lördag 5 december 2009

Danny and Georiga

Hittade en ny bild på Danny och Georiga!
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Kalendern värkar inte funka, men här är en länk till den :)


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AAAAA Jag kollade på en Tysk McFly blogg där jag hittade det här :D

There have been rumors for a long time, about McFly doing either a Film or a Reality Show. Now thanks to Dougie’s tweet yesterday:

"Hard day at the office. Writing with Dallas in Atlanta then dinner with Elton John. I hate my job….. "

Paula from McFly Slowakia found out something amazing. We googled ‘Dallas’ and ‘Songwriter’ and behold, there is a Songwriter called Dallas Austin in Atlanta!

What he’s doing there? Well, according to Dougie they work together in Atlanta.On what Dallas working? According to Wikipedia he works on following:

Austin is currently working with Warner Bros. studios on another music-driven film set in Atlanta.
Is the whole secrecy revealed? Do Mcfly really work with Dallas Austin on a Movie Soundtrack? Will McFly be in the movie or will they only be represented on the Soundtrack?

These are all questions we can’t answer yet, but the rumor mill is bubbling as never before!
Let 2010 come!!!!

Förlåt för mitt lilla utbrott :D

Xx McFLuCrew

McFly Premier 21s Tävling


McFly Premier 21 Hello…Today’s the day, we have just uploaded the photos to the Page. However Facebook have changed the rules! We are not allowed to run the competition we want to on the page (Bo Facebook!!) BUT don’t despair you will still have the chance to get your hands on the extra McFly goodie we promised. To win all you have to do is post this tweet on your Twitter account “@premier21 I WANT TO WIN choose me!!! #premier21”.

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Frank and Doug

Om n har missat så har även The Saturdays sin egna julkalender där de varje dag visar en ny video med dem. I dagens kalender så var det Frankie och Dougie som dansade. Hur gulliga är inte dem på en skala!

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5:e luckan

Free website - Wix.com


gfalcone601 Marvin is purring away in my hoodie... Soooo cute!! Xxx

Finns det någon sötare katt än Marvin? I don't think so!

Xo McFluCrew

McFly Smycke

Igår blev en i McFluCrew lite galen...eller lite man ska nog säga mycket galen! Det här är vad hon gjorde:

För er som inte ser vad det är hon har gjort så är det ett "skosmycke" med Harry på.

Hot or Not? ;)

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5 december

Dec. 5: McSnowman - Create your own snowman using the McFly boys. You can draw a snowman, use tissue to create a real snowman, or use actual snow to make a life-size snowman. Then add the McFly face to the top. You can even add some McFly snowman clothes. Have fun with this project and be creative. Then take a picture and email it (25daysofmcfly@gmail.com) or tweet it (http://twitter.com/25daysofmcfly) to us so that we can put the picture in the scrapbook.

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Danny Jones

Lite twitter uppdateringar från igår:

Dannymcfly Apple need to check out this one... Ha classic

Dannymcfly The studio in Atlanta has soooooo Much awsome gear... Check it out behind tom

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fredag 4 december 2009

Fans meeting McFly

Robyn var ett av fansen som mötte upp killarna på flygplatsen, det här är vad Robyn har att säga om upplevelsen:

"They are just as lovely in person as they seem. Cody spotted Dougie first and kept saying, "Dougie? It's Dougie!" Then Danny came and saw her little sign (just said "Welcome to Atlanta.") He looked honestly dumbfounded. I don't think they expected anyone to be there. Tom appeared out of thin air and shocked the hell out of me (squeak: "Tom Fletcher!" He just said, "yeah." *smile*) We all shook hands, Tom said it was very efficient, then we asked if we could have some pictures and Fletch suggested we move out of the way. We went over to the baggage claim, they got their luggage off of the thingamabob (can't think right now). We teased Tom because he asked if they needed a trolley, we all laughed and told him here it is a cart. They tried to say "cart" in an American accent. We got our pictures, but they needed to go, Fletch was trying to hurry things along. We said goodbye and off home we went.

