lördag 20 februari 2010

Wigan-Life-Tuned-In, Haigh Hall

26:e februari är ett datum som ni ska lägga på minnet, det är nämligen då biljetterna till McFlys konsert på Haigh Hall kommer släppas!

McFlys myspace har uppdaterats och där står det:

Konsterten kommer alltså att vara den 5 Juli och vad vi har hört så kommer den vara utomhus.

Här är två hemsidor om stället:

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Mollies nya lugg

Som ni kanske märkte på bilderna från fashion for relief, så har Mollie klippt lugg! Om ni är lite mera intresserad av hur det gick till så finns det ett klipp från det. Gå bara in på The Saturdays hemsida. Sen går ni in på fliken The Girls' Diary 2010 och sen klickar ni på den översta klippet.Xx McFluCrew


Här är lite bilder från Twitter:

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fredag 19 februari 2010

Opera + new song

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Fashion For Relief pics

Igår var ju The Saturdays med på Fashion for Relief. I ett tidigare inlägg är det ett klipp där de är med i typ 2 sekunder så här kommer lite bilder från kvällen :)

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Vi har lagt upp the TwitterBubble på vår youtubechannel så att ni kan se den om och om och om och om igen! ;)

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Framgång Mike Bladen

okej, jag vet att det här är lite Random och inte har så mycket med McFly att göra men jag kände att ni borde veta om det iallafall...
Mike Bladen, Carries kompis, är musiker och han har nyligen fått reda på att han ska spela i ett svenskt radiopogram!

Det här skrev han på Twitter:

"OMG! Just had an E-mail from a swedish radio station who want to play MY SONG LIVE ON AIR!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

AND you guys can all listen online too! dya want the link? :D

The radioshow is called Framgång (which means success) in Piteå in Sweden. The website is www.pitefm.se (just click on 'Lyssna Live')

Tuesday at 5pm to 6pm!!!! "

Bra jobbat Mike!
xxx McFluCrew


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Fashion for Relief!

Igår var The Saturdays på Fashion For Relief, här får ni se lite av dom, de kommer vid typ 0.32.

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Minns ni det här tweetet som vi la upp på bloggen tidigare idag? Glömde visst att ge er länken till bubblan ;) Så här är den!

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P2O: Dannys back!

Katherine Jenkins skrev på sin twitter nyligen som ett svar på superrecords (Unofficial) att alla deltagare som åkt ur Popstar to operastar ska komma tillbaka :) Så här skrev dem:

@kjofficial @poptoopera are the other contestants popping back to visit tonight?

@SuperRecords Yes, the other popstars will be there too x

Xx McFluCrew


Här är lite tweets:

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torsdag 18 februari 2010

Studio with McFly!

Blev ni lika glada som jag när ni såg det här!!?!?!?! De har alltså spelat in några låtar IDAG! :D

Xx McFlucrew

onsdag 17 februari 2010

First news

Här är en gammal intervju om Popstar to operastar som vi inte har publicerat än, den är från First News:

First News interviews Danny Jones from McFly

Danny Jones from McFly is now on ITV reality show, Popstar to Operastar. Read our interview to find out more...

Everyone knows Danny Jones as one quarter of hugely successful band McFly, but now you can see him as never before as he competes against seven other celebrities in the new ITV reality show, Popstar to Operastar. We caught up with him before his first performance to find out how tough it’s been to shake off his pop star habits and master the art of opera. He also let us in on McFly’s very big plans for 2010.

Why did you decide to take part in the show?

I’m not a huge fan of all these shows, except X Factor. I think that’s great. I’ll watch them, but I could never really imagine doing them. I used to just mess about singing in what I thought was opera and the boys would laugh their heads off, so I did it more and more. Then my manager told me about the show and I thought he was joking. But the boys (the rest of McFly) said: “You’ve got to do it, it will be classic!”

How did you find learning something completely from scratch?

