onsdag 30 juni 2010

McFly have 'problems' on the massage table

Den här artikeln är från Flecking Records.

"McFly have 'problems' on the massage table

Like any other band, McFly frequently enjoy (whether they really need it or not) massages. At the moment McFly are in Brussels (Belgium red.) recording at the ICP studios. Flecking Records was present when Danny Jones opened up about what frequently happens to him on the massage table.

It was only midnight that Tom and Danny came to say hello, accompanied by their camera man David Spearing. We saw a physiotherapist going in earlier and were curious who got lucky enough to get a massage.

"Me and Harry," Tom said, to which Danny added, "Yea, Tom got a boner on the massage table."

Tom tried to deny, but Danny explained how serious this problem is.

"Girls don't understand, since they never get this, but it's really hard not to get a boner while being massaged! Especially by a lady, and she's touching you, and you're like, nooo!" Danny got hold of his own manhood at this point before continuing, "Not yet! Stay down!"

He's right though... girls never have this problem, so we wouldn't understand. We tried to squeeze out a little album information, but they wouldn't tell us anything other than "We're so excited, we hope you'll like it."

Xxx McFluCrew

McFly are still in Brussels until Saturday 26 June, working on their upcoming album."

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