They are lovely, lovely lads. They had been traveling for so long and they didn't have to stop and make sure that we all had pictures/things signed, but they made sure to stop and chat (probably because they had no clue they had fans here and were excited). "

Xx McFluCrew

Taio Cruz and McFly

Taio Cruz pratade nyligen om McFly:

Taio Cruz is full of praise for McFly after working with them.

Taio told the Daily Star: "I was in the studio with them last week and they play their instruments really well,"

"They are all really talented so it was easy to come up with a song together."

We can't wait to hear what they have written together.

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Fjärde luckan!

Här är fjärde luckan som innehåller detta:

Och nej det är ingen vanlig gitarr, tips den är ätbar c(:

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McFly Daily Lyrics

Tänkte tipsa om ett "test" som finns på facebook som man kan ta varje dag. Det heter McFly Daily Lyrics. Testa på :)

McFly in Atlanta

Från att ha varit i Spanien åkte killarna direkt vidare till Atlanta.. Några fans var där och hälsade dem välkomna men inga videor har dykt upp på YouTube, änsålänge..

Däremot har vi hittat en bild som ett fan tog:

Jealous much?

Tydligen så ska killarna jobba på nya låtar, kanske tillsammans med James??

Vi ser framemot att få höra resultatet!

Här kommer lite Twitter updates:

In our seats on the flight out to Atlanta now. Time to catch up on sleep!

We have arrived! Thanks to all the fans who came to the airport to welcome us. Was completely unexpected!x http://yfrog.com/4ee9okj

What a brilliant meal. Love America! Can't wait to crash onto my pillow.

Since I'm in Atlanta I think I'm fine to say y'all..........nope? still can't pull it off!

Take care y'all! ;)
x McFluCrew

4 december

Dec. 4: Write a McFly Christmas Song- Write your own Christmas song about McFly. You can write the song to the tune of a different song or to your own tune. Then email the lyrics to 25daysofmcfly@gmail.com. Be sure to say which song it is to the tune of. The best few songs will be put in the scrapbook.


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torsdag 3 december 2009

Guess who's the most searched-for celebrity on Google...

HeatWorld har skrivit en artikel om vilken kändis som de flesta söker om på Google... Nej det är inte våra kära McFly utan Lady Gaga!

Men varför tar de upp om Lady Gaga frågar du dig själv nu... Jo för att längst ner i artikeln står det här:

"What do YOU search for most on Google? We'd tell you ours, but then McFly and Danny Dyer might issue restraining orders..."

Är det bara vi eller har HeatWorlds McFlu symptom blivit allt tydligare sedan de träffade killarna för ca en vecka sedan? -Det är isåfall heeelt förståligt!

så är förklaringen så enkel att Giovanna sprider lite Mcflu kring sig på kontoret?


Glöm inte att checka julkalendern som läggs upp imorgon, här får ni en liten ledtråd till vad som döljer sig bakom nästa lucka: FREDAGSMYS!

x McFluCrew

Frankie i MyBliss

Frankie är med i det nyaste numret av MyBliss som handlar om Julen och om att köpa presenter till sin pojkvän.



I started my festive countdown way back in October because I just love this time of the year so much! It's got such a cosy feel - everyone comes together, however busy they are. I can't wait for Christmas morning - my dad puts on festive songs and we all munch smoked samon on toast for breakfast. Even though I live with Dougie now, I always go home for Christmas, I can't imagine not being there on Christmas Day, so we'll probably split the day between our two familys.

My big sister and I used to love walking up and finding a stocking full of presents at the end of the bed. It's my favorite Christmas memory! We still get them now, even though every year my mum says, " You're getting too old" We always reply with a big 'nooooo' you have to have a stocking!

I used to find it so hard to buy presents for boys, but since I've been going out with Dougie, I think I've got a bit better at it. If you're really clueless. ask his mates for a few clues. When Dougie and I were first together I asked the other McFly boys for advice and they were spot on. If his friends are stuck for ideas, just keep it simple. Buy gig tickets to see his favorite band or get an updated version of something he already has, like the latest FIFA game. If you're on a tight budget, do something that you knoe he'll appreciate, like a thoughtfull scrapbook or a framed photo of the both of you. It really is the thought that counts.