I’m really getting in to it actually, but I suppose anyone would if you put that much effort into it. I’ve been learning since November. It’s really different though. I’m so out of my comfort zone. I mean, take away your best mates, take away your instruments, you’re on live television, which I don’t think I’m very good at anyway, and I’m singing with an orchestra. And, not only is it in a different language, it’s a completely different genre and I have to learn each song in a week! It’s intense.

What are you like in training. Are you a good student?

My mentors (opera stars and the show’s judges, Katherine Jenkins and Rolando Villazon) have said I pick things up really quickly. But when I sing with my guitar, it all comes from my throat, but opera singing is meant to come from your stomach so I had to master that.

What are Katherine and Rolando like?

They’re really cool – they’ve said I’ve got vocal chords of steel!

What does that mean?

It means that I can go out and do things and I won’t need to have the same vocal rest as other people. I think it’s because I’ve never been trained so my voice isn’t very sensitive. I’ve never lost my voice during a tour or anything. Touch wood it never happens!

What about performing? You are used to really high energy performances so how will you change that to fit the opera style?

I don’t know! What am I supposed to do with my hands?!

What do you think of the other competitors?

Vanessa (from girl band The Saturdays) is good. I think Darius is taking it quite seriously! I’m just doing it for the challenge and to have a bit of a laugh, really. If it doesn’t go well for me it’s not too bad because I’m going to be really busy soon.

Do you mean busy with McFly? What are the band up to now?

We’ve just come back from America. In fact, I missed a bit of the opera training because we’ve been writing songs there. Now, we’ve got loads of songs ready. We’ve just got to start recording it now.

What will the new album be like?

We’re working with people like Tricky Stewart who has worked with Beyoncé and Katy Perry so it’ll be quite different for us. But that’s what is so good about it! We wanted to get different influences and perspectives and get a new groove going, but it’ll still be McFly. For us, because we’ve been writing all these new songs since our last album, it doesn’t feel that different but, because you’ve not heard anything since our last album, Radioactive, it’ll sound like there’s been a big change. I’m excited about it because I think it’ll appeal to our fans and to a lot more people. We could just be safe McFly and carry on doing what we were doing, but we want to take risks, be successful and have everyone enjoy our music. We want to take that step and we want to be as big as Beyoncé!

And when can we expect McFly back?

We’re recording soon but the boys are getting on with other things while I do the show. Dougie will be thinking of ideas for the tour and Tom will be writing more songs, waiting for me to come back to finish them off together. I’m not sure exactly when we’ll be back but it’ll be a good year for McFly I think.

Vote for Danny Jones from McFly on Popstar to Operastar every Friday night on ITV1 and watch the video of Danny below.


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tisdag 16 februari 2010

Our Operastar FOREVER!

För er som har Twitter och har missat denna Twibbon, check it out! Vill ni ha den på er Avatar klicka här!

Xx McFluCrew

5 min questions with Tom Fletcher

Tom anordnade en liten frågestund på Twitter och de här är frågorna han svarade på:

thomas, it's time to change ur background. what do u think?
I've been thinking about it but I'm waiting for something special! ;)

do you believe in ghosts tom? xx
Yeah, but i'm home alone at the moment so don't scare me!

Do you still love Wicked?
Yep, can't wait to see it again!

SoWhen will McFly come back to France ?! :D Yes I know this is a stupid question but France loves you so much ! XxX
Soon I hope. I love Paris so much. It was my fave holiday Ive ever had I think.

why did you choose to play a guitar? xxx
coz my dad did and I wanted to be cool like him :)

favorite ice cream?
...butterscotch probably...Oh, no, mint choc chip!!!

Best interview?
the one on Justin Lee Collins when I wasn't there. Laughed so hard at the guys from my sofa!

what superpower would you like to have? :D
Peter Petrelli's

what's the band you've most been listening to lately?
McFLY...new songs!

why cats not dogs?

will u be watching the Brits tonight? X
Yep! Danny is going with our manager so I'm gonna snuggle with the cats and try to spot him in the audience!

what is your favorite day of the week?
I like Friday. Don't know why.

