lördag 26 mars 2011

Dougie: I don't care what she does

OK Magazine har en intervju i den här månadens nummer:

Tack till McFly Fanss

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fredag 25 mars 2011

News of the world: Dougies first post-rehab interview

News of the world har publicerat en intervju med Dougie:


COURAGEOUS McFLY star DOUGIE POYNTER has made a triumphant return to boy band life after his shock stint in rehab.
The showbiz world was stunned when I revealed the heartbreaking story that Dougie had entered the Priory earlier this month after struggling to cope with his split from THE SATURDAYS singer FRANKIE SANDFORD.

But on Friday night, before taking to the stage in Sheffield for the delayed launch of the band's national arena tour, Dougie sat down with me for an XSclusive interview about how rehab has improved him.

"It's one of the best things I've ever done in my whole life," he revealed. "I'm still me but it's definitely been very positive."

"I don't know how I've changed. I try not to really think too much about it." And then he burst into a smile and joked: "My hair's gone a bit ma-hoo-sive!" Dougie booked himself into rehab after Frankie started a new relationship with England footballer WAYNE BRIDGE, which knocked him for six.

And since I revealed his plight, she has been subjected to death threats.

Dougie has, sensibly, decided not to mention Frankie anymore, but responding to the threats on her life he said: "It's out of my control really."

But he added: "I think anyone receiving death threats is not a good thing.

I don't support anything like that. I don't wish any bad things upon anybody."

Dougie looks so much happier than the last time I saw him - and he's over the moon to be back with his bandmate "brothers".

But, being McFly, he said that hasn't stopped the teasing! "It's all been a bit strange," Dougie told me. "I cam out and went straight on tour. The only people I've seen have been my mum, my nan and these guys."

"But on the internet everyone's been cool. That feedback has been awesome. I was expecting these guys to have matured a little bit.

"I thought they might have grown up and changed their hair. But no. It was exactly the same."

And then the bassist cheekily added: "I was working on my solo project when I was in rehab. It's just bass!"

Dougie's bandmates reflected on how Dougie's changed. HARRY JUDD said: "He's become quite the philosopher." And TOM FLETCHER added: "Bizzarely he's come out better at maths."

The band went to pick Dougie up from rehab and Tom said: "When he came out I told him he looked like TOM HANKS in Castaway with long hair and a beard."

But Harry then turned serious to explain: "We've grown up together. We've all been through ups and downs. I've been through some real lows but we're always there for each other."

For now, Dougie's only problem is remembering how to play the band's old hits. "I'm messing up Obviously, even though I've been playing it for eight years!" he said.

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onsdag 23 mars 2011

The Brighton Source: LIVE McFLY

Här är en recension från Brighton, ja det blir många recensioner men vi tänkte att ni som har varit på de olika konserterna kanske skulle tycka om att läsa vad som skrivs om just den konserten du var på. För att se fler otroligt snygga bilder som den nedan tryck på KÄLLA.

Live: McFly

McFly were hard to miss back in the mid-noughties. They were everywhere. I must have seen them at least 150 times when I was sat eating my breakfast as a kid, jumping around on TV with their crazy hair and open mouths. An excitable young lot to say the least. Now look at them, all grown up with tattoos, shorter hair but still with the same sense of childlike naivety and worriless devotion to life that they always had. Our joyful and cartoon-like band have gotten old and they make me feel even older.

With this aside, I think it is only fair to recognise some of their new songs as being more mature too and in places even really good. Yes, I said it. Really good. McFly are an important band. We need them. They need us. For a few hours I forgot who I was watching and I was more struck aside with the air of a real band playing real songs. Perhaps I was fooled, I mean, I am pretty sure they still don't write or produce their own music. And so what!

Their gig was engulfed in showers of screams which were good enough to penetrate not only my body but my trusty ear plugs and I was nearly blown up twice with their flames and confetti blasting machines. A tighter show than you have ever seen before and cameras which projected screaming girls onto the screens made the Brighton Centre feel like Wembley. They loved it. Would I see them again? No probably not, but it was nice to know they were real and it was nice to know they cared. It can't go on forever though.

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The Citizen: McFly @ MEN Arena, Manchester

Här är en recension från The Citizen där de skriver om McFLYs konsert i Manchester i lördags. Om du ska på någon av konserterna och inte vill veta vad som händer läs då inte det här...

