onsdag 9 december 2009

Dec 9

Dec. 9: McGingerbread House- For this event you will be creating your own McFly Gingerbread House! Go to Google.com and Search: Gingerbread House for ideas. You can make it a specific boy's house, a recording studio, or a house which all the boys live in! Add McFly gingerbread men and lots of candy :D. Don't eat it just yet! Take a picture first and email it to us (25daysofmcfly@gmail.com) or tweet it to us (http://twitter.com/25daysofmcfly) so that we can put it in the scrapbook. Then take a nice big bite and enjoy. TIP: Use graham crackers and white icing to create the house. Not only is it very tasty but it also makes it very easy. The icing will stick together making it a lot easier to create the house. Graham crackers and White icing can be bought at a grocery store as well as candy to decorate the house. This will be much easier than cooking.

xx McFluCrew

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