lördag 3 juli 2010

Collins Fired

The Saturdays have fired their manager because they fear being dropped from their label, according to one report.

The five-piece girl group are said to have parted ways with long-time manager Jayne Collins, who has worked with and supported them since they formed in 2007.

The girls made the decision amid fears of being dropped by their label following disappointing sales of second album ‘Wordshaker’, according to a report in The Sun.

The band are starting to promote their third album ‘Headlines’, which will be released later this summer, and feel under pressure for it to be a smash hit and think a new approach will help them achieve their goal.

A source said: “If the new album doesn’t perform well, the girls know they could be heading for the dole queue.

“They bear Jayne no ill will but thought a new perspective might help them this time round.”

The girls will release first single ‘Missing You’ from the new album on August 9 with the LP coming out on August 16.

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