lördag 7 augusti 2010

"That's what's great about McFly"

McFly guitarist Danny Jones has spoken about McFly’s ability to take on other people’s ideas, despite being a band for 7 years.

Danny, Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd were chatting on In:Demand radio about working with Taio Cruz.

“This is what has been exciting, working with these people, it’s a total change for us.” Danny said.

“We’re normally sat in the room, doing it ourselves – we just wanted to challenge ourselves.”

“That’s what’s great about McFly, we’re a band but we can still open up and let other people’s ideas come and influence us.”
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McFly’s mini movie is very Twilight-esque.

The trailer for the 30 minute long movie, Nowhere Left To Run, went online tonight and the dominant vampire/werewolf theme is apparent from that alone.

Whoever uploaded the video to McFly’s official YouTube channel certainly picked up on the Twilight vibe, including the tags: “Twilight Robert Pattinson Edward Culllen Kristen Stewart Bella Swan soundtrack eclipse breaking dawn”

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McFLYs radio tour!

Vi har lagt upp 3 nya klipp på vår youtube! Första videon är när McFLY blir intervjuade av New Radio. De 2 andra klippen är från In:Demand (part 1, part 2).

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fredag 6 augusti 2010

Trending Topic!

Det har gått 20 minuter och #mcflytrailer är redan trending!

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No where left to run!

Här är några bilder från Party Girl videon och en artikel från 3am

"We’ve only just recovered from the last set of pictures from McFly’s little feature film, but now they’ve gone and released extra ones. What a treat.

But these ones make us fidget in the chair even more! Since when did Harry become so unbearably attractive? We met him a few weeks ago and we would have had a much better go at throwing ourselves at him had we known he was hiding this underneath his t-shirt.

The well fit pics have been taken from McFly’s new feature film, which features sex and vampires and sex and blood and sex. It’s to celebrate their new website Super City, with a 90 second trailer from the movie premiering tonight at 8pm on www.Mcfly.com. It has sex in it, so we might watch."
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Nowhere left to run

Check this out! Spread the word McFLY fans. The trailer for our film “Nowhere Left To Run” is being shown exclusively at www.mcfly.com at 8pm GMT.

Not only that but we haven’t seen it ourselves yet and we thought since you guys have had to wait so long that it’s only fair that we all get to watch it together for the first time!

So, tomorrow night, McFLY party! Time: 8pm. Place: mcfly.com

Så skrev Tom igår på sin Tumblr. Alltså kommer vi att fåse trailer till "Nowhere left to run" ikväll! Den kommer spelas klockan 9 svensk tidMcFly.com !!!!
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torsdag 5 augusti 2010

Mission Party Girl Sweden!

Idag fick vi en kommentar från Hanna som skrev om mission Party Girl. Vi har faktiskt planerat det här ett tag men hade först tänkt att göra en poll för att se hur många som är intresserade av detta, men med tanke på att videon ska vara inne i slutet av Augusti och McFluCrew åker iväg den 26:e så har vi inte tid med det. Så för att komma till saken, vi hade tänkt att vi ska samla ihop en masssa Svenska McFans och dansa till Party Girl framför några kända svenska landmärken i Stockholm.

The Mission: Vi kommer att behöva er hjälp till att samla ihop så mycket folk som möjligt. Bjud med alla du känner, ditt fotbollslag, alla vänner på facebook, familjen, dina kompisars kompisar till en dansfest i Stockholm!

Vi hade tänkt att dansa framför Globen, Slottet, på plattan, utanför NK, tunnelbanan och i kungsträdgården.

Det skulle vara jätte bra om ni tar med er en Sverige flagga eller något annat Sverige relaterat att vifta med.

Vi kommer samlas kl 1 vid Globen lördag den 14 Augusti.

Maila oss på McFluCrew@hotmail.com för att anmäla att du vill vara med i videon. Döp mailet till anmalälan till Party Girl.

Är det någon som är jätte sugen på att filma och har en bra filmkamra får du gärna kontakta oss annars fixar vi en filmare. är det någon som har högtalare som hörs bra utomhus så att vi kan spela party girl när vi hoppar runt får ni gärna kontakta oss på samma mail.

Anmäl erat intresse snarast möjligt
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McFly Radio Tour!

