måndag 17 maj 2010

Flecking Records om de nya låtarna....

Nu är det så att ännu fler låtar från den nya skivan har lagts upp på YouTube. Vi har inte skrivit om de "nya" låtarna som lagts upp på Youtube eftersom att vi inte stödjer de som hackar McFLY. Men vi har ju som uppgift att ge er all info som läggs upp om McFLY så här är en artikel från Flecking Records om de nya låtarna, SPOILER varning!

Even more McFly music leaks from new album

Even more tracks from McFly’s upcoming album are being passed around between fans.

You’ve got to feel sorry for the boys, after yet another new track makes it’s way onto YouTube.

Dragon Ball (now also on YouTube) is one of a rumoured eight tracks to have made their way on to the net – possibly at the hands of a hacker.

The fans are divided into three groups: those who love the new tunes, those who don’t like the new tunes because they’re ‘not McFly’ and those who refuse to listen to the music until it is released officially.

In a previous post about the songs, fans commented with:

‘i personally didn’t hear any of the songs. i don’t think is fair to the guys[sic]‘

‘I LOVE their new sound. Yeah it’s not the same, more upbeat and pop-ish, but it’s still McFly[sic]‘

‘I think they are being very brave, and time will tell if it pays off. But I don’t think they had the option of releasing another Radio:Active/Motion in The Ocean style album. Its this or nothing.[sic]‘

‘I think Hotel on a Hill is a bit mcflyish…But Foolish and Here Comes The Storm is like JLS. That’s not McFly anymore, I think.[sic]‘

‘i am a real fan and i dont like it! it sounds nothing like the mcfly i love. just because you are a mcfly fan dosent mean you have 2 like everything they do[sic]‘

‘None of these songs are ready yet. So…there’s nothing for us, McFLY fans, talk about![sic]‘

Remember that these are leaked tracks and may not be finished versions of the songs.

We do not condone the sharing of these files.


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  1. :'( i still hope their sound hasn't chanched that much.. i mean we still want them to be Mcfly..