fearne Cotton's show on Radio 1 just after 12pm today for a sneak preview of McFly's new single 'Party Girl' plus listen in to Newsbeat at 5.45pm for more!

Undra vad more syftar på?? Kommer vi att få höra hela låten vid 5.45? eller är det något annat? Only the future will tell!
Om du inte kommer kunna lyssna live så ta det lugnt vi kommer att lägga upp allt på Youtube sen! :)
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the sun: McFly go Wacko

McFlying . . . pop boys enjoyed their time in Atlanta

ALL-night tequila benders, visits to strip clubs and boozy dinners at ELTON JOHN's gaff have had a profound effect on McFLY.

They've ditched their trademark pop rock for a funkier R&B sound. And HARRY JUDD, TOM FLETCHER, DOUGIE POYNTER and DANNY JONES yesterday treated me to three tracks from their as-yet-untitled new album. They now sound more like PRINCE or MICHAEL JACKSON than McFly.

First single Party Girl is a slice of futuristic R&B. And two tracks written with TAIO CRUZ, Shine A Light and ballad I'll Be Your Man, are decent too.

Axeman Danny told me: "Our influences have been people like BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and THE BEATLES, but this time we took inspiration from artists we'd never tapped into."

Recording sessions in Atlanta were masterminded by R&B super-producer DALLAS AUSTIN.

Tom said: "Dallas introduced us to Patron tequila. He almost killed us on a couple of occasions - it's lethal. He also really likes strip joints, so we'd hammer the tequila and then head off to these clubs.

"One night we ended up going round Elton John's house in Atlanta for dinner with Dallas.

"It was a great time."

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Listen to Party Girl TODAY

Nej, det är inte hela låten som kommer att spelas MEN det kommer att vara en liten bit av låten!!! och vi kommer att få höra den idag på BBC radio 1!

Den kommer att spelas kl 12 brittisk tid vilket är kl 1 svensk tid och det är här du ska lyssna på den!

Aaaah!! Vi är alla sååå spända, finns inte ord som beskriver hur jag känner just nu! :D

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Idag börjar andra dagen av McFLY's presskonferensthing men artiklar från de som var med i går har redan börjat dyka upp. Här är en från Daily Star:


NOT since Kylie went grunge has the music scene been shaken by such a dramatic change in direction.

But fans and haters of McFly prepare to be shocked.

Their cheesy pop has gone and heavy synths and sexy beats now dominate the four tracks played at an exclusive listening session in a swanky London hotel.

The lads teamed up with Madonna and Britney producer Dallas Austin for their first single Party Girl, released September 4.

The result is an immense dancefloor-filler laden with Lady GaGa Bad Romance-esque “Ooh-oohs”. Taio Cruz has also worked his knob-twiddling magic on two tracks for their untitled fifth studio album.

Second single Shine A Light shows their sensitive side, singing over club beats: “She left me with a broken heart. She took the light and left me in the dark.” While Nowhere Left To Run has scintillating synths layered over sharp beats.

A warm welcome back fellas.

När det står att vi ska förbereda oss för att bli shockade så måste jag medge att det gjorde mig lite orolig. Men Toms Tweet lugnade snabbt ner mig:

"When you do hear it, turn it up, close your eyes and open your minds! It might not be what you expect...but I think you're gonna love it! ;)"

Yes! Jag litar på Tom så det här kommer bli wicked!! :D

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tisdag 13 juli 2010


OMG OMG and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loggade nyss in på twitter och såg att Carrie och Debbie nyss skrivit:
@DebbieFletcher So the news is out. For those who haven't heard read tweets @danwootton

@LittleFletcher You want Mcfly new? Check out @danwootton !

och eftersom jag vill veta saker om McFly som kollade jag in danwootton och vad ser jag inte då om inte detta tweet:

@Danwootton For those asking, McFly will do small UK gigs before Christmas then they plan an arena and world tour for next year. Well so Dougie told me.


Men det finns mera intressanta tweets!

The band are also back with Universal Island Records after going it alone last time. It's a profit sharing deal this time round.

The new McFly song is out in the first week of September when they'll also launch their Super City website. Album follows in time for Xmas.
Amazing website, one of the best ive seen

Fans might be a bit surprised because it's a real change in direction but the lads are focussed (and very buff at the moment too).

And they're releasing a Taio Cruz-produced track called Shine a Light as second single. It's a real hit in waiting as well.

Their brand new single Party Girl - produced by Dallas Austin - is a real change in direction. Very GaGa-esque.

McFly are about to make a HUGE pop comeback. Just heard a sneak listen to their new album and it's wicked.

Så många grejer på bara EN dag oj oj jag har svårt att smälta allt!!

Xxxx McFluCrew

McFly Tour?!?

Såg precis det här på twitter!