McFly @ MEN Arena, Manchester

There were giant beach balls, a flying stage, fireworks, a bizarre but equally impressive rap, guns firing T-shirts into the crowd, and at the back of the stage, a gas-powered flaming sign that threatened to engulf the drummer.

This is what happens when you give a manufactured band creative control over their own show — but somehow, McFly pulled it off.

Yes, they were preaching to the converted — the near capacity crowd inside the MEN Arena was predominantly female and predominantly teenage, although there was a dedicated brigade of terrified dads and a good few cougars too — but the cult band, who are semi-credible these days, delivered an all-guns-blazing lesson in entertaining the masses.

McFly sing the old favourites (All About You, Five Colours In Her Hair and Obviously) as well as their latest stuff (That's The Truth, Party Girl and the Thriller-inspired End Of The World) in a strong two-hour set.

And it has to be said: these boys write very good pop songs and Tom Fletcher is at the centre of that.

He has very much adopted the Gary Barlow role.

But Danny Jones is the main man these days. Front stage centre, he’s the Robbie Williams of the band.

Heavily tattooed, with all the swagger and confidence of a bona fide rock star, the Bromley Cross lad even ditched his guitar midway through the show, donned a pair of shades, and ripped into an adrenaline-fuelled cover of Tinie Tempah’s Pass Out.

That a band like McFly can get away with this shows how far they’ve come.

They have broken away from those contrived beginnings and now are firmly in control of their own musical destiny.

The encore is brilliantly nostalgic.

One For The Radio is anthemic. In fact, it is McFly’s anthem, neatly summing up their refreshing philosophy on musical snobbery.

Then the rather lovely ballad, The Heart Never Lies, rounds off the show.

All done? Nope. This is McFly.

A second encore is demanded, deserved and delivered.

They belt out the infectious Shine a Light, and everyone, dads included, goes home happy.


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måndag 21 mars 2011

McFLY i Svenska butiker

Tidigare skrev vi om att HM flera gånger om har spelat Shine A Light i butikerna och nu märker vi hur fler av er kommenterar om att ni har hört McFLY när ni varit ute på era shopping turer vilket vi tycker är otroligt roligt, fortsätt så! :D

Tänkte bara säga att min kompis hörde Shine a light inne på Gina Tricot i Fredags :)

Vi tycker att det är roligt att McFLY får lite mer uppmärksamhet i Sverige och vi undrar ifall ni skulle kunna tänka er och hjälpa till på något sätt med att försöka få McFLY spelas lite mer här i Sverige?? Är det här något ni är intresserade av? Och isf har ni några idéer på hur vi ska gå till väga? Maila eller kommentera gärna :)

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The Star: Sheffield Review

Här är en recension från The Star där de har skrivit om McFLYs första konsert på ABOVE THE NOISE tour i Sheffield:

THE world needs McFly. In a business cursed by Autotune and wannabe stars spying X Factor as the path to success, these four young men continue to buck the ‘boy band’ trend by embracing the G-word: guitars.

They’ve had to adapt, evolving from the teen euphoria of early hit 5 Colours In Her Hair to the slick pop of Party Girl, here opening the kick off date of their Above The Noise Tour.

But McFly remain a pop act with a rock band fighting to get out, manifesting itself in Quo-style feet apart guitar stances and Danny Jones’s sleeve tattoos.

Then there was the metal reworking of Tinie Tempah’s Pass Out, a spark of genius that saw Danny go Linkin Park for arguably the night’s highlight.

With this show happening immediately after bassist Dougie Poynter’s rehab, there was a palpable sense of gratitude that the quartet had returned to Sheffield with the likes of Lies and All About You. And while numbers were down, there was no skimping on fireworks or a platform that allowed them to play above their fans in between launching t-shirts into the crowd.

The demographic may be a curious one – kids with flashing bunny ears to Hollyoaks doubles and mums – but the McBlokes seem to be having as much fun as ever, while showing pop addicts what an instrument looks like.


Klicka på KÄLLA för att se på bilder i videon

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Swedish Pioneer Presenter!

Vi missade kommenteren vi fick igår där det stod:

Heeej vill bara tipsa om att den svenska tjejen Moa är pioneer presenter i
Brighton ikväll! http://supercity.mcfly.com/atthetour

Kul att en svensk fick bli pioneer presenter!! Ni kan kolla om på klippen nu iallafall.

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