McFLY har börjat sin radio-tour så här har ni lite från den:

Här är en intervju med McFLY från Beacon:

Igår var killarna i Wales där de gästade The Evening Show med Alan Thompson. Det ska gå att lyssna på intervjun men det funkar inte i vissa länder, Sverige ingår i de länderna. Men här är den ifall ni skulle vara ute och resa! ;) Det går bara att lyssna på den till den 4e september.

Här är en intervju från BRMB:

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onsdag 4 augusti 2010


Idag så tog McFluCrew en liten trip in till Presstop och frågade när nästa nummer av Attitude ska komma ut (den med McFly). De sa att den kommer ut om 6 dagar alltså den 10 augusti och den kommer kosta 93 kronor.

Idag så var The Saturdays med på GMTV där de gjorde en intervju och sjöng deras nya singel missing you.

Här är även ett klipp från IN:Demand!

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tisdag 3 augusti 2010

Heat World: Win Harry McFly’s fangs!

I denna veckas nummer av Heat är det mycket McFLY relaterat. Heat fick nämligen vara med på inspelningen av Party Girl och det finns bildbevis i tidningen. Tydligen så ska det vara lite naket i den nya videon och Harry ska få agera i en sexscen!? Vi har tidigare avslöjat att videon kommer vara 30 minuter lång och bilderna i Heat visar på att det kommer vara vampyr inspirerat, vilket leder oss till poängen med detta inlägg. Heat World lottar ut de huggtänder som Harry använde på inspelningen, ja vi vill alla vinna små fina plast tänder men tyvärr kan bara de som bor i England delta.. Vi får nöja oss med att titta på bilder och vänta på de videor som heatworld kommer lägga upp på sin hemsida!

Win Harry McFly’s fangs!

Want to win the actual vampire teeth actually used by the actual Harry Judd on the set of McFly’s new short film (and as seen in the amazing on-set feature in this week’s heat magazine)? Of course you do, you’re not insane. For your chance to win, answer the question below. And don't forget to stay tuned to heatworld.com for clips from the film, coming soon.

Imorgon tänkte vi titta förbi på presstop och kolla ifall de har fått in nummret av Attidute, ni vet nog vilket nummer vi menar? ;)
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måndag 2 augusti 2010

"Here's to 7 more years!"

Den 31 Juli fyllde McFLY år! Det här skrev Flecking Records!

"Happy Birthday to McFly, who are 7 years old today.

With Tom Fletcher tweeting: ‘It’s our 7 year anniversary together’ today, we thought we’d celebrate the birthday of everyone’s favourite pop rockers by looking back at our top 5 most popular McFly related stories.

1. McFly have ‘problems’ on the massage table

We caught up with the McFly boys in Brussels, where they were recording at the ICP studios, when Danny Jones gave us a little too much information about what happens when boys get massages.

‘Tom got a boner on the massage table.’ he told us, before going on to explain: ‘Girls don’t understand, since they never get this, but it’s really hard not to get a boner while being massaged! Especially by a lady, and she’s touching you, and you’re like, nooo!” Danny grabbed his own manhood at this point before continuing, “Not yet! Stay down!”’

2. Have celebrity couple Dougie Poynter and Frankie Sandford split up?

Back in February producer Dallas Austin got us all talking by announcing that Dougie Poynter and his The Saturdays girlfriend Frankie Sandford had split up by letting slip during a Ustream video, asking: ‘Shall I tell them that Dougie is single now?’.
It didn’t take us long to launch into Miss Marple mode and put the pieces of the puzzle together. It was also apparent that Frankie had unfollowed various members of Team McFly on Twitter (the ultimate nail in the end of friendship coffin) and she also tweeted to say she was living back at home. Dallas later announced that Dougie was ’single & horny’, but luckily the couple got back together not long after and seem much stronger for the break.

3. OMG! Check out McFly naked and wrestling!

We just couldn’t believe our eyes! McFly went off the radar as skinny pop punks and came back as big, buff, tanned men. They had hinted about another naked photo shoot for Attitude magazine, but no one could have prepared us for the cover showing them naked and arm wrestling. Tom posted the cover to Tumblr, calling it: ‘By far the most revealing thing we’ve done!’

