fredag 5 mars 2010

Dougies nya flickvän


After yesterday's devastating news, you'd think that Dougie McFly would be nursing his broken heart, or nipping over for one last remembrance shag at the very least. Nope - out with the old IN WITH THE NEW.

The heartless, cruel popster BRAZENLY (I'm channeling the Daily Star here, bear with me) flaunted his new squeeze just days after his split with Frankie wotserface from The Saturdays.

She doesn't look too impressed at being caught by the paparazzi - probably because she'll either be taken down by the millions of nutnut McFly fans, or 5 women slipping Optrex into her Mahiki Colada whenever her back is turned.

Not sure about the new member of McFly either, but it's nice to know he enjoys a thrilling DVD box set.

Xx McFluCrew

2 kommentarer:

  1. Det är ju bara en kompis till dem :O om man läser HeatWorlds artikel igen så har de uppdaterat att det är ingen flickvän till någon i bandet :)

  2. Anonym: Detta skrev bara, så det är inte våra åsikter bara vad de trodde, alltså ett rykte typ :)