tisdag 29 december 2009


Fattar inte varför vissa människor kan vara så elaka! Har de någonsin tänkt att killarna i McFly är människor också och dom har känslor! BLÄÄÄÄ!

gfalcone601 I'm on a date... Mexican and the cinema!!! Xxx

tommcfly In the cinema now, it's busy, cocky comments about my band from spotty cinema worker were not appreciated but ignored as best I could.

gfalcone601 Just left tom in the cinema to go have a go at that twat of a guy who works here... He was a bit shocked and stammered an apology.

gfalcone601 You don't take the mickey out of your customers. Doesn't matter if you like the band or not. He is lucky I didn't shout at him straight away

tommcfly Possibly the bet popcorn ever, this cinema trip just got a whole lot better, ooh, lights going down!
Sorry, för mitt lilla "utbrott", haha men det behövdes ;)
Xxx McFluCrew

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