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Amerikansk interview

Alla amerikanska McFly fans fick chansen att ställa frågor till killarna...här är dom:

Alyssa, 19, New Jersey
While you guys are on the road or at a location and you dont really feel like exploring around, what do you do to pass the time?
Answer: We generally don’t get much time in places to do the Tourist thing. What do we do to pass the time? Sleep – Work – Eat – write a song or two!!

Serra, Pennsylvania
What is one regret you each made in your lives?
Answer: We have no regrets!!

Naria, 15, Pennsylvania
What is your favorite song that youve ever wrote?
Answer: Thats a hard one. It changes all the time, Can’t really say!

Stephanie, 17, New York
How long do you plan on staying in the states when you finally come? and where are some of the places you are going to go first?
Answer: we’ll be there one day and we hope its soon, We’ll want to go everywhere.

Lela, 16, New York
If you could become an alter ego of yourself, where would you be living, be doing, working as? etc?
Answer: We’d be living where we live now and be a McFly tribute band

Kelly, 22, Michigan
Which member of McFly would you Shun? Shag? Marry?
Answer: All of them at different times!!

Shaylynn, 19, Idaho
Did you ever get my necklaces I made for you? My mom and I traveled to England to meet you guys, and never got to!
Answer: We get so much stuff given to us that it is hard to remember. Thanks for coming to the UK and sorry you didn’t get to meet us. Hopefully you will one day

Erica, 19, Wisconsin
Danny what do you look for in a girl? If you guys had your own TV show, what would you call it?
Answer 1. Breath
Answer 2. McFlying with out wings

Michele and Alexis, 36 and 9, Minnesota
What is one venue you are most excited to play in America? (and please say, the Excel Energy Center in St.Paul, MN)
Answer: Yeah that sounds cool where is it. We just want to come and play to our fans in the USA.

Charlet, North Carolina
If you could be in 2 places at once where would you be?
Answer: confused!!

If you could be any age again what age and why?
Answer, Now is good why change it

What is the one song you can always play and automatically be happy?
Answer: YMCA

What kind of exotic animal would you be and why?
Answer: A DUCKBILLED PLATYPUS because its a cool name

What is your favorite comfort food?
Answer: SUSHI

Riss, 22, Oklahoma
Danny I heard your superstitious! What do you do when you see a single magpie?
Answer: Say – Good morning Mr Magpie – How’s trhe wife and children – Aye Aye Captain and then I salute.

Danielle, 20, North Dakota
Who musically inspired you guys while writing your albums?
Answer: Again differnt bands, it changes all of the time

Kimberly, 20, Mississippi
Danny what made you change your hair back? I miss the curls.
Answer: Its good to have a change now and again

Jaime, 20, Ohio
Have you ever laughed at something inappropriate? If so, what and did you get in trouble for it?
Answer: Don’t think so – At least we hope not

Aly, 22, Illinois,
If you could play one of your songs for someone who has never heard your music what song would you play?
Answer: LIES

What is the meaning of life to you?
Answer: HARD QUESTION!! YOU TELL US!! But we do intend to enjoy it

Lauryn, 16, Delaware
If you could live in any US state what would it be and why?
Answer: Don’t know but Somewhere where that the sun shines

Sara, 18, Texas
What has been your biggest accomplishment since the start of McFly?
Answer: Had quite a few but the best one? Surviving

Emily, 15, New Hampshire
What would you do if today was your last do live?
Answer: Invent a time machine so that we could go back in time and then it wouldn’t be our last day!!!!

Who is your favorite Ninja Turtle/super hero? and why?
Answer: Batman no Superman, no Spiderman, no TOM FLETCHER Yeah!!!

Kyme, 21, Minnesota
If givin the chance what celeb dead or alive would you collaberate with?
Answer: Michael Jackson – John Lenon – Springstein

Have you guys ever seen people with “McFly” tattoos, and if someone did get one what would you think? What if there was an extremely important meaning behind it that had nothing to do with McFly really?
Answer: We have seen some fans with tattoos, we signed someones back and they went and had it inked in. If its important to that person then its important!!

Alright and the most popular question from people who arent even on here is “When are you coming to America?”
Answer: We want to come out to the USA soon, and play for our fans, we’re really looking forward to it.

Xxx McFluCrew

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