måndag 7 december 2009

McFly portraitmagazine #11

På portraitmagazines hemsida kunde man tidigare rösta på bästa kändisen under 30 år 2009 och McFly hamnade på 11 plats.

Så här står det:

#11. The Guiness World Record Breakers: McFly
Danny Jones (Guitar & Vocals - March 12, 1986), Tom Fletcher (Guitar & Vocals - July 17, 1985), Harry Judd (Drummer - December 23, 1985), Dougie Poynter (Bass & Vocals - November 30, 1987)

Together for five years but flying onto the radar three and a half years ago, since then McFly have had seven #1 singles and two #1 albums. They now hold the Guiness World Record for the youngest band to ever chart at #1 with a debut album – the record was previously held by The Beatles! Last month they released their greatest hits album, but by no means does that mean the guys are approaching the end of the road! There’s plenty more success for them to come!

What’s Next:Having spent a lot of 2009 touring, the guys are now currently writing and making demos for their fifth album, which they hope to release mid to late 2010, and we for one can’t wait!

Läs hela top 30 listan här

Nästa år tycker vi att killarna ska hamna på 1:a plats!!

x McFluCrew

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