torsdag 10 mars 2011


Här är en intervju med Danny där han pratar lite om arena turnén som snart drar igång och sina planer på att släppa ett dance album:


McFly's upcoming arena tour has been inspired by caped crusaders.

Singer Danny Jones, 24, told me: “Our set is superhero themed. It’s like something out of Spider-Man and Batman.”

The lads have had to delay the start of their tour due to Dougie Poynter’s stint in rehab but preparations are still going well.

Danny added: “We go through sections of our career on stage, kind of chronologically.

“We’re reworking some old songs and have had to leave out a few hits too like I’ll Be OK.”

But while bandmate Dougie, 23, nurses his broken heart in rehab, Danny has been taking advantage of the band’s unscheduled free time to make some dance music.

The Bolton boy said: “I’m a huge dance music fan and I spend all of my time making it. It were just a hobby at first but I’m putting together an album. I’ve invested loads of money building a studio at home.

“I don’t want it to step in the way of McFly stuff so I’m planning on releasing it under a different name.

“I didn’t want it to be a cheesy solo project thing.

“So I’ve been working with Roger Sanchez but the stuff I make is more progressive house like Eric Prydz or Afrojack.”

In fact one of Danny’s efforts with Roger has been snapped up by Sarah Harding, 29, for her solo LP.

And there’s a new McFly single, which is out now.

Danny added: “It’s a big pop song called That’s The Truth and we wrote it with Dallas Austin – it’s an extension of heartache.”

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