onsdag 30 mars 2011

McFly make a landing in Bawtry hotel

Thestar.co.uk publicerade en artikel om McFly:

Lead Mcfly Vocalist Tom Fletcher with hotel Sales Manager Katey Dent and Receptionist Zoe Pask. "

POP sensations McFly helped add star quality to a wedding in Doncaster when they were spotted at the same venue.

Band members Tom, Dougie, Danny and Harry were staying at the Crown Hotel in Bawtry with crew, manager and bouncers,.

They were in Bawtry during a stint at a nearby rehearsal studio before going on tour last Friday.

McFly’s Above the Noise Tour kicked off in Sheffield on Friday, March 18, taking them all over the country performing hits from their new album, including Shine a Light and new single That’s the Truth.

It was the second time the group has stayed at the hotel, having visited five year ago.

Katey Dent, sales manager of the Crown, said the band loved Bawtry.

She said: “It was great to see the guys from McFly return to the hotel.

“They came to us around five years ago – much younger then of course!

“We had a wedding on at the hotel the same day they were checking out and the wedding guests could not believe that McFly were there!

“They were happy to have photos with the wedding party and also sign autographs.”

McFly are on a long list of groups and musicians on the guest book at the hotel, including Boyzone, Kasabian, Peter Andre and Dizzee Rascal."

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