4. Danny Jones and Georgia Horsley

Back in November 2009, after spotting Danny Jones out and about with a mystery blonde – and a bit more Miss Marple style research – we came to the conclusion that Danny was dating another Miss England - Georgia Horsley. Danny had previously been dating another Miss England, Laura Coleman. It was weeks later that the tabloids caught on and reported that Danny had traded one Miss England in for another. ‘Laura really cared about Danny and it’s particularly hurtful that he’s run off with Georgia,’ a friend told The Mirror. The couple are still together.

5. McFly’s Dougie Poynter clearly isn’t a Jedward fan

Most either love or hate X Factor twins John and Edward Grimes – well Dougie Poynter clearly isn’t a fan.
Upon finding out that Jedward would be releasing a cover of Blink-182’s All The Small Things, Dougie tweeted: ’Jedward are releasing Blinks “All The Small Things”. Please help me raise enough money to pay them not too(sic)’. Campaigns were launched to get Blink’s original version to the top of the charts instead of Jedward’s cover - unfortunately neither made it into the top 40, but Blink’s original attempt did make it to number 2 in the UK charts.

Congratulations McFly – here’s to 7 more years."

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I miss missing you!

Här är en artikel om Frankie och Dougie från Contact Music.

"Sandford's Sadness Over Short Poynter Split
British singer FRANKIE SANDFORD is pleased her relationship with DOUGIE POYNTER is back on - she's branded her two-week split from the MCFLY star "one of the most difficult" periods of her life.

The Saturdays singer had been living with the bassist before their split in March (10), which saw Poynter move out of their north London home.

The pair saw each other during their romance hiatus and Sandford was photographed looking teary-eyed during one emotional meeting.

They've since revived their relationship - and the singer is just glad the press attention has died down now she is no longer single.

Sandford tells U.K. TV host Alan Carr, "That was probably one of the most difficult times I've been through and that's the truth. It was horrible.

"It seems like the whole world just wanted to know what we were doing and where I was and they were trying to hook me up with this guy and that guy. If I dated everyone they (the press) said I did I'd be very busy. It was a bit embarrassing being caught crying." "

Här är intervjun från Alan Carr och när The Saturdays uppträder Missing you, Cahill Remix.

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Now Let's Party!

När killarna skulle flyga till Glasgow blev planet fullt med andra artister som också skulle med till In: Demand. Här är en Artikel från Daily Mail och några bilder, vill ni se bilder som inte innehåller McFLY får ni läsa hela artikeln här.

It's a party plane as The Saturdays, McFly and JLS catch a flight back from Glasgow together

It was a party plane full of pop stars yesterday as The Saturdays, McFly and JLS all made their way back from Glasgow together.
The bands, who had been performing at the In: Demand Live music event at the SECC in the Scottish city, looked happy and excited as they greeted photographers at London's Heathrow Airport after their flight home.
But it seems the group may have got slightly confused during the flight as The Saturdays star Frankie Sandford left with McFly singer Danny Jones, while her bandmate Mollie King posed for photographers with Frankie's boyfriend Dougie Poynter.

New couple alert? McFly star Danny Jones and The Saturdays singer Frankie Sandford arrived at London's Heathrow airport after travelling back from Glasgow

Switch around: Frankie's bandmate Mollie King posed for photographers with Frankie's boyfriend Dougie Poynter

And Dougie even told the paparazzi that he had 'swapped' Frankie for Mollie, who looked stunning in a checked shirt and denim hotpants.

But despite any confusion about who is dating who, it seems the flight was enjoyed by all.
Una Healy, who looked chic in a red miniskirt, black top and black boots, tweeted fans: '3 bands, McFly, JLS and The Saturdays all on one flight home! Was so much fun today, xx'

While Mollie added: 'Just had a hilarious plane and bus journey with mcfly and jls! One to be remembered! Haha! X
Earlier in the evening, The Saturdays, JLS and McFly all took to the stage at In: Demand Live, and were joined by stars including Alexandra Burke and Diana Vickers.

The music event was somewhat of a comeback for McFly, who are gearing up for the release of their new album later this year and appear to be trying out an edgy new look, and sound.
McFly, who recently resigned with Island Records, also recently released new singe Party Girl, produced by Madonna and Michael Jackson's producer Dallas Austin.

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In Demand: Pary Girl LIVE

Här är en video från när McFLY spelar Party Girl LIVE för första gången!

De spelade på In Demands (radiostationen) konsert så allt sändes även på radion och här är det som radio lyssnarna fick höra

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