lördag 10 juli 2010

Are McFly fans growing tired? Hell no!

At first all the secret projects were intriguing, but are fans growing tired of the secrecy surrounding McFly?

Based on what we’ve seen, the fans seem divided. Some may be just as excited as they have always been, but some are sick and tired of what they consider to be ‘teasing’.

‘I’m not saying I want to hear the new music right now,’ one fan explained, ‘but I’m losing interest in the “secret projects”.’

‘We only know the name of the single because someone else told us.’

Another fan said to us: ‘It wouldn’t be so bad if Tom didn’t keep teasing us!’ referring to the cryptic tweets Tom Fletcher often posts.

It was only tonight Tom tweeted: ‘…if you’re lucky there might be something else tomorrow…’after uploading a poster of, well, something exciting looking.

This comes after days worth of tweets about a video shoot – thought to be a new music video, however this hasn’t been confirmed, and Dougie Poynter’s pictures of his secret project – thought to be a clothing line, although this hasn’t been confirmed either.

Of course not all fans feel this way, with one telling us: ‘I will wait as long as it takes, and I find the Twitter posts exciting!’.

We don’t think the boys are intentionally trying to tease the fans, they’re probably just trying to get them excited to hear the new music that they have worked so hard on. There are people out there who don’t like surprises though…
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Jag vet inte om ni tycker det är jobbigt med alla hemligheter men jag tycker att det är roligt att man får gissa sig till vad de håller på med :) Man kan ju slå vad med sina vänner haha ;) Men det kanske bara är jag som tycker :)

Xxxx McFluCrew

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