torsdag 19 november 2009


Carrie (Toms syster) har tydligen varit med om något jobbigt, det här skrev hon på sin Twitter:

I can't understand how this guy can't see how badly he's treated me as a friend over the last year...and i end always end up apologizing!

Had a big argument with this guy over the phone last night. He said that friends shouldn't have to randomly text just asking how you are....

....therefore i NEVER hear from him. Or see him. That's not a friend. Am i wrong?

Well. Big argument. Lots of tears. Called Charlie afterwards and he made me laugh to cheer me up. He's brilliant.

Stackarn! Vi tycker att vi alla ska skicka små uppmuntrande Tweets till henne som får henne att må bättre. <3
Logga in på Twitter, för nu börjar uppdrag uppmuntra Carrie! ;)
x McFluCrew

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