A new purse, a cat and a hot pair of shoes are top of my Christmas list. I won't be telling Dougie, though - I'm hoping that he knows me well enough by now to figure out what I want. But even if he gets med something I don't like, I wouldn't be able to tell him, I just couldn't do it!

Xx McFluCrew

Naughty, naughty Danny!

undrar vad Georgina tycker om det här? haha :P

Klippet från Spanien efter att McFly var på intervjun..


Ego Remix

Här är två nya remixer på The Saturdays nya singel Ego !


Många bilder idag. Men en bild säger ju mer än 1000 ord ;) De här bilderna är från deras senaste gig.

Xx McFluCrew

Mera Pics

Här kommer två bilder från i Måndags när killarna gjorde radio intervjun :)

Xx McFluCrew

The Saturdays Pics

Här kommer 4 bilder på The Saturdays när de uppträdde i Manchester igår.

The Saturdays

Här är en artikel som avslöjar att The Saturdays ska vara med på Sunshine Childrens Charity :)

JLS and The Saturdays have been confirmed to perform at the 'Sunshine at Christmas' charity show on December 11.

Taio Cruz, George Sampson, Lemar and former X Factor star Ruth Lorenzo will also perform at the event, which is held at The Troxy, East London.

The concert has been organised by Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity, which grants wishes for seriously ill children between the ages of three and 18.

"JLS first became aware of Rays of Sunshine when they brought some wish children along to The X Factor last year," the group said.

"When it came to selecting a favourite charity, JB was delighted to choose Rays of Sunshine. He was truly stirred by the spirit of all the children he met, when he visited Northwick Park Hospital in October during his first engagement as an ambassador for the charity.

"Christmas is a special time of year for everyone and we feel privileged to be helping to spread some happiness and sunshine to so many families at Sunshine at Christmas."

More than 1,000 seriously ill children and their families have been invited to attend free of charge. The remaining tickets are on sale from £35 each.

Xx McFluCrew

3:e December

3:e luckan!

McFluCrew ger dig ett tips på en lek... :)

Free website - Wix.com

3 December

December 3-McOrnaments: For this event you will be making McFly Christmas Tree Ornaments. These ornaments can be on pieces of paper with string tied to it or something more complex. Go to Google.com and search: Christmas Tree Ornaments for ideas. Then take a picture and tweet it to us. We will be putting pictures in the scrapbook.

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onsdag 2 december 2009

Dannys nya tatuering

Quite a while back, we posted something about Danny's new tattoo which he had spoken about on twitter.
After that one mention, he never spoke about it again.
Danny Jones has the strange habbit to keep his tattoo designs secret, in case someone might want to copy them. Well, he should've been a little more careful with his ink if he didn't want the fans to find out...
Holly was one of the lucky girls who got to join the Premier 21 Master Class of McFly and took this picture. It reveals a nearly half of the artwork, but you still can't exactly see what the entire thing says.

Thank God for McFly's Spanish fans! Several Spanish girls have spotted the entire thing and said that his tattoo reads: "Searching for my" with underneath the picture of a bird (which stands for freedom perhaps?) and underneath that in big beautiful letters "Soul".

Fun fact; 'Searching for my soul' is the title of a Springsteen song! Danny is a massive fan of The Boss, he even named his dog after him!

Xx McFluCrew

Harrys födelsedag!

Vi skrev förrut att SMST tänkte att alla McFlu smittade skulle skicka in en film när de säger Grattis till Dougie. Tyvärr blev lite försent den här gången igen så nu tänkte de att vi skulle börja tidigt inför Harrys födelsedag. Så här skrev dem :)

Eftersom vi har varit sent ute med både Toms och Dougies födelsedags videos så det inte har blivit något bra av det
så tänkte vi dra igång Harrys redan.

