fredag 3 september 2010

McFLYs international Album!

Här är två artiklar från contact music.

"Mcfly's 'International' Album
McFly have changed their sound to include more commercial pop influences, so they could ''compete on an international level''.

McFly changed their sound so they could "compete on an international level".

The British group dropped the guitars and rock influenced sound of their fourth album 'Radio: Active' to work with pop producers on their next single 'Party Girl', in order to attract a wider audience to their sound.

The band's frontman, Tom Fletcher told NME magazine: "We worked with producer Taio Cruz on this album! But we changed because we wanted to compete on an international level."

Another change the group - which also includes Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd - are championing is to use their website to debut their new material, and may in future use it as a platform for demos so their fans can choose which songs they eventually record, and give them chance to choose the band's set list for live shows.

Tom added: "We're just going to be completely open and show the fans everything. And why not? I think you have to be. The music industry is different now. In the olden days, that distance between you and your idols made it special. But now people are craving information, and you have to provide."'Party Girl' is available from Sunday (06.09.10), and the band's album follows in November."

"Mcfly Rocker Trashes Radio Studio
MCFLY rocker DANNY JONES accidentally caused $15,000 (GBP10,000) to a radio studio, after spilling coffee onto a mixing deck.

The clumsy star sneaked a drink into an interview on Real Radio Scotland on Tuesday (24Aug10) and then knocked it over during a chat with DJ Paul Harper.

Harper, who posted video footage of the accident on, tells Digital Spy, "I couldn't believe it when the coffee fell into the desk. Danny started shouting to the other guys, 'Someone get your T-shirt off and mop it!

"He also broke his iPhone in the commotion! Poor Danny was very apologetic and I'm sure he felt pretty bad about what happened." "

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