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Dougie in Rehab

Här är några artiklar om Dougie som är inne på rehab. Vill bara säga att bara för att vi lägger upp det här så stödjer vi inte vad som står i artiklarna eller något, vi lägger bara upp så att ni kan se vad som händer. Det ända vi kan göra är att stötta Dougie!

"Broken-hearted Dougie Poynter has checked himself into rehab after struggling to cope with his split from Saturdays star Frankie Sandford.

The McFly guitarist had thought he would settle down for life with the girl of his dreams, but his hopes were shattered when the stunning singer dumped him last November.

And Dougie just couldn’t get over the split. In fact, I can ­reveal the star has spent the past four weeks in the Priory getting his head straight ahead of the McFly Above The Noise ­nation- wide tour which kicks off in a few weeks. Dougie, 23, who’s been one of my favourite drinking buddies over the years, is now said to be doing well after treatment and is nearly ready to come out and face the music once more.

A source close to the star tells me: “Dougie was absolutely heartbroken when Frankie dumped him. He saw himself ­getting married and having kids and being with her for life. And he was just crushed. It got to the point where he was struggling to get through the day so he ­decided to seek help at the Priory clinic. He’s been in there working hard on getting his head straight. He’s not had a phone or been in touch with any of the band. But they’re backing him all the way and hoping he comes out a far happier person.” "

"Band mate Tom Fletcher has confirmed that Dougie Poynter is in rehab.

Confirming the rumours, Tom tweeted: “Obviously you’re all reading rumours about Dougie. Please don’t worry. We don’t know what the tabloids will say tomorrow but he is in rehab.”

“He’s just been having a tough time lately and needed a few weeks rest so he’s fighting fit and ready to slap that bass for you on tour.”

Danny Jones also tweeted, “Don’t worry about Doug people!! He is soooo excited about the tour!! Love you all and we will send him your love!”

Poor Dougie, who was dumped by Frankie Sandford not once, but twice, recently admitted he had no idea who her new boyfriend was.

“I have never been into football so I had no idea who he was. I know who Wayne Rooney is though.” he told the Mirror.

To be fair, we didn’t know who he was until John Terry got it on with his missus.

Dougie joked that he’s “moving on to guys”.

We wish him all the best."

Celebrity AOL
"Celebs check in and out of rehab on a regular basis but we'll admit we're sad to hear that Dougie Poynter is the latest celeb to seek help.

The McFly guitarist was left heartbroken last year after breaking up with long-term girlfriend Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays.

And according to the Sunday Mirror, a "crushed" Dougie has spent the past four weeks at The Priory.

A source close to the McFly man told the paper: "It got to the point where he was struggling to get through a day so he decided to seek help at the Priory clinic.

"He's been in there working hard on getting his head straight.

Following the news that Frankie had moved on to footballer Wayne Bridge, a heartbroken Dougie told The Mirror: "I don't think I'm over it yet. Something like that could take years. It's just time."

We hope a spell in rehab does Dougie the world of good - he is expected to rejoin the band for their Above The Noise tour later this month."

Digital Spy
"McFly star Dougie Poynter has reportedly entered a rehab clinic as he struggles to cope with his split from Frankie Sandford.

According to the News of the World, Poynter is expected to spend at least a month in the Priory as he recovers from being dumped by the Saturdays star. His non-stop work schedule is also said to have taken its toll.

"Losing Frankie left him really low," a source said. "Dougie believed she'd be the girl he'd end up married to. He needs some time out to have a rest and get his head together."

Sandford is now dating footballer Wayne Bridge. The source added: "Seeing her with someone else so quickly came as another huge blow."

Speaking of the split in a recent interview, Poynter said: "It's c**p, but what makes it worse is getting constant reminders. When it's a regular person it's bad enough because you hear their name once in a while, or your mutual friends see them. But I see her bloody everywhere! In magazines, on the TV, on the radio. It's horrible!""

Det finns MÅNGA fler artiklar men det står ungefär samma sak i alla.

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  1. Jag måste bara säga att alla de hat Tweets som skrivs mot Frankie måste försvinna! Ingenting blir bättre av att man skriver elaka saker till och om henne. Vi vill bara be er alla att om ni ser någon som skriver elaka Tweets, säg ifrån. När ett fåtal McFLYfans skriver hotfulla tweets får det oss alla att framstå dåligt, vi är en enda stor familj och vi borde fokusera på att stötta Dougie och inte få någon som han bryr sig om att må dåligt.
    Mobbning är absolut ingenting som vi stöttar och även om Frankie är känd och att skriva på twitter inte känns så farligt så tar hon åt sig precis som vi alla skulle ha gjort. Vissa har fått henne att lämna twitter en gång, låt det inte hända igen!
    Snälla hjälp oss att stoppa allt det här hatet