måndag 11 april 2011

McFly on the Wall

Här är en artikel från HeatWorld. "We’ve always wondered what it’s like being in McFly. Who doesn’t? We’d imagine they play gigs, record albums and take their tops off all the time, but now we don’t have to imagine any more: we can really know! Because Danny, Dougie, Tom and Harry have signed up for a reality show on new Five channel 5*. The cameras will follow the band on their tour (and in the shower? No, we’re just pervy), and Tom said: "We're all really excited to have the chance to show our fans what it's really like being in McFly! We'll have a camera crew following us everywhere, so viewers will get a real insight into what goes on behind the scenes." The series will be called McFly On The Wall (do you get it? Do you? Like a fly on the wall, amazing what they’ve done there) and will be on TV this spring." Xxx McFluCrew

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