fredag 11 december 2009

The boys are back in LondonTown

Efter att ha varit på resande fot i två veckor är killarna tillbaka i London.. Gå in på Dallas blogg, här, för att kolla in bilder från studion i Atlanta!

Här är två utdrag från bloggen:

Well, I’m awake now. Wheeew, long night! I had the most amazing session last night; well, this morning, considering I went to bed at 10am. Me & the guys from MCFLYD (I added a ‘D’ because I am the newest member, D.) We have made some fuckin’ amazing music this week! It is so good to be in the studio with talented musicians as well as a group of really close friends. The spirit of creativity can only prevail at its greatest when everyone allows it, and that’s what we did!! If you haven’t seen MCFLY on YouTube, you should take a look. It’s funny.

Here’s a few pics from our wild sessions at the studio and at Elton’s. I’m pissed now because my man, DOUGIE – yes, DOUGIE is dating a girl named FRANKIE from a group called the SATURDAY’S. She’s been out with a guy from JLS while he’s been in the A and its been in the press in the UK. I just hate to see a friend disrespected. Other than that, short of DANNY setting his pubes on fire or THOMAS stealing one of my shoes, you guys have the story of how I became “MCFLYD” Look out for this album!"

Have a nice Friday Night!
xoxo McFluCrew

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