fredag 4 februari 2011

McFly: Spots VS Stripes

Om du klickar här så kommer du till Creme Eggs hemsida där du kan kolla när nästa utmaning för killarna kommer att bli! De två första la jag upp tidigare idag.

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McFly covered in creme eggs, equals all our dreams come true

Här är en bild från OK Magazines hemsida:

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McFly Competition: @SuperGazette

Här är en video som Super City Gazette har gjort. Super City Gazette håller nu en tävling där man kan vinna signerade McFly grejer (Party Girl Singlar, Above the Noise och Attitude Magazine). För att kunna vara med och tävla ska man ta kort eller filma när man promotar McFly i Sverige.

Competition rules

1.Only fans outside the UK and Ireland can enter.
2.Only ONE prize will be awarded per entry. So even if a group of people
enter, it will be the person who sent in the photos/videos that will receive it.
However, everyone in the group will receive a certificate as stated above.
3.All the prizes have been genuinely autographed by McFly and obtained by
ourselves in person. So they have not been a) printed on b) bought off ebay. So
you can be guaranteed they are the real thing.
4.Entrants do NOT have to use
material off this website like the free posters. You can make your own if you
5.The judges' decisions are final.
6.If you have entered one of
our past competitions, you may also enter this one.
7.Send your photo and
video links to

Klicka här om du vill läsa mer!

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McFly play Creme Egg's Goo Dares Wins

Här är två klipp från youtube som ligger uppe på CremeEggGooTube. Det första klippet är när Danny vaxar benen (kolla hans ansikte när han skriker!) och det andra är när Dougie och Tom dansar och sjunger i en hiss.

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torsdag 3 februari 2011

McFly in Teen Now Magazine

McFly är med i Teen Now Magazine:
Tack till McFly Portugal!

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McFly: Glasswerk

Här är en artikel från Glasswerk National:

"Fresh from the huge success of their hit single ‘Shine A Light’ and a triumphant 2010 which saw McFly launch their massively successful ‘Super City’ website, the band announce their first release of 2011, new single ‘That’s The Truth’.

Released on 6th March via Island Records, ‘That’s The Truth’ is written and produced by the band and uber US producer Dallas Austin (Madonna, Michael Jackson) and is the third single to be taken from the band’s fifth studio album ‘Above The Noise’.

‘That’s The Truth’ is a departure from the electronic sound and sublime synths featured on previous two singles ‘Shine A Light’ and ‘Party Girl’. A string orchestra accompanies the band’s heartfelt lyrics about honesty and working through problems in relationships, whilst the anthemic chorus has already proved to be a huge fan’s favourite at McFly’s recent live shows.

After performing five sold-out intimate mini-UK dates in October to preview ‘Above The Noise’, this Spring will see McFly play 13 dates across the country in their biggest ever UK tour. Their first Arena tour in two years will culminate in a show at Wembley, London.

2010 was a phenomenal year for McFly. Always looking for new ways to work within a piracy-hit music industry, the band launched their ground breaking ‘Super City’ website; a project two years in the making. The website provides worldwide fans with unrivalled access to the band; it has citizens rather than visitors where fans can subscribe to access further content including albums, demos and web chats. Super City launched on November 1st and has been an unprecedented success. Over 15,000 fans from all over the world subscribed within the first few days far exceeding the initial target of 10,000 pioneers within the first six months

With a fan base that now stretches around the world and having recently entered a joint venture with their original major label home, McFly have succeeded beyond their own expectations."

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