@teentoday I've been in contact with McFly's management. I asked Richard for my band to support mcfly on their next tour. I know when it is.

@JUiCEofficial Want to tell us?

JUiCE är ett pop/rock/punk band i england som alltså troligtvis kommer att vara McFlys förband? Man kan lyssna på några av deras låtar på MySpace . Så vad tycker ni?

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Idag har McFly sitt "möte" eller vad man ska säga och teen today har varit där och tweetat om det! Här är några saker som de skrev om ni vill se allt så kan ni gå in på deras twitter @TeenToday .

"They're chatting about working with Dallas, lots of great stories about boozing"

"They're going to play new music.... they're talking about Prince and Michael Jackson being influences"

"They all have very nice eyebrows"

I asked what Party Girl was like, and if he could text some lyrics. He's just replied "fucking amazing". Not sure what Q he's answering

Here are some lyrics - "She don't care for nobody else, she's in her own world, she's such a little party girl."

"Playing a slower song now - we're going to hear three in total today"

"The final Dallas Austin song is a ballad and beautiful!"

I am pretty sure that McFly will be playing stuff from the new album at their gigs in August - who's going?

Wow, there are loads of you going! I am very impressed.

McFly fans are freaking awesome. I love how passionate you all are.
(Hur sött är inte det !!)

McFly will be doing shows before the album release (around October) and into early 2011 but no dates confirmed yet.

Two of the songs that Olly heard today will be singles, as it stands at the moment

"The last song was absolutely beautiful, Tom's vocals in particular on the last song are amazing"

Right McFly fans, that's it for the updates for now. We'll have some more this afternoon - see you then! x

Så det kommer mera nyheter senare idag och då lägger vi upp det här på bloggen!

Xxxxx McFluCrew

Kevin McHale = Kevin McFly?

Här är en video där några kändisar blir frågade om vem de skulle vilja se på deras BBQ. Kevin McHale svar är....McFly!

New Album!!

OBS! Läs inte om du inte vill veta vad nya skivan kommer heta eller se några nya bilder!

Så här skrev Tom:
"Secret project number 1

We know that you have been waiting patiently to find out what we have been creating. Well, the time has come. We have been building a McFLY SUPER CITY! A revolutionary community that will change the way we communicate with our fans forever.

In the future there are no secrets
...In the future there are no lies
In 2010 the future arrives"

Så här skrev The Sun:
"McFLY have hired one of Hollywood's top snappers to take their promotional comeback shots.
NELS ISRAELSON has created posters for blockbusters such as X-Men and Spider-Man.

Now he's turned his hand to music to help out the band.

Here are the lads looking moody in full-on superhero mode.

I'm checking out their new album later. I'll give my verdict tomorrow. "

Skivan ska alltså heta Super City!! Idag kommer killarna vara på en presskonferans eller något liknande, och på Torsdag (som vi har skrivit i ett tidigare inlägg) kommer vi få höra 30 sekunder av McFlys nya singel Party Girl! Vi kommer troligtvis lägga upp mer info senare!

Här är en till bild! Nya McFly-loggan tycker jag är as snygg (ville bara tillägga det).

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måndag 12 juli 2010


Dannys Poster! Xxxx McFluCrew

Another Poster

Nu har även Dougie lagt upp sin poster på twitter så vad kan det vara ??

Tom RT'ed detta och skrev maybe efter så det kanske finns lite sanning i det ?!?

RT @Darcey831 Maybe they're all superheroes and each poster shows each persons logo - yday = @tommcfly, today = @harrymcfly - maybe

Ikväll klockan 8 (engelsk tid) kommer radio stationen "In Demand" spela en liten sneak peak av McFlys nya singel Party Girl. Man kan lyssna ifrån Sverige !!!! Så gå in här vid 9 så kan ni höra den :D Annars är jag nästan säker på att den kommer upp på youtube och då lägger vi upp den här så fort som möjligt :)

UPDATE: Mcfly spelas inte nu på kvällen utan istället på torsdag samma tid!

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söndag 11 juli 2010

Teaser Posters

McFly are releasing, what appear to be, a series of teaser posters – but what could they mean?

We have seen two of the posters so far, one from Tom Fletcher (left) and one from Harry Judd.

At a glance, you could easily mistake them for movie posters, so perhaps they are for the new music video.

We started thinking yesterday when Tom tweeted the first poster – a shield / symbol looking shape on a cloudy background. Then we remembered a series of photos of the boys from a little while back, all looking pretty badass in strange clothing with funky shades and make-up. So when Harry posted his poster today with a different shield – it all feels a bit ‘Power Rangers’ to us.

Of course, this is all speculation. Superheroes don’t usually have much to do with party girls (the new single has been confirmed as Party Girl).

We’ll just have to wait and see what Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones post – and then for the single and album release in early September.

Xxxx McFluCrew