lördag 1 maj 2010

Frankie: "We’re back together"

Credit: Mission:McFLY

Det här är ett stycke ur ett inlägg på bloggen Evans Fashion Fix:

"Hats off to Frankie from The Saturdays, looking stylish in a straw cowboy hat.

No matter what size or shape you are, everyone looks good in a hat and Evans has a similar trilby in our holiday shop.

Frankie’s got special reason to celebrate right now as she exclusively confessed to us that things are back on with Dougie Poynter from McFly.

The pair split last month after two years together, blaming work pressures, but now Frankie has a smile on her face as she revealed: ‘I missed him too much. We’re back together and living in our old house in North London.’

You heard it here first!"

xoxo McFluCrew

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