lördag 26 februari 2011

Heatworld: McFly Chat!

Heatworld har lagt upp en artikel på deras hemsida:

"McFly will be doing a Webchat for Heatworld on monday morning at 10.30am (UK Time).

Fancy a little mid-morning chat with those McFly boys? Maybe a cuppa, biscuit and a little dose of Dougie?

Then you need to be right HERE on Monday morning at 10.30am, because we will be chatting to McFly and getting them to answer your questions LIVE.

Tom, Dougie, Harry and Danny are busy rehearsing for their tour at a secret London location at the moment, so we are heading to them for an exciting webchat straight from their rehearsal studio! Ooh!

So think up lots of good questions – make them original, funny, never-before-answered etc and join us here on heatworld from 10.25am for the chat that will start soon after. Oh, it’s going to be FUN! "

OBS! Tänk på att chatten kommer att vara klockan 11:30 i Sverige!

Xxx McFluCrew

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