söndag 3 april 2011

Bliss: McFly to star in new show

Ni som var på the ABOVE THE NOISE tour kanske märkte att det satt lappar uppsatta om att vi blev filmade för McFLY on the wall? Andledningen till det är att McFLY ska tydligen få en egen TVserie! Det här är vad som står på Bliss hemsida:

They’ll be er, McFlying all over your telly screens

McFly to star in new show

If you're Tom, Dougie, Danny and Harry's biggest fan you'll be chuffed to hear that they’re filming a new reality show called McFly On The Wall, which will follow the foursome as they perform on their UK tour. Tom said: “We’re all really excited to have the chance to show our fans what it’s really like being in McFly! We’ll have a camera crew following us everywhere, so viewers get a real insight into what goes on behind the scenes.” We can’t wait to watch. Can you?


Hur spännande låter inte det här???

xx McFluCrew

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