lördag 8 maj 2010

23e augusti!

Enligt Play.com så kommer McFlys nya skiva släppas 23e augusti i år, om detta nu stämmer. Men eftersom McFly inte har sagt något än så kan vi ju inte helt tro på play....
Xxx McFluCrew

torsdag 6 maj 2010

Star Wars Day

I Tisdags var det ju "Star Wars-dagen". Så här skrev Tom på Facebook om det:

"May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars day everyone! I may watch it to celebrate when i get home."

Nu finns det även en sida där man själv kan få vara star wars figurerna! Det är bara att ladda upp en bild på sig ! Om ni vill göra en film så är länken här!

Xx McFluCrew

onsdag 5 maj 2010

No McWedding!

"There have been some rather ludicrous rumours circulating today that are claiming Dougie “McFly” Poynter and his sexy Saturday piece of stuff Frankie Sandford have decided to get married. Whoever leaked the rumour claimed the couple were “hoping to have the wedding before Christmas”. heatworld can now reveal that this is totally false, with the message coming direct from the horse’s mouth that they are “definitely not engaged”. So, there you go. No McWedding this year we’re afraid. Isn’t it sweet these two are back together, though? Bless"
Källa: HeatWorld
Så det blir inget bröllop....
Xoxo McFluCrew

tisdag 4 maj 2010

Georgia på Twitter

Dannys flickvän Georgia har nu skaffat Twitter, follow @GeorgiaHorsley1!

xxxx McFluCrew

Ska Dougie och Frankie GIFTA SIG!?

Det här är taget ifrån sidan Daily Star:


THEY may have only just got back together, but wedding bells could be in the air for Frankie Sandford and Dougie Poynter.

According to friends, the Saturdays singer and McFly frontman – who had split for six weeks – are set to get engaged any day.

A friend told us: “They split up because their hectic schedules meant they were finding it hard to find time to see each other.

“But while they were apart they spent most of the time on the phone to each other. They realised they can’t live apart any longer.”

The pair had dated for more than a year when they split in March.

Frankie, 21, moved out of the flat she shared with Dougie, 22, and despite being linked to JLS star Aston Merrygold, 22, and Calum Best, 29, she insisted she was single.

And after a crunch meeting at London’s May Fair Hotel, she recently confirmed their reunion, saying: “Everyone keeps saying how pleased they are we’re back together.”

The friend added: “They plan to get engaged and hope to be married before Christmas.

“They are determined not to let work get in the way.”

Dougie is currently finishing McFly’s new album and The Saturdays are in the studio recording their third album in under two years.

Sen när blev Dougie McFLY's frontman? ;)
Men vad ska man tro om den här informationen, kommer Frankie snart visa upp en ring eller är dett bara ännu ett rykte för att höja läsarstatestisken?
xxxxxxxxxxx McFluCrew


It’s been ages since we heard any rumours that Busted were getting back together, so we were kind of expecting something to crop up soon. The latest is a bit more original though – a reality TV show to find a new Charlie Simpson!

That’s right, according to The Sun Matt Willis and James Bourne are that desperate to reform Busted that they’re willing to do it without Charlie and via a reality TV show.

Apparently Charlie doesn’t want to give up Fightstar, but Matt and James are “yearning for the old days”.

A source told the paper: “Matt and James are determined to get the band back together but have realised there is no way to change Charlie’s mind.

“So instead they are planning a reality TV show. It will be a documentary following them up and down the UK in their search for a third man.

“The series will then climax with a live arena event, which fans will be able to buy tickets for. If the show sparks enough interest they’ll take themselves out on a wider UK tour.”

Källa: Fleckingrecords.co.uk

måndag 3 maj 2010

Flecking reckords: Dougie Poynter på klubb i Camden

Den här artikeln är från igår från Flecking Reckords hemsida:

Dougie Poynter: Spotted!

It’s not often you bump into one of the members of McFly whilst out in Camden, but it happened to one of our Fleckers this weekend.
On Friday night, our spy was out partying at a rock club when Dougie appeared looking rather worse for wear!

He blended in well in the crowd, ordered one drink, and then went home! However he did look like he had been drinking the night away already. A few girls approached him and screamed telling him how much they loved his band. Dougie’s reply was simply a nod, whilst he was swaying from side to side.

Ah, even the rich and famous like to get drunk and sweat it out in a hot rock club. Keep it up Dougie!


xoxo McFluCrew

Dougie och Frankie bor tillsammans igen

Sandford And Poynter Back Together

British pop stars FRANKIE SANDFORD and DOUGIE POYNTER have revived their romance following a two-week split.

The Saturdays singer has been living with the MCFly bassist, but they parted ways and Poynter moved out of their north London home when the relationship came to an end in March (10).

But Sandford has revealed the break-up didn't last long and they were back together again with two weeks.

She says, "We're living together again. It's so nice. It feels like a real home there and it just didn't feel the same when he wasn't there. We split up for two weeks, but I missed him too much. It's definitely made us realise that what we have together is good."


Så nu är det officiellt, de är tillsammas igen!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx McFluCrew