Det är viktigt att alla skickar in bidrag i tid om man vill ha med bidraget. Det är inte alltid alla videos fungerar osv, och då hinner man inte med det om man skickar in det dagen innan.

Så, börja knåpa på erat bidrag redan nu, och skicka in det innan den 18e December så jag & carro får tid på oss att sätta ihop det.

Ni skickar bidraget till antingen min mejl; lisaahlm@hotmail.com eller carros; carro_carro_92@hotmail.com

Peace out!

Så börja redan nu och skicka in så de har tid på sig :)

Xx McFluCrew

Radio intervju

Här är två nya klipp från i Måndags på Los 40 Principales, där de gjorde en radio intevju!

Xx McFluCrew

Frankie om New Moon

Frankie Sandford's boyfriend Dougie Poynter has some serious issues.
Twilight super fan and The Saturdays singer Frankie was banned from attending the New Moon premiere by McFly bassist Dougie Poynter - in case she ran away with Robert Pattinson.
She told OK!: "Robert Pattinson... I really wanted to go to his new film premiere, but my boyfriend Dougie wouldn't let me.
"He said, 'I'm not taking you, you'll run away with him.'"
The pair have been together for a year now.

So he wouldn't let you go to the New Moon premiere AND he prevented you from potentially running away with Robert Pattinson? Oh we'd dump him!

Detta har inte McFluCrew skrivit utan det är en tidningsartikel. Vi skulle alltså inte dumpa Dougie för Robert :)

Xx McFluCrew

Andra December

December 2-Make a McFly License Plate: For this event you will be making a license plate that says McFly on it. Then put a design on it that can be Christmassy or McFly related. If you want an idea go to Google.com and search: California License Plate. Then take a picture of your License Plate and send it as a picture to us on twitter. We will be putting the pictures in the scrapbook.

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Lucka 2

Nu är lucka 2 uppe :)


Gå in här för att se våran Julkalender!


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tisdag 1 december 2009

Lucka 1

Xx McFluCrew

Tap ass

Danny skrev det här på sin twitter idag:

Dannymcfly Tweet tweet...'Tap ass' is very nice... Just In Madrid ordering Mmm Mmm Mmm
Minns ni intervjun vi la upp för ett tag sen? Kolla vid 2.42 då börjar det typ :)

xo McFluCrew

Daniel Radcliffe IS going to get naked again!

Giovanna har börjat jobba hos heatworld och här är en av hennes artiklar!

Apparently Daniel Radcliffe will definitely be stripping his clothes off (again) in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. Eeeeek! Although Daniel’s rep has previously denied the story, David Yates, the film's director, has today confirmed to Video Business that Radcliffe will bare his skin during one of the scenes. So, for those of us who've been kicking ourselves since missing out on seeing him in all his glory (eg, completely butt naked) on stage in Equus, here’s our chance!! Phew! Or eww, depending on how you feel about Radders. Also, the actor is said to be releasing a picture book entitled One Day In The Life of Daniel Radcliffe, which will include photos taken of Daniel just living his life...including one of him getting out of the shower. Um...okaaay. We need to see this book NOW! Talk about a naked Potter overload! So, do you like the idea of viewing moving footage of naked DanRad, or would you rather poke your eyes out with his wand (the prop, not the other one)? Tell us what you think by heading over to Twitter.

Mayhem in Madrid airport.

Tom har lagt upp en video när McFly kommer till Spanien. Enjoy!

Xx McFluCrew

New Specs

De här två bilderna la Tom upp på sin twitter ;)

tommcfly Dannys new specs tommcfly Not as good as Harrys.

Xx McFluCrew

The saturdays utan smink

Considering none The Saturdays had a scrap of makeup on when they touched down at Glasgow Airport last night we’re surprised they didn’t run a mile when they spotted our snappers.
Instead the makeup free ladies, who we actually think looked great without their slap, smiled sweetly for the cameras before dashing to their waiting car.

Xx McFluCrew

The Saturdays

The Saturdays har varit på senaste tiden på många "events" jag tänkte att det kanske skulle vara kul att lägga upp lite bilder och något klipp Enjoy

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