torsdag 28 oktober 2010

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"OK, OK, we will have sex with you all - just don't jump!

It's a good job Tom Fletcher is wielding that little stick he'll need it to beat us away with the next time we bump into McFly - they're just so damn edible. We're not quite sure what those protective eye goggles are for though - perhaps McFly are expecting a fairly explosive reaction from the gay fans.

Promoting their new record ABOVE THE NOISE (we're not just very excited about this - it's supposed to be in capitals) in this new shoot, McFly stood precariously close to the edge of a building while wearing copious amounts of guy liner.

While the others look relatively normal in a black jacket and jeans, Tom appeared to be the only one who turned up in fancy dress. A bit like when a toddler insists on wearing his Spiderman costume to Asda, with his mum saying: 'oh, just let him do what he wants - it's not worth the tantrum.' "

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