måndag 6 september 2010

Banned version!

Här är två artiklar från contact music!

"Mcfly Video Banned By Tv Bosses
Boyband MCFLY had to remake the promo for their comeback single PARTY GIRL - after broadcasting bosses in the U.K. banned the video from TV over its graphic content and nudity.

The Obviously stars released the new track this week (beg06Sep10), which is their first single since 2008's Do Ya/Stay With Me.

But the promo, which features explicit scenes of flesh-eating vampires and bandmember Harry Judd partially nude, had to be re-cut to overcome a TV broadcast ban.

Speaking about the new edit, Judd says, "We definitely like the banned version a lot more. There is a lot more nudity." "

"Mcfly Bring U.K. Breakfast Show To A Rocking End
British boyband MCFLY made sure U.K. morning show GMTV went out with a bang on Friday (03Sep10) - when guitarist DOUGIE POYNTER jumped on a shocked presenter's shoulders during his performance.

The longrunning news show ended on Friday in preparation for a new look breakfast programme which will air later this month (Sep10).

MCFly chatted with presenters Andrew Castle and Emma Crosby before performing their new track Party Girl - with Poynter bouncing onto the sofa to play over a bemused Castle's head.

And it wasn't long until the presenter got involved with the fun, hoisting the rocker on his shoulders while he was still playing.

Poynter took to his Twitter.com page to tell fans, "Last GMTV was fun. Andrew put me on his shoulders, (I) tried to fart." "
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