måndag 3 maj 2010

Dougie och Frankie bor tillsammans igen

Sandford And Poynter Back Together

British pop stars FRANKIE SANDFORD and DOUGIE POYNTER have revived their romance following a two-week split.

The Saturdays singer has been living with the MCFly bassist, but they parted ways and Poynter moved out of their north London home when the relationship came to an end in March (10).

But Sandford has revealed the break-up didn't last long and they were back together again with two weeks.

She says, "We're living together again. It's so nice. It feels like a real home there and it just didn't feel the same when he wasn't there. We split up for two weeks, but I missed him too much. It's definitely made us realise that what we have together is good."


Så nu är det officiellt, de är tillsammas igen!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx McFluCrew

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