onsdag 29 december 2010


Nu har vi varit borta ett tag! Vi har firat julen för fullt! Uppdateringen kommer inte vara så mycket bättre nu! Men här har ni lite saker som vi inte har lagt upp den senaste veckan:

* Killarna gjorde en interview med Bliss TV:

* Star Magazine la upp en intervju med Harry:

McFly have come back to find the charts flooded with lad totty. What’s a
to do? Beef up, get a new sound and drop our pants, says Harry Judd…

Where on earth have you guys been?
new album took two years to make. We hooked up with American mega-producer
Dallas Austin and wrote some tracks with Taio Cruz. We are still very ambitious
and our main goal is to achieve longevity and stay relevant.”

Will that be tough when there are so many new bands?
“While we were away, JLS and The Wanted appeared and we were like:
‘Oh My God, we’ve got competition!’ But we write and play all our own music, and
there’s only Take That who do that. And we plan to be around as long as them!”

Did you all buff up to take on JLS?
[Laughs.] “We wanted to come back sounding and looking amazing.
There’s no point beating round the bush – we want to look great. We don’t want
JLS to make us look scrawny!”

Your bum sure seems to be
appearing everywhere!
“Ah yes! [Laughs.] It just keeps happening
when there are cameras or webcams! We are best mates and get very immature and
muck around. Our poor managers keep going: ‘Enough with the bums out all the
time!’ But we can’t stop.”

Isn’t it supply and demand?
“Exactly! Even our recent tour VIP passes had pictures of my naked
arse, which we found hilarious!”

So what will you do if
you hit No.1 again?
“It’s becoming a bit of a trend for male stars
to strip, but we’ve already taken it pretty far. What’s left? I don’t think I
could put my fans through a full frontal…”

McFly’s new
album, Above The Noise, is out now

* Fearn Cotton hade sin årliga jul fest och killarna var självklart bjudna. Mission: McFly Germany har lagt upp bilder från festen, här och här!

* McFly är med i december numret i två engelska tidningar:

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  1. Dougie och Frankie!!! Kan jag få en länk eller bild på tidningen så jag kan läsa vad det står?

  2. Här har du länken:

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