tisdag 28 september 2010

Super City

Är ni alla redo för Super City!?

Igår gavs det ut en massa ny information om Super City, här har vi samlat lite av det som har sagts:
  • they're individually hand signing 10,000 certificates for the Pioneers!
  • The first 10,000 fans to become Citizens will be Pioneers forever regardless of whether you sign up to be a monthly or annual member!
  • Mcfly will host a webchat on Wednesday Evening UK time to answer all your questions so start sending them in! (@SuperCityHQ)
  • anyone who signs up for an ANNUAL membership will be invited to a meet and greet!
  • Meet and greets will happen in the following cities: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Paris, Madrid, Dublin, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo...
  • Meet and Greets will also take place in key cities in the USA as well as many more cities across the world which will be announced soon!
  • Meet & greets wont be a quick hello/goodbye! Mcfly will hold meet & greet days where they'll spend real time getting to know their citizens!
  • wherever possible, Pioneers will be invited to watch sound checks on tour, have priority queuing at gigs and signings etc...
  • By the way, EVERY citizen will get the chance to buy concert tickets before they go on general sale... Mcfly forgot to tell you that too!
  • EVERY month there will be at LEAST one major piece of content that is worth more than the £6 - it might be an album, a filmed concert etc...
  • every week there will be webchats with the boys individually and they have developed a unique way for you to interact with them...
  • Those with the most points may even get invited to small group chats or even one on one chat's if you happen to be online at the right time!
  • Every day there will be new content... it might be a new demo Tom's worked on and want's your opinion before he shows it to the band!
  • It might be a new set of photos you've not seen yet... Infact, we might need your help to select the best one's to use as press shots etc!
  • There will be loads of behind the scenes videos that will be uploaded most days for Citizens to see first... tourists will see them later!
  • t's £6 a month but if you subscribe for a whole year then you get it cheaper for £40
  • the super city is international!
  • Nowhere left to run will be released through the Super City to all the citizens.
McFLY lade även upp den här videon på Youtube där de pratar ännu mer om Super City, om du inte redan har sett den? Che-che-check it out!

xxx McFluCrew

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