onsdag 30 mars 2011

McFlys Broken Bus

Här är en artikel från Bournemouthecho.co.uk där de berättar vem som räddade McFly när deras buss gick sönder.

"A COOL-headed McFly fan came to the rescue after the band’s tour bus broke down as they left their BIC gig on Wednesday night.

The band were due to play a second gig for charity in London at 1am.

Bournemouth University student Gemma Diaper, 24, said: “Dad was driving me home after the concert when we came across the bus on the top of the hill behind the BIC.

“I didn’t realise McFly were inside until Harry popped his head out the window. He was having a cigarette and Dougie got out as well.

“I told them how much I had enjoyed the gig and it was then that I realised their bus had broken down. One of its wheels had buckled.

“Danny got out and they were all just standing there.

“They were quite calm but their manager was in a flap because they were due to perform in London early the next morning.

“I was surprised they didn’t have any contingency plans and gave them the number for United Taxis. Three cabs arrived at about 11.45pm. The band and their manager got into one and their crew followed in the other two. I still can’t believe we just stumbled on McFly by sheer chance.

“It’s not the first time I’ve met the band. I’ve been a fan since I was 17 and have chatted with them before at signings.”

Despite the odds, McFly arrived in time to perform at their charity gig in London.

Vocalist and guitarist Tom Fletcher, who posted on Twitter to say their tour bus had broken down, later tweeted: “Just finished at the club. Knackered! Off home now. Had a fun night.” "

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