onsdag 13 oktober 2010


So for those of you that missed our webchat, the main points we wanted to tell you are:

We will reopen the Super City on November 1st. We’re reopening that day because it’s the same day that all our Pioneers will be able to download our brand new album Above The Noise from the Super City. We thought it would be a nice celebration to be able to get into the Super City and get the album on the same day!!!

Because of the incredible demand to become Pioneers we are extending it to the first 20’000 people that sign up. A pre-sale window will open tomorrow morning from 10am for people who aren’t yet Pioneers. So you can become a Pioneer before the Super City opens ready for Nov 1st!

Before the Super City opens we will be showing Nowhere Left To Run our short movie exclusively for our Pioneers. This will happen on Friday and you’ll be able to watch it over the weekend. You will have to use your Super City login details to view it.

Any Pioneers who have tickets to the 5 Before The Noise tour dates will be able to have entrance to the venues up to an hour before the doors open and we’re going to come out and say hi and meet you all! We really excited about this because it’s one of the first times we’ll be able to meet our pioneers!

And finally, to apologise for the problems we had and to say thanks for your patience we are including an exclusive lithograph photo in the pack with you Pioneer certificates and citizen cards.

So that’s basically what we said. Tweet me if you have any questions!

Tom X

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