fredag 23 april 2010

Flecking Records: McFly clothing line?

Den här artikeln dök nyligen upp på Flecking Records hemsida:

McFly clothing line?

A lot of recently taken photographs of McFly trying on different outfits are circulating the web. Fans speculate this might be one of the always talked about ’secret projects’ and has might have something to do with a McFly clothing line.

It was already one of the possibilities; Tom and Dougie frequently speak of their secret projects on Twitter. A clothing line might be a possibility, since Dougie talked about how he was getting more into the fashion scene.

At the beginning of this week McFly attended a shoot, a photoshoot highly likely. They wouldn’t let anything slip, but for one picture of the shoot itself. Dougie tweeted about how many clothes and ‘props’ he brought so, putting the pieces together, some McFly fans are convinced it has something to do with a clothing line.

Meanwhile McFly’s album is nearly finished (finally), and the band are busy rehearsing their new songs and going to the gym (to buff up for new album cover?). We can’t wait to hear something new from them!

Gå till Flecking Records för att rösta om du skulle köpa McClothes..
xx McFluCrew

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