lördag 21 maj 2011

Tom and Giovanna Engaged

Här är två scans om Tom och Giovannas förlovning. Den första är från Heat, tyvärr vet jag inte vart den andra är ifrån...Tack till McFlyFanss

Xxx McFluCrew

McFly on the Wall Episode 2

Xxx McFluCrew

fredag 20 maj 2011

McFly in Madrid

McFly har varit i Spanien de senaste dagarna och hade ett gig i Madrid, här är några klipp från showen:

Xxx McFluCrew

OK! McFly are hotter than The Wanted and JLS

IF you could get down and dirty with all the members of McFly, The Wanted or JLS who would you choose?

Tough one eh?

Well according to a new poll by studentbeans.com it's actually the McFly lads (and not The Wanted or JLS) who are the most fanciable boyband.

We can exclusively reveal that Dougie, Tom, Harry and Danny came out on top when a bunch of students were asked which band they'd most like to (collectively) have sex with.

And girl bands The Saturdays and Girls Aloud even came in above of The Wanted and JLS (there must have been a helluva lot of guys voting too).

Writing this story has got us picturing going home with ALL of McFly, JLS and The Wanted. Dangerous.

But which of the three boybands would YOU most like to get up close and personal with?

Xxx McFluCrew