lördag 16 oktober 2010

contactmusic: Mcfly To Get Dance Mix

McFly have revealed DJ Roger Sanchez is so impressed by their new material, he wants to remix their new album.

McFly are going to be remixed by Roger Sanchez.

The 'Song For the Radio' group - who unveiled a new pop-dance influenced sound on their latest album 'Above The Noise' - met the dance superstar at a London hotel in August, and singer Danny Jones said he was instantly reminded of Dallas Austin, who produced tracks on their new LP.

He said: "Roger got in touch, so I met him when we were in America. He reminded me a lot of Dallas Austin but with a sentimental side. He's got family and hangs out with his kids, whereas Dallas would be like 'Wahey, let's go out and get some birds.

"But he was a lot like Dallas, he wore his shades inside and stuff, he's a really nice guy and he gave me some good advice and wants to do some McFly remixes and stuff, and he wants to help me with my dance project."

The 'Party Girl' group - which also includes Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd - also said that when it comes to partying themselves, they prefer to hang out with each other rather than at clubs or showbiz events.

Dougie exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "We don't really go to many celebrity parties. I think the majority of our parties are at home with our friends, or just us lot. They're like the bad nights for hangovers. But we do sort of branch out to the clubs and have a crazy night every now and then."


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  1. DUDES!! När jag lyssnade på p3 idag(NYSS!) så spelades dem mest nedladdade låtarna den här veckan, varav en låt var av Taio Cruz, och efter låten hade spelats så sade programledaren att Taio samarbetat med ett annat band, sedan spelade han lite av LIES(!!!!!!!!!) och sade efter det att Taio samarbetat med Mcfly, det populära rockbandet från England(eller "pojkband med gitarrer" som han lade till), OCH ATT SHINE A LIGHT SKULLE VARA NÅGOT ATT KOLLA EFTER I FRAMTIDEN!!!!! WOOP WOOP!


    Hahah, min mamma började precis dammsuga när detta hände, jag skrek "NEEEEEEEEEEJ" och drog ut dammsugarsladden ur kontakten.. eheheheh.... xD

    Iaf, det var digilistan(tror jag att det hette) ifall man vill lyssna på det igen ;)