Tom, what you think before sleep? i did not sleep this night, i'm hoping you wake up, you think i deserve a reply? x +16
I try to forget how to move my body. Sometimes i can do it and it's really freaky.

do you like argentinian girls? we think that you're delicious ;)
Please don't eat me!

do you like tokio hotel? xx
Only heard a few songs. We should tour with them.

if you could do one thing before you die, what would it be?
Go to space

what's your fav mickey out of your mickey army?
the space one is pretty cool and I like the clear ones too. Can't wait to get back to Orlando and get MORE!!!

Can you sing?
I try!

Ok, my eyes are blurry from reading all you're questions! Must rest them for a bit!!! x

xoxo McFluCrew

Next: London!

En liten uppdatering från Dallas Twitter:

Xx McFluCrew

Dallas to London...NOW!

En liten uppdatering från McFlys facebook sida :)

McFly: Hey, how's all our facebook fans today? Can't wait for Dallas to get to London and get these new songs finished!

Xx McFluCrew

Here comes the storm!

Det har inte varit så mycket uppdateringar på senaste tiden som ni kanske har märkt, men det är för att det inte händer så mycket saker just nu i McFly-världen, som vi vet om.

Ingen kan väl ha missat att Dallas Austin jobbar med McFlys nya skiva? Fansen har fått ledtrådar på Twitter både från Tom och Dallas.
Vi har sedan ett tag tillbaka vetat att en låt förmodligen ska heta "Mona Lisa". De andra låtarna som man fått reda på är: "Hotel on a Hill", "Foolish" och "Here comes the Storm".

Det var väl det...

Xx McFluCrew

söndag 14 februari 2010


Ni som har twitter vet kanske att Giovanna (Toms flickvän) just nu är med i en teaterföreställning som heter Backbeat i Glasgow...

Tom favoritmarkerade iaf detta klipp på Youtube där man får en liten glimt av en dansande Gio vid ca 0:25...

Vill ni se flera klipp från Backbeat, gå till citizenstheatres youtubechannel.

xoxo McFluCrew


"When we caught up with McFly bassist Dougie Poynter strolling through Soho in London the other night we couldn’t help but notice he was keen to hide something behind his back, but what was it? Was it…
A – A bunch of roses

B – A cheeky fag

C – A grot mag

Oh decisions, decisions, decisions….

The answer was unfortunately not ‘C’ it was of course ‘B’, he was trying to avoid being papped smoking as he left Punk nightclub with a male pal. How boring. "

Xxx McFluCrew


Här är en liten artikel om Frankie och Dougie första dejt:

"FRANKIE SANDFORD'S LOVING ROMANCES The Saturdays star Frankie Sandford - who is dating McFly bassist Dougie Poynter - says she has had sex with fewer than five people.

Frankie Sandford has never had a one-night stand..

The Saturdays singer - who has been dating McFly bassist Dougie Poynter for the past year - hasn't had many sexual partners because she will only sleep with men she has fallen in love with.
When asked how many people she has slept with, she said: "It's less than five! I've only been with people I've been in a relationship with."

The 21-year-old beauty also claimed that boyfriend Dougie was better looking than her, despite recently topping Zoo magazine's 100 Hottest Bodies poll.

She said: "I only look OK when I have make-up on, whereas he looks like that all the time!"

Frankie recently spoke about her first date with Dougie, admitting it was "awkward" because they had liked each other for so long.

She said: "I met him briefly at a show at G-A-Y, but we'd fancied each other from afar for about five years. When we met, he shook my hand and was really awkward.

"On our first date, the first thing he said was, 'I'm really hungover and sometimes when I'm hungover I go into London and pass out, so I'm just warning you!'

"But we had a really good time - and we ended up being asked to leave the restaurant because they wanted to close. Everyone had packed up around us!"."

Xo McFluCrew