lördag 14 augusti 2010

Teen Today: Yesterday we played Bop-It with McFly. Guess how they did…

Yesterday teentoday.co.uk’s roving reporter JessWotWasInGirlsCan’tCatch, from this day forward to be known simply as Jess, went to meet Danny, Dougie, Harry and Tom of McFly fame to talk about music, their inspirations and new soundzzzzzzz* Actually, we played teentoday.co.uk Pop Star Bop-It. And if you hit see more you can see some pics from the day, and join the fun by predicting their score.

Last week the Lawson boys managed to top the chart, but with an unimpressive absolutely dismal score of 11 during the inaugral teentoday.co.uk Pop Star Group Bop-It game - they obviously didn’t get the ‘start practicing’ memo. Do you think McFly did better or worse? They also nominated Tom to play Pop Star Solo Bop-It. How do you think he did? We’ll give you a hint… he’s either the World’s greatest player, or much worse than mediocre. Guesses below please.

Tom wears silly hat (again).

Group Bop-It begins…

From pop star to Jeremy Paxman.

The look of concentration people wear when experiencing Bop-It never gets old.


Oh Dougie, you can put it down now…

* Okay, so we did this too, interview coming soon.

Guesses in the comments below please…
xxx McFluCrew

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