måndag 27 september 2010

Teen Today: McFly part 2 - Danny's crotch, Tom's chin, rubbish tattoos

Thanks to all your hard work in what we’re generously describing as a crowd-sourced promotional experiment we now have 8,000 followers on twitter. In good news, that means we can now bring you part 2 of our McFly interview, and if you woke up this morning wondering what the World’s biggest seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time tattoo says - you should probably hit ‘see more’…

As well as talk of tats, there’s the moment in which Danny realises there’s a twitter account dedicated to his crotch ("CROTCH?!!"), some on-the-fence comment about the boys’ best live crowd and Danny banging on about football. So as usual, all the important stuff that you won’t hear anywhere else.

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- Here’s McFly joining teentoday.co.uk’s Group Pop Star Bop-It league. Any guesses who crapped it up? Well, at least he’s pretty…
- Here’s part 2. In which Harry has a sneezegasm and Dougie causes the universe to end when he comments on someone else’s small feet.
- Part 3 soon. And you don’t even have to whore us out this time around.


xxx McFluCrew

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